What’s the Best Sour Candy? My Top 5 Ranked!

A List of The Best Sour Candy

No wimps allowed.

If you don’t like sour candy, then this probably isn’t your post. But if you like gummy candy that makes your lips pucker and is covered in sugar, do I have the list for you!

The best candy sour candies? The choices are obvious…

Honorable Mention – Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles

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Now, I’ve never been a fan of these. But excluding them from the list would be malpractice on my part.

That’s why I’ve decided to give Sour Skittles an honorable mention as one of the best sour candies in the world.

When they first came out (I’m aging myself), they were met with much skepticism. That slowly turned to love. Sour Skittles are a fan favorite. Though they cut up my teeth with all the sugar they are coated in, I still see the appeal of this sweet. It’s the classic taste of Skittles, but one that makes you pucker up that much more.

#5 – Airheads Extreme

Best Sour Candy - Airheads Extreme

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Sour tape has been done for a while, but no one has done it quite as good as Airheads. Imagine all the flavor in a regular Airheads strip. Now combine all of those into one tape, and add sugar.

That’s what you get with Airheads Extreme, a colorful sour candy for the tamer types. While these don’t blow your taste buds off with sourness, they are still delicious and certainly fruity!

#4 – Sour Punch Straws

Best Sour Candy - Sour Punch Straws

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Just one won’t do. You need all the Sour Punch Straws during your trip to the movies, or just on a nice sunny day.

Sure, what started as a weird gimmick – candy straws – actually turned into one of the most solid sour candies around. Coming in all sorts of good sour flavors – my favorite being watermelon – gives you the diversity to eat these for the rest of your life without getting sick of them.

Though that might be a bit of an exaggeration, you certainly can see after one taste why they came in at #3 on my list!

#3 – Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

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A damn classic. Sour Patch Kids come in at #3 only because they really aren’t that sour all things considered.

But they are delicious. The gummy candy that most would say is a staple of any good candy diet. Their greatness cannot be denied.


#2 – Sour Warheads

Best Sour Candy - Sour Warheads

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Just thinking about these makes my teeth hurt. That’s because as far as sour candy goes, this is one of the more hardcore ones out there. That’s what makes them so addicting.

I remember as a kid getting these so my friends and I could gather around and watch each other eat them. From a pure entertainment standpoint, this is probably the best sour candy ever.

There was a rumor when I was a kid that these burned holes in your tongue. And it really doesn’t sound that unrealistic – that’s how sour these are. While you can’t enjoy them perse, you can at least have fun eating them!

#1 – Zours

Zours - sour Mike and Ike flavors

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An unconventional pick for sure, but this was actually the first candy I wrote about on my site, and also my favorite sour candy ever. It should be yours too. Why?

Well, it’s truly tart, comes in great flavors, and is really just a better tasting version of Mike n Ikes. Read my review of Zours to find more.

A bag of these will put any sour-lover like myself in heaven. They’ll be gone before you can even find more; I would consider these a rare candy!

What’s Your Favorite Sour Candy? Leave them in comments!