living a good life that people ignore

Five obvious secrets to living a good life that people ignore

Anyone out there who wants to live a life that?s good, or wants to create a difference in this world has to go deeper. Some of the questions a person with these ambitions should ask themselves include, ?what is the reason I?m doing this?? and ?Because I can do something, should I do it?? life is full of questions. Your accomplishments don?t feel much like accomplishments to you if you still have questions to answer. When you start living a good life that people ignore, you often hear people you see as successful complaining that they still need to do more, to be more than they already are. It?s somehow true to say that in life, you?ll never be 100% satisfied. However, it is the desire to want that drives us crazy and ends up feeling like a bunch of empty souls. Learn more about it if you ever need to write my paper on this topic. Having stated that up there, you may wonder, ?how then can one lead a happy life?? let?s find out how below.

1. Life?s not about you!

From the start, it was a big lie, a hoax if you may, that you will unlock happiness by working enough hours daily, having enough material possessions, following stipulated rules, and so on. However, you should have realized that we attain fulfillment in life by getting out of our comfort zone; by risking everything you have. Doing so brings out a nice story, and consequently, you can also start living a good life that people ignore.

2. Passion Isn?t Optional.

Committing to a specific task and doing it pretty well for the remaining of your time on earth isn?t enough. Everyone on earth has a particular thing they came here to do. Unless you find that thing, you?ll always be on-edge and anxious. To have a whole and fulfilled life, you need to find that you are most passionate about. It makes us contribute significantly to changing the lives of those around us in a better way.

3. Lean in whenever things get tough.

The fact that something may be hard does not mean that you should not do it. Most people nowadays tend to be comfortable that whenever they face a challenge, they try to evade it or not approach it in the first place. However, you should keep in mind that anything worth doing is always difficult. To encounter anything you deem as hard, you need strength and courage.

4. Make fear your friend.

We all have our fears. However, do not let fear engulf you, be the source of your downfall, acknowledge your fears, and embrace it. Use fear as a compass to gauge what is worth doing to take a step in whatever direction you wish to take. Being brave and overcoming fear is one of the greatest fulfillments a person will ever get.

5. Values Trump Goals.

In life, you should evaluate who you are, the things that matter to you, and the sacrifices you can make to achieve your ambitions. Getting your life in order isn?t about the plans and the goals. It?s about the values, the things that dictate who you are, those around you, and every aspect that makes you. When you know this, nothing else will be out of your scope.


A living a good life that people ignore, is?one is not about what you hope to achieve or to be. It?s about the now; who you already are. Be careful in life not to be anxious about the future and forget to live in the present.