Body's Natural Defenses

How To Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

If you’re frequently afraid that you’ll catch whatever cold is going around and get sick immediately, you may need to start boosting your body’s natural defenses against disease by bolstering your immune system and revamping your approach to health. Even with the best over the counter flu medicine ready to go in case of emergency, there’s no substitute for resilient health and a strong immune system that can help keep you protected every day. If you need simple ways to help your body fend off disease and stay healthy all year long, consider taking these vital steps now.

Take Supplements

If you suffer from certain nutritional deficiencies or if you want to ensure your body has every nutrient necessary to ward off colds and the flu, you may want to research your options for cold prevention vitamins. The right regimen of targeted supplements could help rehabilitate your immune system and provide your body with the nutritional ammunition it needs for fighting illnesses off. Some wholesome supplements to consider asking your doctor about include:

  • Green tea and herbal teas, such as ginger tea, peppermint tea, and eucalyptus tea
  • Vitamin B complex supplements
  • Immunity-supporting supplements, such as Vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea combinations
  • Adaptogens and other herbs
  • Elderberry extract, in the form of pills, powders, or liquid supplements
  • Medicinal mushrooms

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Among all the homeopathic cold remedies out there, perhaps the best piece of takeaway advice you can follow is to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day. This approach can allow you to:

  • Feel lighter, happier, and more energetic
  • Strengthen your body’s defenses against seasonal and endemic diseases
  • Increase your odds of a longer life span
  • Lower your risk of developing chronic and potentially fatal health problems
  • Potentially save money on unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking excessively, or consuming too much junk food

For a healthy everyday regimen, there are a few rules of thumb to remember. Regular practice of healthy habits helps to build up a strong immune system over time. Namely, try to:

  • Avoid inconsistent sleep schedules and make sure to get adequate sleep regularly
  • Cut added sugars and trans fats out of your everyday diet
  • Consume inflammation-fighting, plant-based, nutrient-rich foods daily
  • Mitigate your stress levels by shifting your work responsibilities, seeing a therapist when necessary, and finding relaxing ways to unwind at home
  • Keep yourself hydrated daily by drinking water, tea, low-sugar juices, and low-sodium soup broth
  • Avoid excessive or prolonged exercise but make sure to squeeze in some moderate physical activity often

For a natural first line of defense against the common cold, the flu, and a wide variety of other frequently transmitted infectious diseases, there’s no beating a strong and resilient immune system. If you often get sick and you want to boost up your body’s natural defenses, these steps can help lower your odds of catching common illnesses. A generally healthy lifestyle complemented by some targeted supplements could go a long way in bolstering your body’s disease defenses.