Healthy Dunkin Drinks: What Healthy Items Can You Order Here?

Healthy Dunkin Drinks: What Healthy Items Can You Order Here?

A shot of caffeine is the best way to start your day, and in America, Dunkin Donuts drinks are the solution. Established in 1950, it is one of the oldest and most popular coffee chains in America, now functioning in several parts of the world. However, not all the items on their menu fall under the category of healthy Dunkin drinks.

While caffeine solves the requirement of an early morning energy booster, sugar will lead to sluggishness. So, you have to stay away from syrupy drinks even if they look more tempting than healthy Dunkin drinks.

To be sure about your choice, the best option is to go through the nutritional facts of each of the items at Dunkin Donuts. Of course, there is no way that you will have so much time in the morning to check all of those details to order a coffee. So, we have done the research, and as you read further, knowing the healthy Dunkin drinks to order won’t be a problem.

You must try a donut at Dunkin Donuts before their health drinks

Which healthy Dunkin drinks should you order?

The Dunkin Donuts drive-thru is often quite busy during the peak hours of the morning. Therefore, knowing what to order means, you can save some time and reach work on time. Here is a list to help you differentiate between healthy Dunkin drinks and slightly unhealthy ones.

Healthy Dunkin Donuts drinks

Starting with the healthiest options at Dunkin, here is what you should ideally order as your morning drink.

Hot tea

While Dunkin Donuts is known majorly for its excellent coffee, the tea options here are equally good. Here is a classic item that can never go wrong, especially if you request a sugar-free option. Several people prefer to have tea over coffee in the morning because it is refreshing and highly beneficial.

A cup of tea contains antioxidants that improve immunity and also fight cancer-causing cells. The Dunkin sugar-free flavors under this category include chamomile, hibiscus, classic black, and more. Especially, a cup of chamomile tea from the healthy Dunkin drinks menu is the best option if you want to de-stress.


Whenever you are feeling confused, Cappuccino is the best option! The Cappuccino from this chain is one of the best low-calorie Dunkin drinks iced or steaming. It is a very simple blend of milk and espresso with a foamy topping. On the calorie scale, a Dunkin Donuts simple cappuccino is 120 with 10 grams of sugar. However, sugar is not an additional ingredient. It is just the natural sweetness of the milk.

Low-calorie Dunkin drinks iced green tea

A cup of iced tea is always super healthy and refreshing if you choose to have one of the Dunkin sugar-free flavors. The zero sugar green tea is one of the most popular items under low-calorie Dunkin drinks iced. Moreover, this drink is rich in antioxidants and contains not more than five calories with a good shot of caffeine. Besides, there are several other health benefits of green tea, including the improvement of heart health.

Skim milk hot latte

If you feel guilty about ordering a latte over an espresso, it’s time to get over it! When you order the skim milk hot latte from the Dunkin Donuts drinks menu, it only has about 100 calories. Foamy skim milk is quite a healthy option to blend with coffee and make it tastier. Just remember, if you want to keep it healthy, stay away from artificial sweeteners, syrups, and flavors.

Regular espresso

One of the best sellers under the healthy Dunkin drinks category is the regular espresso. While many people do not like the typically bitter taste of the drink, a regular espresso is very low on calories. Moreover, if you want yours with a shot of sugar or milk, the calorie level won’t go too high. The only point to keep in mind is not to go overboard with the sugar.

Donut with a hot beverage

Skim milk iced macchiato

A macchiato has recently started becoming more popular, especially for those who prefer their coffee less bitter. When you order a macchiato, you get a double shot of espresso blended with a single shot of milk. The healthy Dunkin drinks macchiato comes with the option of skim milk for a healthier version.

A medium Dunkin macchiato contains approximately 70 calories. Out of the total calorie count, there are 11 grams of sugar, the maximum of which is milk lactose. Therefore, you know the difference between a macchiato with corn syrup or refined sugars and one with skim milk.

Dunkin cold brew

If you feel sluggish in the morning, the classic cold brew from Dunkin is the best option. Mainly, if you choose the black one, which has zero lactose, it contains just 10 calories, zero sugar, and is relatively high on caffeine. Moreover, if you are sensitive to caffeine, even a medium serving of this item can give you all the jitters. Besides, in America, Dunkin offers one out of the ten best cold brews presently.

Iced coffee

If you are ordering your regular coffee with ice cubes in it because it is a summer evening, then you are slightly mistaken! You will be surprised to know that even a cup of steaming coffee can prove to be very refreshing.

Whatever it is, make sure that you stay away from added sugar or any of the Dunkin Donuts flavor shots that contain added sweeteners. Besides, the iced coffee from Dunkin is one of their bestsellers, and there is no doubt that you will like it too.

What are the unhealthy Dunkin Donuts Drinks options?

Apart from the ones mentioned above, certain Dunkin Donuts drinks are not very healthy. Here is a list:


It is a rich concoction of chocolate and coffee with heavy whipped cream on top. While the caffeine content in this drink is pretty low, the calorie count is very high at 350, with at least 40 grams of sugar in it.

