a Personal Injury Attorney

3 Scenarios Where You’ll Want to Seek Out a Personal Injury Attorney

Life is full of randomness and happenstance. And when “life happens,” sometimes we’re left wondering what went wrong, or how to cope with the challenges we find in front of us.  When you’re injured in an accident, you could be facing hefty medical bills, and even have to miss out on work which will result in lost wages. And in today’s inflated economy, lost wages can lead to a host of other problems that you probably don’t want to deal with.  If you’re injured in an accident and you believe that you can prove the negligence of an at-fault party, this is when you should consider hiring a lawyer, being careful to avoid common missteps when selecting your attorney. And a personal injury attorney can help you in a variety of ways. 

But what type of accident scenario calls for the expertise of a personal injury attorney? The following will detail 3 scenarios that a personal injury lawyer can help with. 

Boating Accidents 

We all love a little fun in the sun on occasion. And this is even better when you can take the boat out and spend the day on the water. But believe it or not, boating accidents are fairly common; That reason alone is why it’s very important to take careful consideration when getting on a boat, and especially if you’re buying a boat for the first time… You want to make sure the boat you’re buying or getting onto is safe.. And this is one scenario where a personal injury lawyer can be of assistance.

For example, if you’re on a boat as a passenger and the driver of the boat has been drinking, if you’re injured at any point, or even if your laptop gets wet and ruined, the driver of the boat will likely be held liable due to negligence. 

Drinking and boating are never a good combination. Regardless, if you’re injured due to falling out of the boat at a high rate of speed, or from slamming into the side of the boat upon an abrupt turn, the driver can be held responsible if you can prove negligence. And a personal injury lawyer has the knowledge to help you receive compensation. 

Wrongful Death 

No matter what happens throughout life, dealing with an untimely death is an experience that can cause extreme pain, sadness, and grief. And this can even result in depression which may cause your personal and work-life to suffer as well. 

A wrongful death occurs when someone loses their life at the hands of some form of negligence that could have been avoided. And in order to prove your case, a personal injury attorney should definitely be contacted. 

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed for compensation for many things. And though the loss of a loved one at the hands of negligence is painful enough, the following may also cause you further complications but also be eligible for compensation:

  • Loss of income 
  • Punitive damages 
  • Loss of companionship
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Property damage

It’s good to note that in the event of wrongful death, you should obtain as much documentation of the incident immediately as this will give your attorney a better chance at handling your claim.

Sexual Harassment 

Today, just about every major corporation and business has policies in place that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. Yet, year after year, sexual harassment happens in just about every industry. 

You should also understand that sexual harassment comes in many forms, not just via verbal or physical harassment. And if you’ve suffered from any of the following scenarios, a personal injury attorney may be able to assist you:

  • Monetary promises for sexual favors 
  • Promotions or special treatment for sexual favors 
  • Demotions for not performing sexual favors 
  • Unwanted sexual advances 
  • Displaying of sexually explicit materials via email or other means
  • Derogatory jokes
  • Comments about a person’s sexual orientation or body

As you can see, sexual harassment can come in many forms. But not one of the aforementioned should ever be tolerated. 

When life leaves you with any type of injury and you’re not at fault, contacting a personal injury attorney may actually be your best solution for getting the compensation that you need in order to recover and continue living your life. But in all scenarios, you should act quickly in order to receive full compensation.