Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks – Your Favorite Coffee Made to Order

Healthy Dutch Bros Drinks – Your Favorite Coffee Made to Order

Coffee lovers believe that there is nothing like bad coffee. It is either good, worth remembering, or sensational, and here we are about to discuss Dutch Bros that is undoubtedly from the third category. In fact, for people living on and around the West Coast, it is a beverage euphoria. However, the debate here is whether or not it is easy to find a category of healthy Dutch Bros drinks.

While items like the Ba-nay-nay and the Birthday Cake Latte are the crowd favorites, they are high on sugar and carbs. If you check out the Dutch Bros menu, their popular vanilla latte comes with 200-240 calories.

The whole combination of ingredients in this one drink contains high amounts of fat and sugar. Moreover, this is only for small drink sizes because the bigger serving contains at least 300 calories.

If you are in a dilemma after reading the details, then there is good news. Now, you can choose healthy Dutch Bros drinks, but you need to know what to order.

How to be sure about ordering healthy Dutch Bros drinks?

The first point to keep in mind here is that the flavorings contain most of the unhealthy stuff. Therefore, you can choose the plain beverages from the Dutch Bros menu instead of the delicious-looking pomegranate or banana flavors. Besides, you must know that the drink that tastes like a banana does not contain the goodness of the fruit.

If you have just shifted from the fruity flavors and thinking of ordering the vanilla drink, then you are wrong once again. A single scoop of vanilla syrup measuring 10grams contains a double dose of sugar in it.

Now, if you are someone who prefers to walk the Espresso path over the latte one, this is undoubtedly a concern. However, there are special insider tips to tell you what alternative ingredients can turn regular beverages into healthy Dutch Bros drinks.

As you read further, there will be a section where you will get a glimpse of the Dutch Bros keto drinks too. For starters, you can try changing the choice of milk and go for dairy alternatives such as almond, coconut, or soy milk. Moreover, if you are looking for lesser sugar content, half and half are the best alternatives. If you want to get more details about what to choose, then an ounce of half and half contains .5 grams of sugar. However, an ounce of dairy alternative contains approximately 0.7 grams of sugar.

Healthy Dutch Bros drinks other than coffee

Of course, coffee is your first love, but why not try some other items from time to time. After all, the Dutch Bros menu is full of excellent choices. Moreover, if you choose to walk the low-calorie path, try out some of their smoothies and teas. Apart from these, the USP of this brand is their sugar free Dutch Bros rebel. The drink is unique, just like its name, because it is a concoction of any flavor with red bull.

If you prefer healthy Dutch Bros drinks, striking off syrup flavors from a DB Rebel drink is ideal. Coming to teas here, one of the healthiest is the honey blended iced tea. It is an incredibly refreshing drink when you are not in the mood for coffee. Moreover, the smoothies count as some of the best drinks at Dutch Bros.

The brand follows the Arizona style of smoothie making, and people love it a lot. In this type of smoothie, the ingredients are entirely natural, and there is no lactose addition to the item. It is the initiative of Dutch Bros to serve people who are trying to avoid lactose especially. Two of their crowd favorites include the wild berry smoothie and the green apple smoothie.

As you are now aware, there are several options for healthy Dutch Bros drinks. However, if you still want more, there is nothing to worry about. The best part is that all the classic Dutch Bros menu items are available in a 100% sugar free variety. The Dutch Bros Annihilator, chocolate mocha, white mocha, Cocomo, and Caramelizer are favorites under this category. Moreover, DB has sugar free types in strawberry, peach, raspberry, coconut, and more if you prefer fruity drinks.

Make some healthy choices with Dutch Bros Keto drinks

Keto is one of the most effective diet plans, as per experts, and many people are following it nowadays. Considering the trend, the special Dutch Bros keto drinks menu offers various options for health-conscious people. Here is a list of some tasty and healthy choices by your favorite Dutch Bros.

Sugar free Dutch Bros rebel

If you search for something beyond coffee, then the rebel from DB is a great energy drink. Moreover, you can choose from a small list of options here. For example, strawberries, white chocolate, and classic are some of the zero sugar options of a rebel.

Dutch Bros cold brew

One of the most versatile and popular items on the menu here is the Dutch Bros cold brew. The best part is that the drink is available in both the signature DB and keto versions. In the healthier version, you have to choose an alternative for the heavy whipping cream.

For that, you have a list of zero sugar syrups that include white chocolate and nutty macadamia. On the carbohydrate calculator, one serving of the delicious cold brew contains only 3 grams of carbs.

Café Au Lait Americano

A little higher on the carbohydrate calculator than the classic cold brew, it is not too bad if you choose the smaller serving. While the smallest serving contains 7 grams of carbs, the biggest one has 15 grams, and the one in the middle contains 10 grams of carbohydrates. The drink is simple and contains only two ingredients- steamed milk and coffee.

