improve air quality at your homes

How to Improve Mould-Infected Poor Air Quality?

Mould is a common indoor air pollutant, in addition to cigarette smoke, asbestos, and carbon monoxide. Such indoor air pollutants can gradually cause irritation in your eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Read on to find how to improve air quality at your homes and make it mould infected free.

Apart from negatively impacting your health and home structure, mould can also lead to some unseen problems, such as poor air quality of your home and other airborne contamination that can affect the health of the residents of the building. However, if the condition is left ignored for long, mould spores can spread into the air ducts and worsen the conditions.

Therefore, it is recommended that you get rid of mould immediately with the help of mould removal in Geelong. Their expert technicians can help eliminate the problem successfully.

Additionally, other ways to successfully improve air quality at your homes are.

Maintain proper ventilation

It is well known that mould reproduces at a faster rate in damp and poorly ventilated areas. Thus, ensuring a better airflow in your home is the best way to improve the air quality at your place. Keep the doors and windows open whenever possible to allow fresh air to continually enter your home and help remove the impurities in the already present mould-infected air.

Another alternative is installing a trickle ventilator, a device designed to offer a filtered flow of fresh air throughout your house. They can be easily installed to existing windows or doorways or even as a new vent.

Keep house plants

House plants are increasingly gaining popularity as they add to the aesthetic quality of your home. However, some house plants can actively help purify the mould- infested air by eliminating all the toxins and producing more oxygen.

Some plants are more effective in improving the air quality than others, including Bamboo Palms, English Ivy, Gerbera daisies, and Dwarf Dates. Therefore, it is recommended to consider these plants over the other aesthetically pleasing ones.

Regular maintenance of AC

Air conditioners play a vital role in determining the air quality by drying the air in your home. Most of the advanced air conditioners nowadays contain air filters that can absorb impurities from the air. Your air conditioner can also help keep the fresh air inside by circulation of air through the house. However, to ensure that the AC filters work at an optimum level, it is necessary that you schedule its regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance of AC

Maintain cleanliness at your house

Furniture, bed sheets, curtains, and other home furnishings often are home to dust mites and sometimes even mould, which can significantly impact air quality.

Therefore, keeping your house clean can help keep mould under control and air quality in good condition.


So, if you struggle to maintain the good air quality in your home, you should follow these steps or call for a home air quality inspection by professionals. They are experts in conducting a thorough assessment that can help you identify the underlying problems, and you can follow the right solutions as suggested by them.