Perfect cup of coffee

Frozen coffee

One of the unhealthiest drinks on the Dunkin menu is frozen coffee, and it contains almost 150 grams of sugar in every serving. Therefore, there is no point you will want to have a 900 calorie beverage early in the morning!

Almond hot chocolate

While this drink is quite festive and Christmassy, it is not preferable to choose such a sugary item when trying to be health-conscious. Not one of the healthy Dunkin drinks, this one is available in quite a few flavors. The Almond joy, salted caramel, and mint are some of the crowd-pleasers.


The Dunkin Donuts flavor shots calories under the coolatta category can go as high as 650. While these are available in some superb fruity flavors, the sugar content is not healthy.

Caramel hot latte

Of course, the thought of some classic caramel added to a steam hot cup of coffee is irresistible. However, if you are trying to keep sugar away from your life, the Dunkin caramel hot latte is not at all a good option.

This item consists of four to five different types of artificial sweeteners added to it that make 54 grams. Besides, the approximate total calorie count of a Dunkin caramel latte is at least 350kcal.

Dunkin Donuts smart menu is part of your healthy lifestyle

Being one of the most popular coffee chains globally, it is evident that Dunkin Donuts offers something for everyone. Therefore, it is no secret that ordering healthy items at any Dunkin outlet is not at all challenging. This section discusses some of the healthiest items you can order from the regular or smart menu at Dunkin Donuts.

Whole wheat bagel

Dunkin is one of the biggest bagel sellers in the country. Now, with the smart menu, you can choose the whole grain version over the regular one. Of course, a bagel, whether gluten-free or not, is relatively high in calories, but what’s more important is the nutritional value here.

Out of approximately 320 calories, the sugar content is very low, and 13 grams of protein is considered fair. Besides, one whole wheat bagel from Dunkin will meet at least 25% of your daily fiber requirement.

Bavarian crème donuts

Can a donut be healthy? Well, of course, it is usually on the moderate to high calorific scale, but when you switch to the smart menu, the sugar content is significantly less. For example, if you check the nutritional facts about the Bavarian crème donuts from Dunkin, each of these contains about 10 grams of sugar.

While you may think it is not one of the sugar-free items, it is at least relatively low, considering the donut is a greasy and fried item. Therefore, the best option to enjoy these incredible donuts is not to have these every day!

Multigrain oatmeal

There is no secret about the fact that oatmeal makes for an excellent healthy breakfast option. Therefore, Dunkin is offering a bowl full of multigrain oatmeal straight from their smart menu. A 50gram bowl of this delicious item contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber and protein. Moreover, an added dash of brown sugar gives that subtle sweetness making breakfast tastier.

If you are in the mood for something a little fancier, go for a topping of dried fruits and nuts. However, make sure to inform about any nut allergies beforehand. A bowl of multigrain oatmeal usually contains an assortment of nuts, including pecans, walnuts, and almonds.

Best Dunkin flavor shot

At Dunkin Donuts, you will come across two very common terms. One is a swirl, and the other is a shot, and both are in terms of flavor. It is first essential to understand the difference between these and then order either of them.

While a flavor swirl contains artificial sweetening, a flavor shot is devoid of it. Therefore, finding the best Dunkin flavor shot for a healthier version of your favorite drink is always wiser. The good news is that even some of the flavor swirls are available in shot versions.

English muffin

It is, unfortunately, one of the least popular items in the Dunkin smart menu. However, the taste of the crusty surface and the fresh bakery aroma is irresistible. The English muffins that you get at Dunkin come with a promise of 25% less fat, which is a relief!

While the items mentioned above are the most popular ones from the smart menu, several others are too. For example, you can try out the OG blueberry muffin or the cheese, egg, ham sandwich too.

Dunkin Donuts secret menu has surprises waiting for you

The Dunkin Donuts secret menu has always been quite underrated, and it is now time to give it recognition. Moreover, this menu consists of some of the most lip-smacking items you must try the next time you are at an outlet. Here is a little sneak-peek into the DD Secret menu.

Mocha hazelnut iced coffee

The name itself justifies the deliciousness of this beverage, and you will surely not be disappointed after trying this one. The super indulgent, sweet, and creamy drink is delicious without a second thought.

Toffee hot chocolate

Are you thinking of a snowy Christmas and a cup of silky hot chocolate? Well, this one has added deliciousness with a dash of toffee in it.

Cream and peaches

While coolattas are pretty popular at Dunkin, the cream and peach flavor is not. Give it a shot, and pass the message on!

Captain crunch

Another superb coolatta flavor, the crunchy crusher drink, is super sweet, zingy, and refreshing. While it is not a very healthy option, having one of these once in a while does no harm, right?

French vanilla toasted coffee

Toasted coffee has a superb aroma, and when blended with the sweet French vanilla flavor, it becomes irresistible!

Final thoughts

There remains no doubt that healthy Dunkin drinks are a reality, and the extensive menu has so much to offer. Besides, now that you know the items so generously, ordering your choice for the day is a matter of a few seconds only.