Who Is The Biggest Sweet Tooth in All of Sports?

A ranking of the most famous athletes to ever have a sweet tooth. See? They are just like us!

1) Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Antonio Brown and his new Skittles vending machine!

Skittles has deemed Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the next Marshawn Lynch. They gave him a huge Skittles vending machine in his house, making him the newest and best sweet tooth in the NFL. I am sure we will have a TV spot on the way.

It’s hard to follow Beastmode’s love of the rainbow candy, but if anyone can do it, surely AB can. He’s already proved himself to be one of the most electric and charismatic players on the field. Maybe the Skittles off the field have been helping him with all of that.

2) Marshawn Lynch

Beastmode Marshawn Lynch Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Marshawn Lynch AKA ‘Skittles’

Marshawn Lych (aka ‘Beastmode’) also had the unofficial nickname of ‘Skittles’ in his time with the Seattle Seahawks. They would throw them on the field when he scored because of the man’s very famous sweet tooth.

And retirement hasn’t stopped him from consuming the sugary stuff. He is now such a legend in the confectionary world that he has his own line of candy bars from It’Sugar.

His spot in the limelight on the football field may be over, he is still as relevant as ever in the hearts of candy addicts across the world.

3) James Harden

Trolli Weird Beards Sweet Tooth Review
Trolli Weird Beards is James Harden’s own candy

James Harden is known for a lot more than his beard. The Houston Rocket recently professed himself a candy junkie with a collaboration with Trolli. The creation the “Weird Beards” are the first time I can think where an athlete has had his own line of candy, which makes him an innovator and certified sweet tooth!

4) Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose Skittles Sweet Tooth Review
Skittles strikes again with the vending machine.

NBA MVP (and new New York Knick) Derrick Rose is known for many things – but being a recovering candy addict is not usually one of them.

“I’ll be having binges where I’ll just eat tons and tons of candy,” Rose said in 2010. “I could go without eating candy for like two weeks, but right when I [have] the first taste of candy in a day, I’ll go through like two pounds of candy. For real, like two pounds.” You and me both, Derrick!

Oh, Skittles gave him a machine of his own too. It seems like they do that a lot…

5) Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Sweet Tooth Review
Dwight Howard sure does love sugar. Just look at that smile!

One of nutritionist famously said that Dwight Howard was consuming the equivalant of 24 candy bars a day in his time as a Los Angeles Laker. Since then, Howard has gotten back in shape, and has stopped (or at least cut down) his sugar consumption. However he still ranks among one of the biggest sweet tooth’s ever on volume alone. You know sugar is a problem when your doctor has to intervene!

Chewy Lemonhead: Berry Awesome

Lemondhead Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemondhead Berry Awesome

Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome

I have very fond memories of Lemonheads. They used to sell them on the ballfield where I played on in Little League. They appeal was that they were extremely cheap (something like a quarter) and made for a good post-game treat.

For those who don’t know much about their original candy, it’s a very simple one – Lemonheads are kind of like a lemon rock candy on the inside with a softer coating on the outside that is almost waxy. They are a bright yellow, of course. If I am still not getting the message across, it is like a jawbreaker about the size of an M&M that you can actually chew on.

Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome

When I saw these Chewy Lemonheads in the store therefore, I was immediately interested. The entire appeal was that they were not “chewy”. And also as you may have noticed from the name they were supposed to be lemon.

Obviously the Lemondhead brand has felt the need to branch out and make some other candies – while keeping their same branding. I will admit that having a brand called Lemonhead does limit to a certain extent, so the effort is there. And for continuity sake one of the flavors is Cherry Lemon – there you go!

Chewy Lemonheads Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome flavors

All the flavors of Chewy Lemonhead: Berry Awesome are as follows:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry-Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Wild Berry
  • Red Raspberry

Note: the red ones are really hard to tell apart! None of them are super great, but I really did like the cherry-lemon – glad to see that they are least sticking with that.

Everything else feels like a deviation gone wrong. Honestly, these are just jelly beans at the end of the day, and there’s better ones out there. They have the same consistency and the same candy coating as Starburst Jelly Beans for example. That makes the whole experiment a bit of a disappointment for Lemonhead.

I still hold a special place in my heart for Lemonhead, but I can’t imagine these Chewy ones in particular will once the box is gone.


