What is the Airheads White Mystery Flavor?

What’s the Airheads White Mystery Flavor?

Mystery foods are a bit of flashy marketing, and of course they sell themselves on the twin temptations of sugar and secrecy. There are mystery flavors like Dum Dums, Fruit Roll-Ups, Mountain Dew, and more. But before this came the White Mystery Airhead. Released in 1993, Mystery Airheads has been confusing candy fans for 25 years. Over the years, they’ve remained a pop culture phenomenon and even introduced the Airheads White Mystery and Airheads Bites, which is as baffling to the taste buds as its candy inspiration.

White Mystery Airheads manipulate the way our senses interact, clouding our judgment of taste. Our perception of taste depends in part on visual cues such as color. This is why, in blind taste tests, some people think all Skittles taste the same. Without color to guide individual candy flavors, tasters may not recognize the familiar flavors they previously had.

The lesson of Skittles is that you don’t need to invent new flavors to confuse consumers. Just take a flavor you already have and disguise it. This is actually the base of Mystery Airheads, a combination of other Airheads scents.

What is the ‘mystery’ behind the Airheads mystery flavor

Here’s some good news for the lovers of Airheads mystery flavor – the new XTEND X Airheads collaboration is making a comeback! The new flavors that are raging the market are – Blue, Cherry, and Razz. The White Mystery Flavor has always been a crowd favourite, and with zero carbs and sugar, you have the best of the taste at your disposal! However, the question remains: What is the key to this delicious mystery flavor? Also, how is it that every time the flavor varies? You’d be surprised as we unveil the secrets for you – 

Why is the Airheads mystery flavor so popular? 

Have you ever heard that factory leftovers could be blended to taste heavenly? That’s precisely what Airheads mystery flavor brought forth. For the unversed, the ‘mystery’ flavor is a mish-mash of several flavors that have been leftover (or are part of the factory scrap). The chewy candies have been popular since 1985, but the shaded strips have numerous fruity tastes.

What is more interesting is – every flavor differs from the other since there is no fixed set of tangs that are used for each of these candies. The flavourings depend on – whatever scrap material is available and varies from one candy to another. 

Additionally, these candies are – chewy in nature with a relishing fruity taste. Also, there are a host of flavors that are regularly launched and widely available in supermarkets and corner stores – 24×7. 

What has it been kept an unknown flavor?

For everyone wondering why the Airheads mystery flavor has been kept a secret, here’s the reason – heightening the consumer’s interest. Apart from that – it is an insider’s secret (this mystery flavour saves the company a bunch of investment cash and also prevents the extra flavored toffees from being thrown out.) 

Since it is a mixture of leftover flavors, the factory does not need to close down its machines before they shift flavors. Naturally, with the investments comparatively lower, the cost and the profit margin have been kept at the same bar. This has also raised its popularity over the years as one of the most affordable chewy toffies that you could get over the counter at your fave corner street. 

Did you know this about the White mystery airheads? 

The White mystery airheads has an anecdote attached to it since 1985. Back then, the Director Of Marketing at Perfetti Van Melle was Steve Bruner, the inventor of Airheads. From the concept to the appearance – every facet was streamlined by Bruner while he was working in the manufacturer’s Kentucky Office. 

As far as the concept of Airheads mystery flavor is concerned, Matt Fenton (who was the Assistant Brand Manager of Airheads at that time) was inspired by a youngster’s letter. The idea was to create a mystery taste that would enthral the kids. 

In fact, after he curated the whole mystery airheads taffy, he went ahead with a sample testing at one of the schools. Students there preferred the recently curated ‘mystery toffee’ over the fruit punch that was simultaneously sampled. 

With that done – the mystery flavor finally reached the market in 1993, and it was a super hit in the very first instance. 

How did the Airheads name about? 

To the fans of Airheads mystery flavor candies, this question might be normal – how did this name originate? Like its mystery flavors development, there’s another anecdote behind this name. Again, the man behind this quirky name currently holds the numero uno position of a non-chocolaty confectioner in the USA. 

While discussing the prospect of naming a new candy with his son, he suggested that Steve should name it after some people who did silly things. Amongst a host of names, Airheads sounded the best, and thus, the name originated. 

It could be multiple flavors of airhead mystery flavour

Standard Airheads flavors are strawberry, cherry, orange, grape, green apple, and blue raspberry. White Mystery Airhead is created by combining these flavors. Typically, airheads are colored to taste using a combination of Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 6, and Yellow 5 dyes. The colors in all Airheads candies are artificial, so removing them from the recipe will leave the product bright white.

White Mystery Airheads perfumes do not have a consistent formula. This changes from one group to the next as part of a smart, cost-saving move by the manufacturer. Rather than stopping the assembly line and cleaning all the equipment between batches of different flavors, they keep all the equipment running, causing a brief period of time for new and old flavors to combine.

The mixed flavors are used to make Mystery Airheads, which is also the method used to make Mystery Flavored Dum Dum.

Which are the top flavors that are raging the market? 

Currently, a handful of flavors are rocking the market – Airheads chewy fruit candy bars, Airheads Bites Fruits flavor, and Airheads Xtremes Sweet-Sour candy flavor. 

Wrapping up 

If you are one of those who have always enjoyed the Airheads mystery flavor candies but never bothered much to figure out the specifics behind the name – you know the same now. With a range of flavors and textures, you will find a toffee that suits all your taste buds. Visit your local corner shop and pick out the flavors that are currently raging the market.