Classic Americano

The truest keto coffee of all, the Classic DB Americano, contains no carbohydrates at all. However, to make it keto-friendly, you will have to strike off the whipped cream addition. You can go hot or cold with this one depending on your mood for the day.

If you think it ends here, WAIT because there is more for you. The variety that Dutch Bros offers is truly incredible, and here is one more example.

The Dutch Bros Secret Menu for some extra magic

As you already know by now, Dutch Bros is much above just coffee. The DB chain based out of Oregon offers some of the most lip-smacking concoctions that you will get anywhere else. In this section, we will reveal the extra magic, which is, of course, the secret menu that they offer. However, if you are a regular DB customer, this menu is, of course, not a secret to you. Let’s check out what’s waiting for you here.

Snickerdoodle Breve

When you think of a famous Dutch Bros breve, this is the name that shoots in first. It is one of the most delectable cappuccino items that has half and half as an addition. The zero whole milk drink here makes for another one of the healthy Dutch Bros drinks. Moreover, the beverage contains all the goodness of white chocolate, cinnamon syrup, and yummy macadamia syrup.

Molten Lava Mocha

Cinnamon and chocolate is a classic combination of ingredients, and the Molten Lava Mocha by DB proves it yet again. Moreover, the blend of dark chocolate, some whipping cream, and the zing of cinnamon makes the taste more addictive. No wonder chocolate is a leader in the loss of the most favorite ingredients in the world.

White coffee cookie

Are you craving cookies, and it’s also time for some hot coffee? The Dutch Bros is now offering the most magical blend of two of the best things in the world. Now, don’t just have cookies by the side of your coffee because it is better when you put it into the drink itself. Moreover, the nuttiness of chocolate macadamia and smooth white chocolate makes this beverage nothing short of a celebration.


You read this name at the beginning of this article, and here it is in front of you. Ba-Nay-Na is one of the crowd favorites, and why not? There is no chance you will find a better blend of banana and dark chocolate anywhere else. Moreover, the toppings of silky chocolate syrup and whipped cream make it even more irresistible.

Gummy Bear drink

You can try this one as another sugar free Dutch Bros rebel. The Gummy Bear drink is all about fruity goodness. It is a blend of lime, kiwi, and white chocolate that makes for a very tropical yet warm drink.

The name comes from gummy bears’ toppings and the flavors in the drink that resemble the chewy candies. Available in two choices, blended and iced, it makes for a great summertime drink for all. While the syrups add a bit of carb, you can always opt for the zero sugar varieties to be guilt-free while you slurp down the drink.

Double Rainbro

Something that looks so good will taste better, and the Double Rainbro from the Dutch Bros proves it correct. It is a fantastic concoction of sweet peach fizz, strawberry syrup, and some coconut syrup. The best way to order this one is by requesting a shot of a classic rebel added to the drink. A summer afternoon and a serving of Double Rainbro from DB is a match made in heaven!

Palm Beach

Do you want some real magic? Well, here it is! The Palm Beach is a special drink from Dutch Bros available in different flavors such as peach, lemon, and more. However, that’s not it because they add some edible sparkle to the drink, making it look like it’s a starry night by the beach. Moreover, you can choose options for the base to be lemonade, soda, rebel, any tea, or a cold brew.

Birthday Cake Frosty

What if it is not your birthday? Every day is remarkable when you treat yourself to one of the goodies from your favorite Dutch Bros. The Birthday Cake Frosty is a celebration in itself. The flavors of a cake with the richness of chocolate and nuts, with sprinkles on top, everything reminds us of the special things on our birthdays. Besides, this item is a crowd-pleaser always!

Grasshopper Mocha

The name sounds weird for sure, but that’s what is attractive about a special menu because the taste is unpredictable till you choose to try it. Now, the Grasshopper Mocha is yet another classic combination of ingredients- chocolate and mint.

The delicious DB brew with a topping of whipped cream and a drizzle of mint syrup is all that you want in life right now! Moreover, the richness of chocolate and the zingy freshness from the mint will stay on your palette for a long time. Be rest assured that you will crave this again after you try it!

Golden Eagle

This item falls under the category of DB breves (a creamy variety of regular coffee). Moreover, it is one of the most classic items you will find on the menu, and weirdly there is no secret about this. Golden Eagle is a delicious drink that is very close to a caramel macchiato when it comes to taste.

You have options to choose from a variety of blended, iced, and cold. One thing that remains constant is that whatever you choose, deliciousness comes with it indeed. The concoction of vanilla and caramel was never so good before!

Final thoughts

Whether you are having a bad day or getting late for work, coffee can often fix all of it. Moreover, Dutch Bros has an extensive menu that can suit every mood, weather, and situation. So, why wait when you are no longer unaware of what you need to order?