3 Ways to Break into the Sports Industry

3 Ways to Break into the Sports Industry

Breaking into the sports industry is no easy task. Most professional athletes dedicate years to their training and make huge sacrifices to achieve their sporting dreams. Securing a top job in sports is a challenge, but there are dozens of ways to increase your chances of landing your dream sports role. With that in mind, here are three ways to break into the sports industry.

1. Understand the role you want

The sports industry offers a diverse variety of jobs and you must choose a role that will suit your skills and interests. Do plenty of research and make sure that you have a clear understanding of the job role you want to pursue. For instance, if your goal is to become a professional NFL player then find out what training is involved, how many hours you will need to dedicate to the role, what skills are needed for that position, and so on. You can then start gaining the necessary qualifications and training for that role. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of athletes make it to a professional level and earn a full-time salary from playing sports.


Fortunately, there is a massive selection of non-playing job roles that would suit someone with a passion for sports. Some of the top sports careers for non-athletes include physical therapists, sports managers, sports agents, and marketing managers.

2. Secure an athletic scholarship

Many young athletes hope to secure an athletic scholarship at their college of choice. An athletic scholarship gives student-athletes financial support to help pay for their college education. Some scholarships cover all college fees whereas others are partial scholarships meaning they pay for a percentage of the fees. In addition to financial support, you will also get access to top-quality sports coaches and compete in college-level sports. This will increase your chances of being spotted by a scout or sports company.

There are many different athletic scholarships available including gymnastics scholarships, soccer scholarships, and baseball scholarships.

Take the time to research scholarships on offer and submit an impressive application.

3. Connect with experts in the industry

Jobs in the sports industry are highly sought-after and there is strong competition between graduates. Often, securing a role in sports is down to who you know, and many graduates are offered entry-level positions through a connection made in the industry. Internships and placements can be an excellent way to build relevant experience and make connections with people working in sports. You can search online or contact sports organizations directly to enquire about upcoming internships.

Increase your chances of securing a top sports internship by taking the time to write an impressive resume and submitting your application early. If you are hoping tobreak into the sports industry, then you must focus on building your professional network and actively seek work experience opportunities. You can then utilize your connections when you start looking for employment in the sports industry. There are lots of articles and guides offering tips on how to secure sports internships and get the most out of placements.