What is the Airheads White Mystery Flavor?

What’s the Airheads White Mystery Flavor?

Seriously, what is the Airheads Mystery Flavor?

I recently went to 7-Eleven and found Airheads Bites in all white mystery flavor. It was awesome. But it got me to thinking…

My coworkers were also perplexed: what exactly was the white mystery flavor?

I remember my friends and I would argue about it when we were kids. We never really came to an agreement.

So I had to get to the bottom of this…

And I did!

Airheads Bites White Mystery Flavor

After all these years, we finally know what it is…

You don’t need to buy college essays online to find out the truth. It’s actually a combination of all the leftovers from the Airheads factory.

It makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I have a mystery flavor and it tastes like cherry. Another time it tastes like watermelon. I can never really pinpoint what the flavor really is.

For that reason, it’s not all that shocking to find out that the Mystery Flavor varies from batch to batch depending on what exactly the leftovers are.

With not enough blue raspberry for a full run (for example), they’ll just throw it into a batch with all the other flavors. It’s genius if you really think about it.

A similar technique is used for Dum Dums. When one batch finishes, its flavors will often mix into the beginning of the next batch. The company simply packages the dual-flavor pops as “mystery” flavored.

Why is it white?

Another thing to consider is that Airheads are naturally colorless. The dyes are added after the fact depending on the flavor it is.

The Mystery Flavor is white because they decided to not add any of the artificial colors to the new concoction. Another awesome wrinkle that makes this idea so great.

Really, the Airheads White Mystery Flavor has been debated on playgrounds for years now.

That’s really what makes this such a fun candy innovation.

And after learning the history of all this, I’m even more into this delicious flavor than before!

What do you think of this flavor?

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