Good Letterhead Design

8 Reasons Why Businesses Need Good Letterhead Design

The first impression you make with a letterhead design is the most important. It could be the reason why someone will do business with you, or not. Here are some reasons why your business needs good letterhead design, and how it can help to strengthen your brand identity.

Letterhead design is an important part of marketing success. They portray the image of the company, they show attention to detail and care for quality, and they provide necessary contact information for clients who want to do business with them.

So if you don’t have a strong letterhead design yet, let us give you eight reasons why it can help build customer trust in you as well as increase sales over time.

  1. A Company Letterhead Attracts Attention

 Whether you’re sending out promotional materials, press releases, or product information, a strong letterhead design can attract user attention to your company and its services. We all know that the first minute they spend on looking over printed material is crucial – after all, their impression of your company starts here! If it looks good enough, they’ll want to learn more about what you have to offer. As simple as this may sound, no boring designs, tacky colors or cliché clipart should be included in your lovely letterheads either. 


  1. A Business Letterhead Shows You Know What You’re Doing

 A well-designed letterhead shows potential clients that you take work seriously from every angle – from the quality of the paper to the choice of color and logo placement. Think about it: if you don’t take time to make sure your business cards, letterheads, or other promotional materials look good for potential customers, why should they trust you’re going to do a great job for them? On the contrary, having a high-quality letterhead shows that your company is professional and that every detail matters in making a first impression. 

  1. Your Company Letterhead Design Can Be Used For Many Purposes

Your letterhead design is an extension of your brand identity, so keep this in mind when creating printed material. It represents not only your business but also its message – whether it’s an image of success or reliability that you want to portray to potential clients. This is why you need to choose a strong company logo that defines your business and works well with letterhead design, or even incorporate it into the design itself.

  1. Provides Necessary Contact Information

A simple fact: people do not like calling businesses for information – at least not as much as they enjoy receiving mail and promotional material. This is why good letterheads should include important contact information such as phone number and address, making it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.

  1. A Custom Letterhead Can Be Re-Used On Many Other Printed Materials

Because it’s part of your business identity, a good letterhead can be adapted to other printed materials such as envelopes, brochures, and postcards. You can use the same color scheme, logo placement, and print quality to show consistency. Just select a design that looks professional on paper as well as digitally, so the printed materials are cohesive with your website or social media pages.


  1. Well-Designed Letterheads Make You Look Good

Professional letterhead designs can make you look good by increasing trustworthiness and company credibility among potential clients – not to mention that they’ll fight apathy! The more business cards you hand out, postcards you send out, or brochures you distribute mean the further your brand identity is spread around town – all thanks to a beautifully designed letterhead.

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  1. Increases Confidence

Some people may be satisfied with letting their letterheads look cheap or low-quality, but you shouldn’t! A good design will increase your confidence because it shows that you’re well aware of what your clients want and need. Highlighting the appropriate information in the right place without clashing colors or strange fonts is worth it when combined with well-thought-out choices for promotional materials.

  1. The Modern Letterhead Fosters Communication Between the Company and Clients

Letterhead designs are a unique way of communicating with potential customers. It is one of your company’s first impressions, so it should reflect the overall brand identity that you have worked hard to create. Since letterheads can be printed in various forms, this also gives you a chance to create consistency throughout all printed materials; for example, using the same color scheme or including the logo on every piece of paper will make your business look more professional and well-organized to everyone who sees it.


There are tons of great reasons why businesses need good letterhead design. If you see a company that still uses a bad design, don’t be quick to judge – sometimes they simply don’t know how professional-looking letterheads can help their business improve! Be sure to share this article with them.