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Mexican Mule Cocktail Recipe for Perfect House Parties

Mexican Mule is an enjoyable tequila-based twist on the classic Moscow mule, with some tangy lime and refreshing ginger beer.

Easy to prepare, it’s famous in many countries and is a perfect option for celebration. This delicious alcoholic cocktail is presented amazingly.

There is an interesting and fun history behind this, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

Mexican Mule is a versatile drink with many different ways to make it. Its unique alcohol, sweet, and spice balance make it more amazing when served in a copper mug. Moreover, its ingredients make it a not-so-toxic and hard drink.

There are many positive facts about this beverage, but the thing that might surprise you is the health benefits of the Mexican Mule.

Most of us want to enjoy drinks without harming our health, wishing that the hard drink won’t affect us much. But here, it’s different.

Well, we don’t make fake promises that it will cure any disease and give you the dreamy six-pack abs.

But if you want to enjoy your cocktail with all the antioxidant ingredients, then a Mexican mule can be suggested to you.

In the above section, you will learn a bit about what is a Mexican mule and the key ingredients used.

Mexican Mule recipe for parties

Mexican Mule is a refreshing option for the hot summer days and a classic alternative option for Margarita. This drink is bold, classic, and crisp with flavors.

Are you planning to gather for special days or events in the upcoming days? Then why not make it worth remembering with a punch of Mexican Mule.

Choose this exciting drink to spice up your event. Its irresistible taste would drive anyone crazy and boost them up for the day.

After taking one sip of this drink, you can’t wait to take another! People go on to experiment and create amazing wonders with the Mexican mule recipe.

Some try this with the zingy lime, while some with the spicy gingers. Here is how to make a Mexican mule cocktail.

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How to prepare Mexican Mule cocktail

Just take 5 minutes out and serve your guest and yourself the best drink ever. The traditional Mexican Mule gives a spicy but sweet taste if combined with sliced jalapeño and tequila. Here we also give the processing technique of making the ginger beer that adds a wow factor to your drink!

Preparing Mexican Cocktail

Take a dish or glass/copper mug and pour the Cointreau, tequila, ginger Beer with the lime juice with the ice. Now replace it with the glass or mug you want to serve and garnish it!

Preparing Ginger Beer

  • For preparing the garlic beer, you need to take the saucepan first
  • Now take water, gingers, sugar with a little salt.
  • Put it over the flame and boil until the sugar is dissolved. Now take it out from the gas and add a little water and lemon juice.
  • Now, let it for 2 to 3 hours at room temperature, or you can also shift to the refrigerator after it cools a bit.
  • Strain the water after it gets cool and transfer it to a bottle but make sure there is a 1-2 inch gap between the ginger beer and bottle top.
  • Now, you can store it for one to two weeks and make yummylicious drinks!

The Mexican Mule recipe is easy and can be made within minutes. This tequila-based classic cocktail has been there since the 1940s.

This cocktail is made with citrus juice, ginger ale, and liquor. This is the easiest option that anyone can make.

Can I serve Mule with the copper mugs?

When you order Mule at any bar or restaurant, they serve this with the decorative copper mug.

Some people think it is for mere presentation to attract the customers, but there is a reason behind serving it in a copper mug.

You can also serve Mexican mule cocktail recipe with a ball jar or any standard serving glass, but copper mugs are preferred for the metal’s properties and history.

The restaurants serve this Mexican mule drink in copper dishes because copper keeps the drinks cool compared to other glasses.

Copper is a great thermal conductor; when this drink is served in a copper mug, it becomes cool, giving a chilly sensation with every sip.

There is a countable difference when you sip this classic cocktail from the copper glass and normal glass.

Traditionally, in 1940, it was served in copper glass. The Mexican Mule is famous among Hollywood celebrities for its fizzy and tangy taste; one will find many pictures of celebrities enjoying this. Let’s check how to make a Mexican mule and how beneficial it is.

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Is there any health benefit of a Mexican cocktail?

The Mexican mule cocktail recipe has many ingredients that carry some interesting positivity. Let’s take a sneak peek at those:


This ingredient in the Mexican mule drink gives you a good amount of vitamin C. This cocktail contains almost half of the lime apart from the garnishing.

As you know, lime is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that boost the immune system. It can reduce the chances of cancer and get rid of free radicals, which can cause a lot of destruction when they come in contact with the cells of your body!

Along with that, lime prevents signs of aging and boosts immunity, thereby protecting us from the common cold and flu caused by viruses. It also improves mood swings.


Ginger has been useful for over the years traditionally. This is useful for digestive purposes and helps you to create digestive enzymes.

It helps your body break down extra fats and improves the absorption of nutrients. It has some amazing nutritional benefits and antioxidants that help us fight chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and lung-related issues.


