For some reason, Zours have a new name…

Zours are now called Mike and Ike Sour-Licious…

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It was no secret that Zours are my favorite candy. I put them #1 on my best sour candy list, and it was the first candy I posted about on my old website.

So it was fairly shocking to me the last time I went to the store and discovered that my beloved Zours had been rebranded – into Mike and Ike Sour-Licious.

After picking them up, I realized nothing had changed about them. They were still delicious and sour. No flavors had changed. So why did the name?

It’s still not completely clear to me, so if you know, be sure to let me know. However, personally, I think it’s an awful name. Zours was short, sweet (hehe) and to the point. Sourlicious only has me wondering where I put the dash, or if there is even one at all.

C’mon Mike and Ike. Why did you have to do this? Let me know your thoughts on the name change in the comments!