Red Velvet Oreo

Red Velvet Oreo

Love at first bite

Conclusion: Do you like Red Velvet? You’ll love these.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately surrounding the Red Velvet Oreo; people seemed to be excited for its release. Naturally, when they were released in February of 2016, I had to get a bag and review them for you all.

Oreo has been doing this for a while now– putting twists on their classic cookie– but this one really seemed to capture the imagination of the public. This is essentially the Doritos Loco Taco for Nabisco; a perfect blending of two popular commodities. Red velvet itself has gotten quite popular lately; Everywhere you go there’s a red velvet cookie or cupcake. And of course, Oreo is a legendary cookie.

For one, I’ve heard the argument that red velvet is “fake chocolate”. Therefore, a lot of people I know don’t like it (and actively hate it, in some cases). If you’re in that camp, feel free to stop reading now: this Oreo is not for you. However, if you are a red velvet-lover (or even indifferent to the flavor) you are going to love these. Without sounding like a broken record here, it’s impossible to just have one.

Red Velvet Oreo

The set-up is simplistic and delicious. The outside is the red velvet part, and the filling is the cream cheese frosting. Essentially, it’s a dried out piece of red velvet cake (in a good way). Another thing the treat is highly dependent on is the cream cheese frosting. If you are not a fan, again, stay away. I found the filling to be the best part, just like with regular Oreo cookies.

In fact, I would go as far as in saying that the Red Velvet Oreo is an improvement on the original formula.

While the nostalgia factor isn’t quite the same and you probably don’t want to dip these in milk, there’s enough going on here for them to be a new classic. Specifically, I love what they are doing with the colors here. Red and white is so aesthetically pleasing, it makes me wonder if it’s part of the appeal of red velvet in the first place.

Be advised, they are addicting, but aren’t exactly “healthy” for you. The serving size on the back of the bag is comically low (2 cookies), and it’s pretty shocking to see the nutrition facts. As long as you are able to control yourself, these are worth a purchase and a try. For your own safety, try to share the bag. I’m no doctor (and I don’t know how they compare to a normal Oreo even), but eating a lot of these in one sitting cannot be good for you; eat responsibly.

That being said, I’m patiently waiting for Double Stuffed Red Velvet Oreos.