Trolli Sour Brite Blasts

Trolli Sour Blasts

Trolli Sour Brite Blasts

Trolli Sour Brite Blasts

I find it hard to write an inspired review for any Trolli candy. They have been making consistently good candy for a long time, but just nothing that ever blows me away. Their famous Worms are good enough, but they don’t crack my list of favorite candies and they aren’t something I often seek out. All that being said, Sour Brite Blasts  are the closest I’ve come to being genuinely impressed with a Trolli candy

The pack doesn’t have too much substance (meaning they skimp a little on the number of pieces), but that is right around where my complaints end. I suppose I should start by explaining the name. The candy is a cube-shaped gummy with insides are filled with a different flavored “juice”. So when you bite into the candy the juices/gel blasts out – get it? The juices are where the candy gets a lot of its sour from, as the sugar coating falls off pretty easily and it’s pretty thin to begin with. The ratio of blast to gummy is reasonable too. They aren’t overfilled but some pieces could definitely use a little more juice.

The flavors are as follows:

  • Strawberry-Mango
  • Apple-Watermelon
  • Cherry-Lime
  • Raspberry-Lemon
Trolli Sour Brite Blasts flavors
Trolli Sour Brite Blasts

All of them are amazing. Credit to Trolli for finding some good and unique pairings here, especially Apple Watermelon. That one is a stand out! The color of the candies really pop too. The fact that they are bright cubes makes them look like Legos; I’m going to try and build a sour house with them next time.

Give them a try and let me know what you think. I don’t imagine this will be anyone’s favorite candy, but it will certainly make a good road trip snack for sour lovers. They are not too messy and the flavors are amazing. If you see them, swoop them up!

Trolli Sour Brite Blasts
Trolli Sour Brite Blasts flavors

BeastMode Chocolate – Marshawn Lynch’s New Candy Brand

BeastMode Chocolate bars
BeastMode Chocolate

BeastMode Chocolate

As you know, I’m a huge fan of athlete and candy crossovers – just see my review of James Harden’s Trolli Weird Beards.

And luckily for me, my favorite athletes keep getting their own candy. This time it’s Marshawn Lynch beloved running back of the Seattle Seahawks (which happens to be my favorite team). What makes Marshawn’s crossover better is that he didn’t just get his own candy; he started  his own brand of candy.

BeastMode Chocolate gets it name from one of Marshawn’s many famous nicknames – Beastmode. But anyone who has followed his career also knows his other one – ‘Skittles’.

That’s because the man was a Skittles maniac. He ate them on the sidelines, fans would throw them onto the field when he scored, and Skittles even made him an official spokesman back in the day. Marshawn Lynch loves sweets, and he isn’t shy about showing it.

BeastMode Chocolate bars
In order: P-Nut Butter Pretzel, Smores Bar N Milk, Mint Kookie N Milk

So the branding here is absolutely perfect. I kind of wish it had been a sweeter candy, but I was just as excited for his chocolate. He has joined with It’Sugar to distribute his line of candy bars online and I assume in their stores across the US. They’re a little on the pricier side, but I just had to have them. I’m happy to support Beastmode in his post-football endeavors – plus I trust the man when it comes to sweets. There’s 3 flavors so far:

  • Mint Kookie N Milk
    • What I would describe as a better version of an Andes Mint. It has some cookie crunch, but mostly tastes like an average milk chocolate bar with a little hint of mint (3/5)
BeastMode Mint Kookie N Milk
Mint Kookie N Milk
  • Smores Bar N Milk
    • Again, the flavor just isn’t there. It’s a milk chocolate bar with sparse marshmallow chunks throughout. It even looks the same as the mint one (2/5)
Beastmode Smores Bar N Milk
Smores Bar N Milk
  • P-Nut Butter Pretzel
    • By far the best one. It’s unique, delicious, and the only one I would go out of my way to find again. For one it is dark chocolate. Then, the inside has the appearance of a peanut butter fill, but it’s solid instead of creamy. The pretzel in scattered throughout packs a good salty taste that goes with the rest of the bar (4/5)
BeastMode P-Nut Butter Pretzel
P-Nut Butter Pretzel

Overall, the brand needs some improvement, but that will come with time. It doesn’t have the mass appeal it needs yet to make the candy anything more than niche, but it’s worth a try for any football and chocolate fans. All Hawks must give it a try too, as the bars are produced by the Seattle Chocolate Company!


Hi-Chew Bites: Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

For my latest review, I’m operating under the assumption that you’ve tried them already and realize they are awesome. The post will decide which flavor is better: Mango & Orange or Grape & Strawberry.

Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

Hi-Chew Bites

The battle for Hi-Chew supremacy

Now on paper, the battle may seem a little one-sided. Mango and Orange are the clear underdogs in this scenario. While mango is popular nowadays, I would still call it a polarizing flavor; you either love or you hate it. Orange on the other hand is one of the most boring flavors in existence. You can read more on my detest of orange in pretty much any of my reviews. Grape and Strawberry however are both unique, strongly flavored, fan-favorites.

But truth be told, Hi-Chew really excels with the flavors like mango and orange. Something about it. Now the candy itself isn’t as fun (you can have trouble telling which is an orange bite which is mango bite based off their colors), but the blend of the two is better than grape and strawberry. The latter doesn’t seem to work as a combination, and even the flavors by themselves are a little underwhelming. Anyone who has had the strawberry Hi-Chews plain can probably attest to this. The bag of strawberry and grape is definitely pretty though.

In conclusion, I’m going to have to award the 2016 Hi-Chew Bites trophy to: Orange & Mango. Congrats Orange & Mango; you made a great team.

Mixed both bags together

Now for the review of the candy, in general:

For those who haven’t had these yet, think of a smaller version of a Hi-Chew with just an outside that’s a little crispier – kind of like a Hi-Chew Skittle. If that sounds like something up your alley, I’m sure you are not alone. Starburst recently has done the same thing with their Starburst Bites.

However, what makes these more unique and, in my opinion, better is the fact that it’s a light candy-coating on the outside. It’s basically a soft Skittle with a delicious Hi-Chew inside. They are definitely a Hi-Chew candy, so don’t worry about them tasting different from anything that you are used to. It’s simply just another addition to the already strong brand. I highly recommend!


Chips Ahoy S’Mores

Chips Ahoy Smores
S’mores Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy! S’mores

Chips Ahoy! becomes the little brother of Oreo with an underwhelming attempt at the s’mores flavor

“Anything you can do, I can do better.” It’s a sentiment that has fueled rivalries since the dawn of time. However, in the cookie world at the moment, there’s an arms race: Chips Ahoy vs Oreo. Oreo was the first to start experimenting with new and exciting flavors. For the most part they have perfected it.

In the other corner you now have Chips Ahoy, a worthy opponent who has earned the right to be here. They’ve been providing cheap, but quality cookies to the public for years, and I have no complaints with their product. However, I don’t want to say they are knocking off what Oreo has been doing. But it’s hard not to see their experiments as a money-grab. It’s likely that the rest of the market sees it that way, too, as they don’t get nearly as much fame as the Oreo ones. In fact, I reviewed S’mores Oreo long before I even knew about these–just a tad late there, Chips Ahoy!

Now much of my opinion of the S’mores Chips Ahoy would change if they were actually delicious. Unfortunately, my first box of their “flavored” cookies left me largely disappointed.

Smores Chip Ahoy
Just a cookie. Not a S’more.

This ends up tasting like a chocolate cookie with some chocolate filling. You can barely taste the marshmallow, which makes the whole S’mores label very misleading. There’s indeed some white chocolate chips in there, but unless you are really looking for the marshmallow flavor, it goes unnoticed.

Smores Chips Ahoy
A look inside.

They would have been much better off having the filling be the marshmallow flavor. A combination of both even would have been more ideal. Maybe then the cookie would have also looked like an actual S’more instead of just coming off as a cookie with black and white chocolate chips.

I can attest that Chips Ahoy brings their consistency to the table here, but this experiment doesn’t do it for me. I have faith that other flavors will be better. I certainly hope so, otherwise Oreo will soon wipe all competition from the cookie world.


Blueberry Pie Oreo

Oreo Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie Oreo

Blueberry Pie Oreo

Future classic? I’m not so sure, but the Blueberry Pie Oreo proves that Oreo still has some creative juice left in the tank.

The Oreo flavors started as crazy as possible to get attention. However, the new iterations have toned down the wildness for more conventional and granted, more delicious flavors. I previously reviewed Red Velvet Oreos, which I found to be a wonderful treat because they weren’t trying to do too much. The same applies to the S’mores Oreo and of course, the now famous Cookies N Creme Oreo. There’s very little risk involved with any of those flavors; they appeal to the masses as they are popular flavors even without the Oreo brand attached. There’s talk that Oreo has run out of ideas. Thankfully the Blueberry Pie Oreo proves me wrong.

Blueberry Pie Oreo
A good looking cookie!

