Truck Accident Lawyer

New Jersey Residents: When Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Last year I was hit by a big truck. My car was decimated and I spent several horrible months in the hospital. 

Thankfully a good friend of mine told me there are lawyers who only deal with truck accidents. 

If you’re wondering if you need a abogado de accidentes de camiones en Nueva Jersey, you probably do. They know everything about accidents with large commercial trucks. Take some time to meet a few and you’ll see for yourself.

Here’s some signs that you need an expert with the laws that deal with these specific types of accidents.

You Need a Abogado de Accidentes de Camiones en Nueva Jersey if You’ve Been Hurt

My injuries were severe. The truck that hit me was going really fast and was carrying a lot of weight. Doctors who worked on me said I was lucky to be alive. It doesn’t matter if you only have some minor injuries. Those can still leave you with a bunch of money to pay out for all the doctor visits. 

Bringing a lawyer to the table means you’ll get as much as possible to pay for any bills you’ve gotten into because of the accident. I had to try to get as much money as possible because mine were outrageously high. My lawyers pushed everyone from the insurance companies to the lawyers on the other side.

If Your Car Has Any Damage Your Best Option is to Pursue Legal Charges

You shouldn’t have to pay for any damage done to your vehicle that wasn’t your fault. Trucks tend to do a lot of damage, but even if the damage to yours is less you have the right to have them paid for. In this economy every little bit counts, and most of us can’t afford another unexpected bill.

My tiny car was totaled. I needed a new vehicle and a rental car to get me through until I found one. I’m grateful my lawyer helped me through all of it. They filed everything on my behalf and walked me through anything I needed to do myself.

If You Don’t Want to Talk with Insurance People or the Truck Driver’s Lawyer

These people are not on your side. Everyone has their own motive and what they would like to see happen. Your own insurance company doesn’t even want to pay you out. They will do everything in their power to pay out as little as possible on your insurance claim.

Lawyers are often aggressive and pushy. Having to talk to them can be exhausting. You also don’t want to say anything that could jeopardize your own case. Having a lawyer step in for you, they’ll take on all the communication with the other parties.

Feel Supported with the Right Team

Now you know your best partner in these situations is an abogado de accidentes de camiones en Nueva Jersey. If you’re hurt they make sure you’re taken care of. Any car needs are also handled when you have a legal team that works hard on your behalf. The best chance you have when in this type of position is to get support from someone who’s on your side.