Giants Among Men: Unveiling the history of tallest nba player ever

Are you searching about the tallest basketball player ever in the entire history? Your search might end here! Basketball is a sport of fitness, height, jump, and endurance. The hoop is fixed at the height of 10-ft from the ground, and it is certainly advantageous to have extra inches along with the excellent game tactics. It can help a player to get the perfect dunk in the game. Navigating through this post can help you to know about the top eight tallest nba player ever known since the game rolled out. Let?s move ahead!

List of the Top 8 Tallest NBA Players Ever

Can’t wait to know more about the tallest basketball player ever? Or maybe you’re interested in another type of random facts, such as the shoe size of a particular basketball player for instance, Zion Williamson shoe size? Check the below-described list to get all your doubts answered on tallest nba player ever:

8: Mark Eaton: (Height – 7 ft 4 in)

Mark Eaton is at number eight in the list of thetallest nba player ever with a height of 7 feet, 4 inches. He has bagged the record of blocking the most shots in a single game. Also, he holds the record of securing most tries by a single player in his NBA career. His exceptional height and ability to block the shots gave him the title ?Master of the Blocked Shots.? After playing 875 games in his career, the American player is now a motivational speaker.

Mark Eaton

7: Slavko Vranes (Height – 7 ft 4 in)

Positioned at number seven in the list, Slavko Vranes was a part of the Portland Trail Blazers in 2004. However, the seventh-tallest basketball player ever played only one match, in which he failed to score a single point. The game was against the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he stayed on the court for three minutes. Before all ended for him, he attempted an open shot that missed completely.

Slavko Vranes

6: Sim Bhullar (Height – 7 ft 5 in)

Sim Bhullar is the sixth tallest basketball player ever since the inception of basketball. Other NBA players have the same height as Sim Bhullar. The Canadian player weighs more than others, which pulls him down on the list. He played three matches for Sacramento Kings in 2015. He stood for 16 seconds in his debut match for the kings and managed to score 2 points in his three-match long career in the NBA. Sim Bhullar is the first-ever Indian to play in the NBA.

Sim Bhullar

5: Tacko Fall (Height – 7 ft 5 in)

Debuted in 2019, Tacko Fall plays for Boston Celtics. He has the same height (7 ft 5 in) as three others in the list but weighs less than Sim Bhullar. The Senegalese professional basketball player joined the Celtics recently and scored four points in his first match for the team. Before getting signed in with the Boston Celtics, he went undrafted in the 2019 NBA draft. He also has the record of the largest wingspan of (8 ft 2.25 in, 250 cm) when measured in the 2019 NBA Draft Combine. Pavel Podkolzin and Chuck Nevitt also hold the position of the fifth tallest basketball player ever played with the same height.

Tacko Fall

4: Yao Ming (Height – 7 ft 6 in)

The fourth tallest nba player ever is Yao Ming, who played for only one team Houston Rockets, from 2002 ? 2011. The Chinese player dedicated his nine years to the team and played a total of 481 matches. In his career, he scored 9196 points with his outstanding skills. Ming is the tallest person ever to be entered in the Hall of Fame. Apart from his gigantic height and dunking abilities, he is also known for his quirky smile on social media.

Yao Ming

3: Shawn Bradley (Height – 7 ft 6 in)

With a humongous height of 7 ft 6 in, Shawn Bradley cherishes the third position in the list of the tallest basketball player ever. He has a very lean physique and his weight is less than Yao Ming. The German-American player started his career in 1993 and played for the Philadelphia 76ers for seven years. Later on, he began playing for Dallas Mavericks and retired from the same team. Playing basketball is not everyone’s cup of tea. A player has to be very tall and skilful. There are lots of Basketball Training Videos available on the web, you can watch them to learn the technicalities of basketball.

Shawn Bradley

2: Gheorghe Muresan (Height – 7 ft 7 in)

Gheorghe Muresan has a towering height of 7 ft 7 in, same as Manute Bol, but weighs 143 Kg, which drags him second in the list of the tallest basketball player ever. In his seven-year-long career, Gheorghe Muresan played 307 games in which he scored a total of 3020 points. The unprecedented height of Gheorghe Muresan is caused due to a health condition: pituitary gland disorder.

Gheorghe Muresan

1: Manute Bol (Height – 7 ft 7 in)

The American player named Manute Bol stands on the top of the list, and the height of the tallest nba player ever known is 7 ft 7 inches. Besides, he weighs merely 91 kg. He started his career with the Washington Bullets back in 1985 and later joined Miami Heat in 1994. In his basketball career, he played a total of 624 games and scored 1599 points.

Manute Bol

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: Are there any other notable tall NBA players?

Ans: Yes, there have been other notable tall NBA players such as Manute Bol (7 feet 7 inches), Yao Ming (7 feet 6 inches), and Shawn Bradley (7 feet 6 inches).

Q2: Did the tallest NBA player ever achieve any notable accomplishments?

Ans: Gheorghe Muresan won the NBA Most Improved Player Award in 1996 and set the record for the highest field goal percentage in a season at 60.4%.

Q3: How does the height of the tallest NBA player compare to the average NBA player?

Ans: The average height of an NBA player is around 6 feet 7 inches (200 cm), making the tallest NBA player ever significantly taller than the average player.

Q4: Are there any current NBA players who come close to the height of the tallest NBA player ever?

Ans: While there are several tall players in the NBA, none currently match the extraordinary height of Gheorghe Muresan or the other previously mentioned players.

Q5: Did the towering height of the tallest NBA player ever give them a significant advantage on the court?

Ans: Height can provide certain advantages in basketball, such as blocking shots, grabbing rebounds, and altering opponents’ shots, which likely benefited the tallest NBA player ever in their career.