Smores Oreo

Smores Oreo [Review]

A rather bland take on a summer, campfire classic.

My second Oreo review. With a new wild flavor popping up seemingly every week, it really is hard to keep up. And if I really wanted to review them all, I would be buying a new pack of Oreos every week. That can’t be good for my health.

Smores Oreo

But when I saw this pack, I knew I had to get them. Smores are a summertime classic for me (as I’m sure they are for a lot of you). When I eat a Smore I think of a bonfire on the beach. You may think of a family camping trip you took when you were a kid. Smores are a very nostalgic treat. The beauty is in their simplicity. Graham cracker, chocolate, and a marshmallow–that’s it.

So for this pack, I only thought it was right to share them with my office and see what the coworkers had to say. Here’s some of the feedback I got:

  • “Okay, these Oreos remind me of the graham cracker snacked that you dipped in frosting from the late 90s [Dunkaroos]. Good with coffee though
  • “I want to eat all the Oreos. I wish I hadn’t had the first one. It’s ruined me”
  • “Do you remember Ritz Bits Smores? These taste exactly like them!”

Smores Oreo

Some brilliant observations here. I agree with what everyone at my office had to say. However, the second statement is always true of Oreos: you always want to eat them all regardless if they are any good.

My honest opinion is that Smores Oreo tasted too much like an Uh-Oh Oreo (chocolate on the inside, white cookie on the outside). There’s a hint of marshmallow, but the chocolate is a little overpowering.  It ends up tasting very little like an actual Smore, which seems odd since the original recipe is so simple. I reviewed the Red Velvet Oreos a few months back and what blew me away about them was how much they tasted like a red velvet cake. And that one was probably much more complicated to recreate.

The outside definitely tastes like a graham cracker; they certainly captured that well. But the rest of the Oreo can’t help but feel disappointing. Let’s put it this way: when I ate these Oreos, I wasn’t suddenly transported to a campfire or to a bonfire on the beach. Oreo didn’t capture the magic and taste of what makes a Smore so great, and that is why, unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me.


Also, a definite missed opportunity here by Oreo: how can these not be called S’mOreos?