Phoenix and Dragon Chinese Food

Phoenix and Dragon Chinese Food How to Make

Phoenix and dragon Chinese food is a way to combine seafood with meat and try recipes that include these ingredients. When typing Chinese restaurants near me on the search engine, check out if they serve recipes that include these two ingredients. Shrimp and chicken meals with a Chinese representation imply dragon and phoenix food.

You will be surprised to know that this has a literal meaning. The combo indicates harmony. While the phoenix represents poultry, the dragon represents seafood. While the predominance of these two revolves around chicken and shrimp, one can also use alternatives. These include snake, eel,  duck, lobster, squab, and more.

Phoenix and dragon Chinese food

There is a deeper meaning behind phoenix and dragon Chinese food. You might already know that the Chinese have considered the dragon a symbol since 3000BCE. Dragons represent the essence of manhood, harvest, generosity, good wishes, and noble lifestyle.

It is interesting to note that dragons in the American Chinese menu indicate the inclusion of shrimp. However, authentic Chinese include several types of seafood.

Since the bodies of the mythical creature, dragon, are curved and similar to that of a shrimp, the two elements draw similarity on this note. Phoenix and dragon Chinese food is usually spicy, and one of the perfect examples comes through shrimp garlic sauces. Since other seafood mentioned before also have elongated bodies, they can also be considered part of this type of dish.

Phoenix and dragon Chinese food do not always have to be spicy. They can be steamed, boiled, baked, and fried. You will get them served with rice, vegetables, noodles, and more at restaurants.

Phoenix represents the pet bird of a king and queen in China. The representation promotes harmony, prosperity, and the power of being born again. It is indicated for both men and women and derivative towards the belief of yin and yang.

Duck, turkey, and chicken are different forms of birds included in Chinese cuisine dishes. However, in America, people consider chicken to be a phoenix. The concept of burning and rising from the ash gains importance through this representation.

When ordering this type of food, you will find it fits well with other dishes to complement each other. Chinese food is usually spicy, with types of sauces and bread.

The combination of a phoenix and a dragon represent the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. It represents dual forces present in the universe that constantly contact one another. These forces represent peacefulness and togetherness.

Chinese people include phoenix and a dragon food concept by including bird meat and seafood in their dishes to promote good luck and togetherness. Moreover, restaurants that include such types of food also promote harmony, service, and bonding.

Phoenix and Dragon Chinese Food

Dragon and phoenix Chinese food recipe

There are several recipes for dragon and phoenix Chinese food. All the dishes are extremely delicious. They are as follows:

Longevity noodles

This is an amazing noodle dish. You will need a maximum of 1 hour to cook it at home. If you are a Chinese food lover and want to enjoy various new foods, this recipe is a must-try. The name dragon and phoenix longevity noodles symbolize a long life.

Ingredients required to make

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Ingredients required to make the sauce

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The process of making

Step 1

Firstly, you have to put some water in the noodles and make them loose. Drain the excess water.

Step 2

Then, keep the cornflour in a place and put the pieces of chicken and prawn in it.

Step 3

After that, blend all the ingredients in a different bowl with sauce.

Step 4

Then, keep the heat at a high temperature and put some oil in the oven.

Step 5

After that, pour the garlic and ginger into it. Fry them.

Step 6

Then, you have to add the pieces of prawns and chicken and wait for a maximum of 2 minutes to fry it.

Step 7

Now, put the spring onion and carrot pieces in it and blend it well for at least one minute.

Step 8

Then, add the ingredients with sauce from a different bowl in it.

Step 9

After that, put the noodles and blend them well in the sauce.

Step 10

Now, you have to cook it for a minimum of 3 minutes. Wait till it becomes soft.

Step 11

Then, mix the cornflour and the bean sprouts together and wait until the sauce becomes thick.

Step 12

After that, turn off the heat. The food is ready to serve. Put fried shallots and coriander on the food for better taste. Serve it hot.

