5 Things To Do For a Stress-Free Move-In Day: The First-Time Homeowner’s Guide

Learning the relocation ropes can be challenging for first-time homeowners, with moving-related stressors hiding around every corner. Whether it’s delayed closing dates, difficulty adjusting to your new space, or unexpected costs, relocating can be one giant headache. 

However, you can set yourself up for a stress-free move-in day with a few organizational tips and tricks. Read on to learn five must-do moving checklist items to ease your way into your new home complication-free. 

Arrange for moving deliveries in advance

For a smoother move-in day, schedule the delivery of your vehicles and belongings in advance. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you’ll be ready to dive into unpacking efforts without frustrating delays.

For example, when you ship your car to another state, plan well in advance to ensure your vehicle arrives in plenty of time to avoid transportation nightmares when you first arrive. 

Label boxes clearly

For those embarking on a big move for the first time, understanding how to pack efficiently can be challenging. Fortunately, proper labeling and organization can keep your belongings in order, allowing you to speed through unpacking efforts. 

Label every box with a list of contents and underscore the correct room so you or your movers can easily direct your belongings. If you have multiple people moving with you, like children or roommates, take it a step further and label which box belongs to whom. 

Choose a professional moving company

Especially if you are moving to another state, consider investing in a well-reviewed relocation company to help safely transport your belongings to your new space. Though it may be tempting to rent a truck yourself to save money, chances are you’ll end up with broken items or inadequate space, leaving you stressed and underprepared. 

As you choose your moving company, watch out for moving company fraud. Ask if your professional company and the moving broker affiliate with the Federal Mover Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to ensure legitimacy. Additionally, check online reviews and customer complaints to bypass a sub-par moving experience.

Set up utilities before move-in day

Have your new home move-in ready by setting up utilities—like electric, gas, cable, and Wi-Fi— before the big day. Even if boxes are scattered everywhere in your house after a long day of moving, you’ll still have warm water, internet, and AC to keep you comfortable while you unpack.

Moving states away could mean canceling service with one company and transferring it to another. Though it may seem like a complicated process, shifting services can be as easy as a quick phone call. However, check with each provider to ensure in-person appointments aren’t necessary. 

Envision as you walk through your home

Once it hits a moving day and you arrive at your new home, walk through while it is empty to get an idea of where you will place all of your belongings. Though it may take trial and error to solidify the setup, creating a mental image before hauling heavy furniture will save you time and achiness.

Wrap up

Though you may not be able to eradicate moving-related stress entirely, you can minimize stress the day of by planning in advance and staying organized. By working with professional movers, labeling your belongings clearly, and staying on top of move-in tasks, you’ll settle into your new space in no time.