Gift Ideas Expectant Mother

4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mother in Your Life

Do you have an expectant mother in your life and want to make a special gesture to show you care? Maybe your BFF is having a baby, and you’re looking for a gift that says, “You got this!”. Or perhaps your sister is having her first child and you want to convey how much you support her foray into new motherhood. Giving her a congratulations card is cool, but there are plenty of thoughtful ways to show an expectant mother how important she and her new baby is to you.? Here are a few unique gift ideas for expectant mother that will make any mother-to-be beam with joy (and make you look like a superstar too!).

Anticipate Her Needs: Way before an expecting mother goes into labor, there is a ton of to-do’s and preparations to be made.? Show how much you care by anticipating her every need. Start by making sure the new mom in your life and her baby have all the essential supplies stocked and at the ready before the baby is born.? Lay in plenty of diapers, baby wipes, onesies, blankies…you get the idea. Make sure the nursery is well-supplied with the things that new babies need to stay clean, dry, and comfy. You might also give her the gift of cleanliness.? Tackle new mommies’ home with a full-on, top-to-bottom cleaning treatment before the baby arrives. She will absolutely love you for making her home neat, clean, and tidy because it will be a fresh start for the fresh new life she is bringing home soon.

Throw a Party: Even if the mom-to-be in your life already had a baby shower, there’s no reason why you can’t throw another party as her due date draws near.? Brainstorm unique gender reveal ideas such as throwing a party with fortune cookies with a message showing the gender of mommy’s baby tucked inside. Or think about a surprise party with color assignments for the sex of the baby. For example, pick a perfect moment to surprise party guests with pink confetti blasts if a girl, or give the signal to release a blue smoke bomb in the case of a bouncy baby boy.? Whether a girl or a boy, giving the gift of celebrating a new baby arriving shortly on the scene is sure to make any expectant mother smile from ear to ear.

Make Her Life Easier😕 To be sure, a new mom is going to have her hands full after the birth of her new baby. You can guarantee her time is going to be consumed with her newborn and that’s going to mean she might get pretty stressed or exhausted at some point. Think about ways you can prevent burnout and make her life easier. For example, think about getting her a meal subscription service. These services prepare meals and will deliver them to her home. This gesture is hugely helpful because cooking will be one less thing the busy new mom in your life will have to deal with. If a meal subscription service isn’t ideal, then consider prepping the meals yourself.? Put your heart and culinary skills to work by making three square meals a day that freeze and reheat in the microwave well.? Prep a few weeks for mom, and witness how elated she will be now that she doesn’t have to fuss with cooking in addition to caring for her new bundle of joy.

Give the Gift of Time: The closer the due date comes, the more expectant mothers need pampering and relaxation time.? To show you care, think about spending time with her doing things that are both healthy and fun.? Take a day to pamper her with an at-home, mom-spa treatment, do facials together, paint her toenails (they might be hard for her to reach by now), or participate in easy yoga stretches for pregnant mommies. Throw a sleepover, watch movies all night while munching on her favorite nibbles. You get the picture. Think about ways you can spend time with your beloved mom-to-be by doing activities that are enjoyable and engaging for her (and you!).

Whatever your relationship with the soon-to-be-mother in your life, there are endless ways to make her feel special and loved. We hope these thoughtful gift ideas for the expectant mother in your life inspire you to make a statement that shows her how much you care.