Phoenix and Dragon Chinese Food

Dragon and phoenix with Chinese vegetables

This is an amazing recipe for you. You can try it at home if you love Chinese recipes. You need a total of 35 minutes to cook the recipe. Enjoy the mouth-watering dragon and phoenix with chicken vegetable recipe with your family.

You will get 382.8 calories, 298.4 mg of cholesterol, 10.4 g of fat, 1,469.0 mg of sodium, 3.8g of dietary fiber, 13.3 g of total carbohydrates, and 55.6 g of protein per serving of this recipe.

The ingredients required

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The process of making

Step 1

Firstly, you have to put the soy sauce in the chicken to marinate it for at least 5 minutes.

Step 2

Then, put the prawns, cornstarch, baking soda, and egg white in the marinated chicken. Blend all the ingredients well.

Step 3

After that, add bamboo shoots and the carrot in it.

Step 4

Then, pour broccoli or snow peas into it.

Step 5

After that, pour the oil at a high temperature. Put the prawns and chicken in the hot oil and fry them. Wait till they change their color while blending. You have to keep in mind not to overcook it.

Step 6

Then, leave a little oil and take out the rest with prawns and meat.

Step 7

Now, pour onion and ginger in the oil and fry them.

Step 8

After that, put the prawns, meat, and vegetables in it. Blend all together well for some minutes.

Step 9

Then, add all the seasonings and wine to it.

Step 10

Finally, the tasty dish is ready for you. Serve and enjoy the food.

Chinese phoenix and dragon concept

The phoenix and dragon are the two powerful animals of China. In Feng Shui, they are the ideal couple. The phoenix is called `” yin,” and the dragon is called “yang”.

Both of them together become yin yang. They represent happy marital life and everlasting love. They indicate that both the husband and wife remain in love together till their death.

No matter what, they will not break up and walk through the smooth and tough times of life together. They promise a marital couple of outstanding achievements, good prosperity, and fortune of having many babies and matriarch and patriarch luck.

You would love to know that the dragon can control the forces and cosmic chi of the world. The dragon helps you get success, good luck in career, and prosperity in everything whereas the phoenix helps you take out the female’s outstanding side. Dragon stands for fertility and male vigor, whereas the phoenix represents female beauty and splendor.

The dragon and the phoenix together will also increase the intensity and energy of your relationship. They will give you a successful marriage and children. Moreover, they both together represent the ideal symbol for you if you are a single female searching for pure love.

During ancient times dragons were considered Gods. The ancient emperors prayed to their dragon God during drought and flood. The Chinese dragon has outstanding strength. It symbolizes hope, a good beginning, and sunrise. Since the dragon is a mythical animal, it has the power to destroy evil spirits, give safety blessings, protect if you’re innocent, and raise wealth. The Chinese dragon represents very good luck.

The phoenix can turn your bad luck into a good one. You will be surprised to know it can show the right opportunities in your work, business, and career. It can take off the quarrelsome energy, leading to the relationship’s breakup. The phoenix will give you success, opportunity, prosperity, and luck.

If you are planning to get married and looking for ways to start a good new life, then dragon-phoenix is important for you.

  1. If you want Patriarch luck, keep the dragon-phoenix in the northwest living room corner.
  2. When searching for achievement, advancement, authority, status, health, knowledge, fame, status, and power for your entire family, then you have to keep it in the east living room corner.
  3. If you seek true love, a good relationship, and Matriarch luck, keep the symbol in your living room’s southwest corner.
  4. If you are still a bachelor and looking for marriage and true love, then you have to follow the GUA number and keep it in the nien yen side of your room.
  5. When desiring to get popularity and fame in politics or showbiz, you must keep it on the south side of your room’s corner.

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Final thoughts

You must have been surprised to know about the inner meaning of phoenix and dragon. You also know how important they are to the Chinese people and what they symbolize. These will help you better understand each of the food recipes well.

Most of the finger-licking dragon and phoenix recipes you will get on the menu of the Chinese restaurants. Moreover, try our recipes to make the phoenix and dragon Chinese food at home perfectly. We have provided about phoenix and dragon Chinese food in this article. Thus, we hope our information about phoenix and dragon Chinese food will come to your help.