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Airheads Bites Fruit Reviews 2022

AirHeads Bites are a new product being handed out at Sweets and Snacks. We used to sell AirHeads as a fundraiser when I was in grade school, and I have nostalgic memories of tearing up AirHeads, wrapping the bits around my fingers, and licking my fingers until I was a sticky, sweet mess. Man, I was a gross kid…

AirHeads Bites

If you’re unfamiliar with regular AirHeads, they’re flat strips of fruit-flavored chewy candy in a variety of flavors. My favorite was White Mystery, a sweet and tart citrusy flavor. Cybele’s got a review, if you want more detail.

AirHeads Bites turned out to be flatted balls of candies slightly smaller in diameter than a Mentos (they’re made by the same company). Because of that similarity, I expected these to have a hard shell, as Mentos do.

AirHeads Bites

Instead, the outermost layer was no different in texture than the rest of the treat, it was just smooth and shiny to start. That texture was just as if you’d balled up a bit of regular AirHead: a grainy chew with no stickiness.

AirHeads Bites came in five flavors: cherry, orange, lemon, watermelon, and blue raspberry.

Cherry (red) tasted like a standard artificial cherry candy, sweet and red-fruity with a bit of a tannic cherry bite to it.

AirHeads Bites

Orange was a mild citrus with no tartness, while lemon (yellow) tasted like a Lemonhead and brought a little edge of tartness that hit the back of my throat.

AirHeads Bites

Watermelon (green) tasted just like watermelon candies, or barely at all like real watermelon. Here it was so juicy that it made me salivate and had sweet floral notes.

Finally, blue raspberry was the classic AirHead flavor, named after something not found in nature. It had a slightly seedy candied raspberry flavor.

AirHeads Bites

Airheads bites ingredients

There is nothing much in the ingredients of an Airheads, it is mainly sugar mixed with the desired flavor like cherry, orange, strawberry, watermelon. the flavors are also made in smaller sizes. So, there are so many verities and options available for people to buy candy.

Airheads bites taste different

As has been already discussed that there are so many flavors of this candy available in the market. you may get to enjoy the strawberry flavor or the watermelon flavor there is also blue raspberry and orange flavor available.

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The main marketing, selling, and purchasing of this candy started in Canada but then its distribution started in the USA and now it has been expanded up to the United Kingdom. So, you can buy these candies from the United Kingdom, the USA, or from Canada.

The conclusion?

These guys tasted just like their original AirHead counterparts but without the sticky mess, making them a much more portable version of the treat. I would’ve love these as a kid, but I think I’ve now outgrown AirHeads’ powerfully sweet and artificial flavors. An O.