Your 101 Guide To Planning A Cheap Staycation In Singapore

Missing the thrill of the open road?†

Well, you arenít the only one. Did you know that Expediaís 2021 Vacation Deprivation Study found that Singapore was the most vacation-deprived country in the world. While this sense of vacation deprivation has dropped down to the pre-COVID baseline of 69%, it still highlights the feeling of many Singaporeans. With travel becoming incredibly tedious especially with COVID-19 travel regulations, itís not surprising that many Singaporeans feel trapped in their daily humdrum of life. With overseas travel being an expensive and complicated process, many Singaporeans and their families have opted for a staycation instead.†

But, what exactly is a staycation? As the name suggests, it refers to a holiday spent in oneís home country instead of travelling overseas . It has become increasingly popular especially due to travel restrictions , with many people forced to stay within the confines of their local borders† amidst fears that international travel will worsen the spread of COVID-19. While this inconvenience might throw some off from travelling and vacationing altogether, many have chosen to instead indulge in a luxurious staycation.†

Staycations can be done at almost any hotel and for any purpose! Whether it’s a† romantic getaway at the illustrious Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore where you and your partner can enjoy their one-of-a-kind saltwater pool or a family vacation at Oneį15 Marina Sentosa Cove with a myriad of facilities meant for children including an arcade, staycations are a great alternative to traditional overseas travel.†

But, before you get packing, thereís still the budget to consider. Itís needless to say that a staycation is much more affordable and budget-friendly than an overseas trip since you do not have to pay for airfare! Your vacation budget can be channelled exclusively into the hotel accommodation which means you have greater flexibility in choosing the right hotel for your staycation. Here are just a few tips on how you can plan a cheap staycation in Singapore.†

1. Book A Hotel In A Good Area†

While it might seem counterintuitive to book a cheaper hotel room since you are able to splurge on accommodations, there are plenty of reasons why choosing an affordable hotel is better. First off, consider the location of the hotel. Itís recommended that you pick a hotel situated close by to your planned itinerary. After all, why spend an immense amount of money on the hotel when you can instead invest your effort and budget into exploring Singaporeís rich heritage and activities.†

One great example of a hotel nestled in a great location is the Heritage Collection in Chinatown. Built within a refurbished shophouse, the hotel sits in a prime location within the city. Once a district for the countryís Chinese immigrants, Chinatown is now home to renowned temples and modernistic eateries and bars. When you book a hotel tucked away in a locale like Chinatown, you are able to explore the precinctís rich history which dates back to the year 1843 and enjoy the nightlife at the plethora of bars and restaurants available.†

2. Plan Your Staycation Off Season†

Planning your staycation during the off-peak season might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to planning a cheap staycation in Singapore. In fact, this is the usual advice when it comes to planning overseas travel. When you travel, or in this case plan your staycations off-season, you are able to get your hotel room at a much more affordable rate compared to booking a room during busy periods such as school holidays or during festive seasons. Furthermore, when you book off-season, you are assured a much quieter and more serene staycation experience since much of the Singaporean population remains at work or school. Imagine having the whole hotel to yourself! Now thatís one staycation experience that you wonít soon forget.†

3. Book A Staycation At Co-living Hotels†

Another way to arrange a cheap staycation in Singapore is to book a staycation at a co-living hotel. But what exactly is a co-living hotel? As the name suggests, a co-living hotel involves persons staying together in a shared space. This is far from a new concept. Weíve all heard about flat-sharing in which students or young professionals bunk together to keep their cost of living at a minimum. Similarly, co-living hotels can be a great way to plan a cheap staycation in Singapore without breaking the bank.†

One of the newest co-living hotels to open up in Singapore is situated in Chinatown. Launched by Katrina Group, the hotel, ST Signature Chinatown is one of the latest co-living hotels to pop up in the city. With plans to launch more co-living hotels in the country, it is a great way to enjoy a staycation while on a fixed budget.†

†4. Remember What Makes A Staycation Meaningful!†

When it comes to staycations, we might think that we need to splurge on expensive accommodations and activities. Itís important to keep in mind the role of a staycation. Staycations are meant to draw us away from the mundane nature of daily life so that we can enjoy the company of our loved ones and explore the sights and sounds of Singapore. Itís always key to remember that a good staycation is not determined by how expensive or luxurious a hotel is or whether you have planned enough activities. The best thing about a staycation is the memories made with† loved ones and the opportunity to kick back and relax in a cosy hotel room.†

Plan A Cheap Staycation In Singapore!

Book a cheap staycation in Singapore by following these simple tips and tricks. Remember that for a staycation to be successful, the hotel does not need to be luxurious nor do you have to worry about planning your activity schedule perfectly. Sometimes, the best staycations happen when you enjoy the company of your travel companions or when you network with a fellow traveller when you plan a† staycation at a co-living hotel.†