Top 12 Candy That Starts With D

Candy that starts with D gives you a list of the top 12 treats to try and all of these begin with the letter D.

“D” isn’t seeming to be the favorite alphabet for candy producers. We browsed various resources on the internet to find only a handful of candy that starts with d. However, some are the most famous ones you can easily find in any country.

Most of the candies described in this article are chocolate, while some are sweet, sour, and fruit flavor candies. If you are also struggling to find a list of candy that starts with d, then browse this list until the end to get some unique ideas based on our in-depth research to find this fantastic list of candies for you.

Why are only a few candy that starts with the letter D?

There are no specific reasons for this. Maybe it’s not the favorite alphabet of people who decides the name of candies, or maybe it’s a coincidence. We checked various news articles to find is there any particular reason behind it? But failed to get any relevant article.

However, please don’t get confused that no one likes d as the candy alphabet because there is numerous popular candy that begins with d, which we have mentioned in this article.

What flavors can I find in chocolate, starting with d?

As we mentioned, most candies in this are chocolates, but there are a few other flavors. Some very popular candy brands start with d, so there is no need to worry about various selections. You can find all sorts of tastes.

We have mentioned a few details about how each candy tastes, where it’s found, etc. It will be easier for you to understand these candies if you read the description we mentioned below each candy name. Let us explore the unique name of candy that starts with d:

1. Dagoba

Dagoba is a popular brand that produces various baking products, including drinking chocolate and candy bars. But they don’t have a lot of flavors. You can only find the chocolate bar in rich dark and extra dark flavors.

Their marketing campaign includes strong social factors like the production process used while making the candies is completely organic and doesn’t harm the environment. Their campaign also includes statements like they are working towards empowering women and fighting against food allergies.

It seems like a great candy to purchase while protecting the environment and promoting something good for society. Even their candies have a mouth-watering taste.

candy that start with d
Image Credit: Flickr

2. Dairy Milk

Who doesn’t know about the famous dairy milk? Cadbury is the second largest chocolate company that brings this famous candy bar for us.

Dairy milk used to come in only one plain chocolate flavor. They had various packing based on weight, but no other flavors were introduced initially.

Currently, it’s the most famous candy that starts with d, and people worldwide love to consume it. It’s very popular and easily available in any nearby store, or you can order online.

With increased demand, Cadbury brought many changes and included various other flavors like roast almond, caramel, milk chocolate, fruit and nuts, English toffee, etc.

All the flavors taste amazing, and dairy milk and other candies made by Cadbury are best suitable for your tongue if you are a chocolate lover. Don’t forget to try it if you haven’t tested it yet!

Image Credit: Flickr

3. Dew Drops

Dew Drops is not a name of a particular brand or company. Instead, it is a type of old-fashioned fruit candy that comes with a sugary coating on it.

You can find them in stores or search the recipe to prepare them at home. Most people love preparing these candies for Christmas and other special occasions.

The ones available in the market come with drop-like shapes similar to gumdrops. That’s why the candy is named Dew Drops. If you like chewing gummy bears and want a smaller size that easily fits in your mouth, then get this candy.

Multiple companies manufacture these candies, mostly sold in bulk in retail stores or supermarkets. You can purchase hundreds of dew drops at once to consume them for a month or store them in an air-tight container for a longer shelf-life.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. Dots

Dots is another candy that starts with d, and it doesn’t need an introduction because it’s already America’s favorite. The first Dots was launched in 1945; the company has established its name in the market and continues to grow with time.

These candies resemble jellies that have gumdrop-like textures. You can put these candies in your mouth like gummy bears and slurp until the whole candy vanishes. You can find these fantastic candies in various mixed fruit flavors, including Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.

They come in a small pocket-size pack that children keep with them to consume anytime they like. Even adults can eat them, assuming you have endless love for gummy candies.

5. Double Decker

Double Decker is another candy that starts with d and is produced by Cadbury. But, it’s not as famous as dairy milk, and it’s unavailable in most countries. It tastes amazingly well, don’t miss the opportunity if you get to eat a double-decker.

It’s called double-decker because the candy contains two layers: one made of wafers and another with peanuts mixed with caramel. These layers are covered with a thick chocolate crust that melts into your mouth to leave a creamy taste with peanuts, caramel, and wafers. It’s a mix of 3 types of candies that you get at the price of one.

The candy was launched in 2004, and it didn’t seem that most people liked the texture because, unlike Cadbury’s other products, this candy is not famous worldwide.

6. Double mint

Double mint is a candy provided by the most famous candy manufacturer Mars. The candy was launched in 1914, around 108 years back in the United States. Until now, it’s surviving in the cut-throat market and continues to dominate in various countries.