The thing about the this flavor is that it’s unlike anything out there. It doesn’t take an already established flavor (that would be in a standard ice cream for example) and put it into the Oreo filling. Instead, the Blueberry Pie Oreo becomes its own thing. Rarely is blueberry utilized as a flavor–let alone something as specific as blueberry PIE! And it backs it up, too. It’s amazingly delicious and delivers on its promises as being blueberry pie flavored. You really get hints of both. A bit of a warning, the blueberry is quite strong. If you don’t like that taste, you will probably not like these. However, for those who do, I can guarantee these will be one of your new favorite snacks!

Blueberry Pie Oreo
Blueberry Pie frosting

What makes them so unique, other than their taste, is the actual look of the Oreo. The Blueberry Pie flavor uses the white cookie with a cool blueish-purple frosting. I would go as far as to say that the color of frosting is beautiful. It doesn’t mimic the look of an actual blueberry pie, but it’s super unique.

That’s really what this cookie has going for –its originality. It proves that there is indeed room for the Oreo brand to grow, and many directions it can take for its upcoming flavors.


Trolli Weird Beards (James Harden Candy)

James Harden Trolli Weird Beards
Trolli Weird Beards (aka the James Harden candy)

Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards – James Harden Edition

James Harden’s ‘Weird Beards” are a great candy for any basketball-fan. A perfect collaboration, but not a perfect candy.

For whatever reason, NBA players love candy. Famously, Lamar Odom was known for having an assistant who had to stock his van with candy each day (he was dubbed the “Candy Man” by his Lakers teammates). Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard both had nutritionists tell them that they had to cut back on their candy consumption (Dwight was allegedly eating the equivalent of 24 Hershey’s bars a day during his time with the Lakers). I recently listened to a podcast with Jimmy Butler, too, where he told Bill Simmons that he was a recovering candy addict.

NBA players: they’re just like us!

Adding to that list is now James Harden, who is the first basketball player (to my knowledge) to have his own signature brand of candy. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a lefty shooting guard for the Houston Rockets (formerly of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but let’s not get into that). Outside of the basketball world, he is probably best known for his beard.

Recently, with help from that beard, he’s branded himself as being “different” than your average NBA player. With his recent Adidas commercial, he claims that “creators never follow“. In a Taco Bell promotion for the Breakfast Crunchwrap he was a breakfast defector, someone who does not settle for a “normal” fast-food breakfast. He prides himself on his quirkiness; in James’s world, it’s the weird way or the highway.

So you can see how this cross-promotion works perfectly for his image.

James Harden Gummy Candy
Weird Beards flavors

The candy has a fun design that keeps with Trolli’s signature two-tone flavors. Just like with a Trolli Worm for example, each Weird Beard is divided in half. Each piece is James Harden’s likeness, with his beard accounting for one flavor and his face accounting for the other. There are the standard Trolli flavors within in the pack–pink & blue (strawberry and raspberry), orange & green (orange and lime), and red & yellow (cherry and lemon). The red and yellow is funny because that’s actually the colors of his current team, the Houston Rockets. Pink & blue continues to be the MVP of the bunch, but I found myself liking red & yellow for a change. I had forgotten how solid that flavor combination is.

Weird Beards Flavors
Pink and Blue Beard
Weird Beards Flavors
Orange and Green Beard
James Harden Weird Beards Flavors
Red and Yellow Beard

What is nice is that the Weird Beards are big, too; I would say they’re about the size of a quarter, maybe a little larger. They taste like any other Trolli candy (they are gummy candy covered in sugar for those of you who don’t know). That being said, I wish they had taken a little more risk with the flavors, especially since they are marketed as “weird beards”. I think something really crazy like guava or pineapple could have fit with Harden’s branding a bit more.

But all around, there’s no complaints from me. The allure comes from it being a candy made exclusively for an NBA superstar. Plus, it incorporates two of  my favorite things into one–basketball and candy. It’s not noticeably different from any other Trolli candy on the market, but it sure is fun to have these around.


S’mores Oreo

Smores Oreo
S’mores Oreo

S’mores Oreo

A rather bland take on a summer, campfire classic.

My second Oreo review. With a new wild flavor popping up seemingly every week, it really is hard to keep up. And if I really wanted to review them all, I would be buying a new pack of Oreos every week. That can’t be good for my health.

Smores Oreo
S’mores Oreo

But when I saw this pack, I knew I had to get them. S’mores are a summertime classic for me (as I’m sure they are for a lot of you). When I eat a S’more I think of a bonfire on the beach. You may think of a family camping trip you took when you were a kid. S’mores are a very nostalgic treat. The beauty is in their simplicity. Graham cracker, chocolate and a marshmallow–that’s it.

