5 Reasons To Pack Up and Move To The Gold Coast

Beautiful beaches with some of the best surf worldwide, bustling cityscapes, and scenic nature wherever you look, the Gold Coast seems to have it all. Which is probably why it has been dubbed as one of the most desirable places to live. 

If you are thinking about a change of scenery after being locked down by the recent pandemic and have been looking into the Gold Coast, you are definitely on the right track! 

We have put together some of the most outstanding reasons to love and live in this place in order to sway you for your big life-changing move. 

So without further ado, here are our top five reasons to grab your bags and make a move to the Gold Coast: 

1. The Nature 

The best thing about living in a bustling city is being able to escape it in no time and dwell in nature to restore your body and mind for a bit. The Gold Coast offers you exactly that. Some of the world’s most scenic nature, right in your backyard! 

We are not surprised that people flock from any corner of the world to come and paddle out to catch a wave in this place! 

It’s Surfer’s Paradise, and not just the name, but quite literally the entire stretch of 57km beach along the Gold Coast is a dream come true for ocean lovers, romantic beach walk enthusiasts and anyone that just enjoys some scenic nature to be honest. 

On top of that, you can expect some incredible public parks and forests to meander around in. Especially the Tambourine National Park or Gondwana Rainforest are not to be missed – it’s the world’s largest subtropical rainforest! 


2. The People 

Think palm trees, ocean breeze, calming forests and lively parks. Now think of how that would make you feel. Relaxed and happy, right? That is exactly what to expect from Gold Coast residents’ behaviour. 

Life here takes a really laid back approach, and everybody is chatty and friendly, like there isn’t a single worry in the world. You can definitely be sure to make some friends here in no time. 

On top of that, newbies aren’t an irregularity here. About every third person living in the Gold Coast has been born overseas! Expect a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds and, with that, a vibrant and open-minded community. 


3. The Lifestyle 

Speaking of vibrance – the Gold Coast offers a lavish nightlife with pubs and nightclubs as well as incredible restaurants embodying the city’s vast cultural heritage. 

You can be sure to find a place for every palate, pastime preference and musical appetite. 

Culturally the city provides plenty of theatres and art spaces to get inspired and admire some of the more creative minds and makes. 

Thanks to the great network of reliable public transport, getting around to all of these attractions really isn’t an issue either. You might not even need a car, depending on where you would be staying. 


4. The Opportunities 

Gold Coast

Australia’s sixth-largest city is currently experiencing a development boom and an influx of residents escaping the mega-cities such as Sydney and Melbourne who are looking for a more laid-back lifestyle after the pandemic and its impact on our work-life balance. 

A lot of industries, such as medical, tourism, education and hospitality, are currently experiencing a proper employment boom, which is why finding your potential dream job is also one step closer with a move to the Gold Coast. 

With Brisbane just around the corner, you have two bustling cities offering employment and free-time opportunities en masse. And you can expect it to only become better. 


5. The Affordability 

Apart from inexpensive public transport and ample budget as well as free pastime activities on offer, this place is truly a mecca for everyone that wants to save a buck or two. 

Especially in terms of housing, the Gold Coast still offers true value for money, especially compared to other major Australian cities. But also the general cost of living is way lower compared to Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. 


Amazing social lifestyle, mild and sunny climate all year round, and a myriad of opportunities right on your doorstep – the Gold Coast really does seem like the place to be. 

If this guide has persuaded you to be bold and make a move, be sure to check out house and land packages on the Gold Coast to find your dream home that matches your new golden life.