Not everyone mixes cucumber juice with this drink, but some people add this to enhance its properties. We all know that cucumber has Silica, a molecule that improves acne and wrinkles and glorifies the skin. Overall it keeps a person refreshed!


Well, some people add their creativity while preparing the Mexican mule cocktail. In this, you can add so many fruits as per your choice.

In the above section, you can learn the range of recipes with this. You can also add berries that will boost the immune system and bring tons of benefits!


Do you know about this? So, the microalgae have lots of protein supplements and hold amino acids. Vitamin B, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and potassium, along with many more!


This is another natural health drink with high antioxidants, good for the liver. Improve heart health, prevent cancer and promote weight loss by taking a balanced sip of Mule.

So, after going through the above benefits, are you planning to prepare this drink? Wait before making the first Mexican cocktail to learn the rules one should follow.

Key points to prepare Mexican cocktails

When you throw a party at your place and want to serve this drink to your guest, you must follow certain rules.

It would help if you looked at the aroma, texture, and garnishing techniques. Add herbs to garnish your drink for it to look attentive and beautiful at the same time.

Make sure to serve the drink that has an amazing aroma. Serve this in a copper glass. Make sure for good background music with a nice ambiance.

Infusing the liquor is the best thing to try to impress your guest. For this, you need to pour the liquor into the jar and then add the ingredients and keep them rest for a week at least. The infused drinks give amazing texture and aroma.

The only thing that can bring back all the properties and aroma of the drink is the ginger beer. Ginger beer gives the spectacular texture that will make your guest crazy.

There is the right way to release the pressure of fermenting ginger beer. You need to give some space at the top of the bottle, and while opening, makes sure to give the balanced pressure; otherwise, it can erupt from the bottle.

Are you in a hurry and you can’t prepare the ginger beer? There are plenty of options available in the market. While buying, make sure not to confuse ginger beer and ginger ale.

Before mixing the cocktail, muddle a couple of jalapeno slices in the bottom of the mug! Serve the delicious drink with the copper mugs so that it can stay cool for a longer time!

Do you want to become a master in making a Mexican mule cocktail? For this, you follow the tips and tricks mentioned earlier for success.

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Why are people crazy behind Mule Cocktail?

There are many options in the market for picking your favorite cocktails. Everyone wants to booze in his or her party and enjoy the close ones! Are you one of them too?

This is the classic option drink that makes people crazy because of freshness, deliciousness, and all. There are so many good reasons behind the popularity of the Mule that is mentioned above in this article.

Everyone knows what the outcome will be when you add lime with tequila. To make this drink mouth-watering, spicy ginger is added that refreshes the taste bud!

To prepare this, you don’t need any other tool. This is the top-notch option for the hot summer days! Compliment your taste bud by giving them something for which it cravings!

If you talk about the goodness of this drink, then definitely it offers some amazing health benefits. Well, it doesn’t make any great changes in your life, but it can share some benefits when you add this to your diet in a balanced way!

If you use this more than the limited amount, you may go through a hangover. In the next section of this article on Mexican drinks, we will share the tips that keep you away from the hangover!

The below-mentioned tricks are quite smooth and convenient. For this, you only need to take the bread and spread honey on them, and then add the little chopped banana sheets! So, now take a sneak peek at how it cures you.


Banana has potassium in them that keeps your electrolytes steady. Are you feeling cramps after stepping out of the bar?

If yes, you need to eat some bananas. After eating 3 to 4 bananas, you can feel that it prevents the cramp.

Bananas also keep down muscle aches and headaches and help the stomach to function in a better way. So, if you feel that there is a digestion issue in you after taking cocktails, eat bananas.


Honey greatly helps with hangovers. It has been used over the years for its uncountable properties!

Honey offers you glucose and adds the protective layer that keeps your stomach and throat in the right condition. In addition, honey has fructose that helps release the alcohol and minimize the effect of drinking.


It might sound awkward how bread helps release the alcohol, but yes, it’s true! Bread is used for the hangover because it soaks the alcohol when you consume this after drinking.

It helps to prevent the feeling of nausea. Along with that, it will make you energetic and help balance the body’s electrolytes!

So, what have you decided? Next time, whenever you feel that you consume a high dose of drink, try these things individually or combine form and feel good!

Final thoughts

Do you in love with the Mexican cocktail? In this article, you will get clear information on what is a Mexican mule.

Do you want to share the taste with your colleague? The Mexican drink is smooth and gives a balanced texture. This is the perfect drinking option for the event.

The drink is made with simple and convenient ingredients that twist the overall flavor and give a classic choice. But if you still don’t try this amazing cocktail recipe, you should try this in your home. You will love this refreshing cocktail that gives the boozier hit!