So for this pack, I only thought it was right to share them with my office and see what the coworkers had to say. Here’s some of the feedback I got:

  • “Okay, these Oreos remind me of the graham cracker snacked that you dipped in frosting from the late 90s [Dunkaroos]. Good with coffee though
  • “I want to eat all the Oreos. I wish I hadn’t had the first one. It’s ruined me”
  • “Do you remember Ritz Bits S’mores? These taste exactly like them!”
Smores Oreos
S’mores Oreos

Some brilliant observations here. I agree with what everyone at my office had to say. However, the second statement is always true of Oreos: you always want to eat them all regardless if they are any good.

My honest opinion is that S’mores Oreo tasted too much like an Uh-Oh Oreo (chocolate on the inside, white cookie on the outside). There’s a hint of marshmallow, but the chocolate is a little overpowering.  It ends up tasting very little like an actual S’more, which seems odd since the original recipe is so simple. I reviewed the Red Velvet Oreos a few months back and what blew me away about them was how much they tasted like a red velvet cake. And that one was probably much more complicated to recreate.

The outside definitely tastes like a graham cracker; they certainly captured that well. But the rest of the Oreo can’t help but feel disappointing. Let’s put it this way: when I ate these Oreos, I wasn’t suddenly transported to a campfire or to a bonfire on the beach. Oreo didn’t capture the magic and taste of what makes a S’more so great, and that is why, unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me.


Also, a definite missed opportunity here by Oreo: how can these not be called S’mOreos?

Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours
A bag of Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours

An interesting twist for the Hi-Chew brand that pays off brilliantly

What an amazing find. I usually find the individually wrapped Hi-Chew Tropical Mix at my local Daiso store. That version is always there, but the bag has a banana flavor that I really do not like (a rant for another review). However after a recent visit, I saw they had a new addition to the aisle on top of the tropical bag–Sour Hi-Chews.

I instinctively bought as many bags as I could, as I knew they were made just for me. I opened them in the car. Needless to say, the whole bag was gone by the time I arrived home. I won’t disclose how long (or short) the car-ride was.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hi-Chew, it’s a Japanese candy brand. It’s American comparison is most obviously Starburst. Instead of squares though, Hi-Chews are more rectangular but are about the same size in volume (if I had to guess Hi-Chews are a little bigger). Think “Starburst log” and you have a Hi-Chew.

Naturally, as you may have gathered from the name, they are also chewier than Starburst too. A candy like this probably isn’t recommended for anyone with fillings. The average piece probably takes on average 30 seconds to chew and swallow. However, the chewiness is not at all stale; in fact, there’s a softness to all Hi-Chew that make them superior to Starburst in my opinion.

It certainly helps that their flavors are also both distinct and authentic. I can’t think of a single flavor that they don’t do well. Each one is juicy and delicious.

A normal pack of Hi-Chews comes in a sleeve of one flavor. However these individually-wrapped Hi-Chew bags always come in a pack of about 15 or so with three flavors. The flavors are usually evenly distributed but sometimes you will get unlucky with a pack that is unfairly loaded–it’s just the luck of the draw really.

Hi-Chew Sours Flavors
Hi-Chew Sours Flavors

As for the Sour bag of Hi-Chew, the 3 flavors are ranked as follows:

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Lemon
  3. Lime

Grapefruit is a super unique flavor that you don’t see executed well that often. Of course, Hi-Chew pulls it off by making it more sour than bitter. That being said, you still get that bitter quality of a grapefruit in candy form–I really don’t know how they do it.

The lemon flavor is zesty, while the lime definitely disappoints. It’s almost as if they toned down the sourness of an actual lime to make the flavor more tame and manageable. Unfortunately, that scaling back really takes away from the flavor overall to point where it’s almost bland.

Ultimately, the 3 flavors together come together to become one of new favorite candies. I can’t recommend these enough for sour-lovers and Hi-Chew lovers. The Grapefruit flavored one is really something special!


P.S. Here’s a little note for you all who haven’t eaten these individually wrapped Hi-Chews before: You can squeeze one of end of the wrap and essentially “pop” the candy into your mouth. The wrappers are pretty filmsy, so you won’t struggle if you want to open them one by one normally, but this a quick and efficient way to eat these kind of packs (even though it may be a little annoying to others)!