It’s promoted as double-strength peppermint-flavored that comes in button-size chewing gums. At a time, you can put one or two candies in your mouth to get a refreshing breath and a cool mind. The candy comes in bulk in a pocket-sized plastic box you can easily carry.

Don’t try to gulp it because double mint is a chewing gum you need to spit once you enjoy the minty flavor.

7. Dum Dums

Dum Dum is an interesting candy that starts with d with an interesting name. A Dum Dum candy is a lollipop that children like to eat, but some adults are also fond of eating this candy. However, it’s hard to find these candies outside the US.

If you love the sugary flavor mixed with fruit concentrates, you will love eating a dum dum candy. You can purchase them in bulk in a big package, or they are also available in individual packages for single candies you can peel and consume.

As of 2021, the candy includes 16 flavors, and some popular ones are Cotton Candy, Buttered Popcorn, Bubblegum, cherry cola, and pink lemonade.

You can find various other candies in fruity flavors, but dum dum has a completely different taste, and they are surely worth trying.

candy that start with d
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8. Divinity

Divinity is another popular candy that starts with d and is mostly consumed in Scandinavian countries. The recipes take us back to the 20th century when the earliest recipes were dated 1907 and 1915. Initially, these candies were made with egg whites, sugar, and corn syrup.

Recipes have evolved with time and commercialization, but the result always remains the same, and you get a nought-like candy. It’s not very difficult to make a divinity candy, and that’s why most people like to prepare them at home for special occasions.

Most chefs have their recipes, and you might find a different taste in each country. These candies are not as commercialized as other candies, so the traditional taste remains intact. Even you can add your touch to the recipe for a personalized taste. Some people love to add nuts or dry fruits to their recipes.

9. Dove bars

Most people recognize the dove bar as bathing soap sold by Unilever in various countries, but to your surprise, the dove bar is also a candy that starts with d. It was introduced in 1939 and is currently owned by Mars.

The candy is famous for its consistent chocolate flavor that made a special place in people’s hearts with time. If you love a simple, rich, and creamy chocolate bar, the dove is the best one to go with. It simply brings the taste of pure milk chocolate to you where the taste of other ingredients doesn’t overpower the flavor of rich chocolate.

People in America love this candy brand, but you can hardly find it outside the country. Maybe it’s a type of candy that Americans love, but the people of other countries do not much appreciate it.

10. Dip Dabs

Dip dabs resemble its name where you need to dip the lollipop in a powder and put it into your mouth to get an enhanced flavor. This is a unique type of candies, and you cannot find a similar concept for any other lollipop.

It is like a normal candy until you consume it directly, but a dip into the sherbet powder gives you a fizzy sensation that improves the overall flavor of the lollipop.

Dip dabs were launched in the mid-1970s, but sadly, they are unavailable worldwide. You might need to order it from the US or UK to enjoy the fizzy lollipop taste that is pretty difficult to get in candies.

11. Dinosaur gummies

Dinosaur gummies are similar to gummy bears, but the shape is different. They are small dinosaurs that kids or adults can put into their mouths to enjoy the prolonged taste and flavor each dinosaur contains. Even you can chew them to get the sticky texture in your mouth.

This candy that starts with d is quite famous in the United States, and you can easily find it in bulk packaging in any nearby retail store or supermarket or purchase it online. Each packing comes with a different flavor, and even you can find one with mixed flavors.

There is no particular brand famous for selling dinosaur candies; instead, you can find various flavors and types provided by many local candy providers.

12. Dip Stick

Similar to dip dabs, the dipstick is another popular candy that starts with d. In dip dabs, you get a lollipop and sherbet powder to dip in and get a fizzy flavor, while in dipsticks, you get a stick which you need to lick and then dip into the powder, so it sticks. Then enjoy the enhanced flavor of the candy with powder stuck on it. You can eat the stick once you finish eating the powder.

Various providers sell dipsticks, but Fun Dip stick is the most famous company. Ensure you eat them carefully because there have been reports of people getting addicted to these candies.

Also, it’s another type of popular candies that is easily available in the United States but is very difficult to find in other countries. You can check the recipe to prepare yourself at home or place an international order if you cannot resist the cravings after seeing the delicious images or videos of dipsticks on the Internet.

Final thoughts

That completes a delicious list of chocolate starting with d. As we said, most candies are chocolates on this list, including dark and white chocolates. But we had tried our best to include diverse choices.

Still, there might be a few types of candy that starts with d and is easily available in your country but are equally difficult to find outside. Most candies on the list are available in the United States but not in the rest of the world.

If you know about any popular candy types in your country, please let us know in the comments. Also, we hope you were able to find some unique names and flavors that you have never heard of before. Please let us know if you missed a special candy that starts with d.