Pass Microsoft AZ-204 Exam On Your First Try With 4 Effective Tips

Pass Microsoft AZ-204 Exam On Your First Try With 4 Effective Tips

As a cloud developer for Microsoft Azure, one of the best certifications to have under your belt is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification. If you are a cloud developer preparing for the MS-101 Exam Questions you will need to know all phases of development from requirements design, development, and maintenance to proper implementation of solutions. As a candidate for this exam, you must already have at least a few years of experience in professional development and Microsoft Azure. If you are lacking in skills or confidence to face this exam, this is a step-by-step guide to help you pass on your first sitting.

About The Microsoft AZ-204 Exam And Certification

The Developing Solutions for MS-500 Exam Questions is a test that includes from 40 to 60 questions which you are to complete within 120 minutes. The exam is designed to assess an individual’s competence in Microsoft Azure development and services. This exam is specifically aimed at cloud developers with knowledge of Azure SDKs, Azure CLI, data storage options, APIs, Azure PowerShell, etc. The passing score is 700. Once you have successfully passed the test, you will be awarded Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification.

4 Steps To Help You Pass The Exam

As an associate-level exam, the MS-700 Exam Questions is not an easy test. Nevertheless, if you follow these 4 tips below, it is guaranteed you can pass with flying colors!

  1. Study the exam outline

The most important aspect of taking any exam is thoroughly going through the exam outline. By revising the outline, you can access the topics you are knowledgeable in and the ones you need to boost your skills. Exam AZ-204 contains 5 topics you need to be proficient in.

2. Take the Microsoft learning pathway courses for the exam

If you have limited knowledge in some aspects of Microsoft Azure, do not fear. Microsoft provides plenty of free online courses and a paid instructor-led course to aid you in meeting the prerequisites for this exam.

3. Use Amazon books related to the exam

Using books for the MS-900 Exam Questions is very helpful in learning the exam topics and then passing the actual test. Here you will find explanations of the concepts which you can find nowhere else. The info provided in such printed editions are usually compiled by IT experts, which also testifies its quality. Thus, you can purchase the Exam Ref AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure by Santiago Munoz and AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure: Study Guide with Practice Questions and Labs (Volumes 1 & 2) by IP Specialist to cover all exam topics.

4. Use exam dumps

Although most people assume exam dumps to be the fourth and last step, it will be beneficial to do one practice test before step 2 as well. It is highly recommended to take one practice test if the exam AZ-204 Exam Questions your current knowledge and skills just to access your standing and open room for improvement and growth. Microsoft already provides practice tests for individuals through their website, however, if you want extra practice there are plenty of dumps on third-party websites such as PrepAway and Certbolt.


In summary, although the difficulty level of the Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam is a bit high as it is an AZ-303 Exam Questions , there are plenty of resources provided by Microsoft and online to help you ace this test. If you can allocate even an hour of your time to follow the four steps discussed above every day, you are guaranteed to not only pass your exam but enhance your knowledge as a cloud developer.