London Pound Cake Strain for an Evening of Relaxation

London Pound Cake Strain for an Evening of Relaxation

Everyone needs a break from a hectic and busy schedule. There are many kinds of stuff which you can consume for some relaxation and satisfaction. There are different types of stuff available which you can buy from all over the world. These days, the one in great demand is London Pound Cake Strain, which has the cannabis component in it.

London Pound cake is known for this name because of its citrusy and lemon flavor combined with rich and thick smoke. The pound cake is named for its thick smoke. It is a combination of the tasteful Sunset Sherbet with another hybrid strain of indica. London Poundcake has a delicious flavor of sweet berries and grapes which adds a nutty lemon and citrus. The two flavors mix, giving a mouth-watering feeling that reflects the sour notes. The exhale brings a warm, nutty, and Cakey flavor, which leaves an unforgettable and unique flavor in your taste buds giving you a relaxing time.

Features of London Pound Cake Strain

This strain will not energize you or strengthen you, but it gives you a fantastic relaxation in the body and reduces pressure, and imparts some warm radiation within the body. These strains are perfect for a relaxing afternoon after consuming this. You can enjoy sunbathing, watching movies, sleeping on a couch, and floating in a pool. However, it is advisable to avoid sweets and avoid eating food from the freezers.


The London Pound Cake Strain comes from the Northern Breeder in California. California is the first sustainable and sun-grown Cannabis, and it has many brands representing the climatic condition of California and the farmer’s ecosystem. The various brands, along with the excellent and skillful farmers, decide to produce small batches of strain. These products are available throughout the Golden State.

Appearance and Aroma

The London Pound Cake Strain pieces are soft and break up with a bit of pressure on them only. It is slightly green with a very light dusting kef on the bud of the product. It is often said that the best strain is the one that smells the best. And it is true because it has the most pungent smell among all the strains available.


The prices differ from each other. Generally, the price differs from $55 to $60. The component is generally 29.6%. You may get a discount on the amount of quantity you are willing to buy. The London Pound Cake Strain has many types of weeds available, and the price of them also varies.

Effect of London Pound Cake

  • The strain has a very dense and thick smoke which makes you high. It is a potent strain of which one strain can hit you for a long time. So, it is advisable to take a light strain for just enjoying the freeness and illusion.
  • It has a perfect balance between the aroma and the taste, which gives a soothing experience to the people.
  • The London Pound Cake gives a relaxing, quiet and uplifting environment to the consumer due to the highness of Cannabis.
  • The effect of the strain starts gradually with a slight hit which will make you forget all the racing thoughts and calm you down.
  • The second effect is slightly higher, which will make you slide down the couch and feel a bit sedative. It makes you relax and gives you sound sleep.
  • The strain brings a breathtaking contempt which is pleasant and satisfying. It also makes everything humorous, which gives an enjoyable evening to the consumers.
London Pound Cake Strain
London Pound Cake Strain

Various types of exotic blooms

Check out some of the exotic blooms that you might want to try out:

Grease Monkey

The grease monkey exotic blossoms are made up of an indica dominant hybrid and the cross-breeding of four genitals of Gorilla Glue and a satisfying cream and cookie which gives a sweet and skunk taste and an intense aroma flavor. The components are quite the same as the London Pound Cake Strain, but it has an approx. Level of 30% CG component, which influences various vitals and gives significant strength to the batch.

The effect of this strain is powerful in that it will melt you on the couch, and you will have a long sleep. The cause of this effect is the euphoric buzzing effect in the body and the strong influence of the solid indica stance present in the strain.

The various review states that the gorilla glue and indica stance gives a nasal decongestion property after consuming it. It also acts as a relief during allergic reactions.

Purple God

Purple God is the typical and rare strain to be found. It is a mixture of the god element, that is, Hawaiian Landrace and Purple skunk. This re-cross pollination adds purple coloration in the strain by re-generating genes of similar phenotype. This color makes it more exotic and contrasting.

The Purple God has a potency of only 30% THC with a flavor of a butterscotch cake and subtle fruity notes.

It is a sticky, fresh, mega dense, and sweet flavor.

Straw nana

You may not like it, but you will love this strain. It is a potent amalgamation of strawberry and banana aromas. And it smells fruity and better than the original and raw fruits. The fruity strain doesn’t only have a sweet and fruity flavor. But it also has the ability of mental clarity, which is enhancing sativas. After smoking it up, you will have acute clarity and a creative mind.

The batch or a strain is very fresh in a structure of trichrome. It has a starry, faddy, and bright white appearance. The cultivation of this strain is very nicely done, which makes it dense and sticky. It is symmetrical in structure, large calyxes, and the enormous size of the trichrome cluster.

La Kush Cakes

This is a mixture of 50/50 breeds. It is a composition of 50% indica and 50% Sativa. It is known for its taste and high potency. The item has such a high potency that one puff will drag you down in no time. It has a 25-30% level of THC level, given to patients suffering from severe chronic pain, depression, and mood swings. The element acts as a sedative to those people and can be said as medication during such times.

London Pound Cake Superare

It has a component of 30% THC, 30% of indica dominant hybrid, and 70% of Sunset Sherbet. It has no presence of CBD or CBN. The aroma of it is nutty and woody with a touch of berry and fruity flavor to it. The London Pound Cake Superare is named after its delicious aroma and flavors.

It is not complicated stuff that will slide you down from sleep. It is a light strain which will give you a relaxing and enjoyable time. Thus, it can be said it is very relaxing and uplifting.

Types of London Pound Cake Strain

One of the most famous strains are:

London Pound Cake 75

The London Pound Cake has various types of strains, but one of the most recent and mysterious ones is London Pound Cake 75. The origin of this strain is in California. The London Pound Cake also has Cannabis in it. It is the remaining reclusive part of the strain which people love to consume. It is found in various flowers, G-pods, G-pens, and pre-rolls in various medical stores or dispensaries in California.

The components of London Pound Cake Strain have seeds that are feminizing in nature. It has genetics like Banana F1 Drub and Gushers with a mixture of indica hybrid. The element has a very high density of THC and CBD content in it which makes it more exotic. It gets a flowering time of eight to nine weeks which produces a high yield and exotic products.

Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Lemon Cake is a potent Sativa dominant strain with a sweet flavor and musky aromas. It is a cross-breeding of lemon shrunk and a type of cheese that you cannot consume directly. The manufacturing Lemon Pound Cake Strain procedure lets the flowering procedure go on for nine to ten weeks. Then it goes through a squat morphology, and then it produces the abundant yield. This strain emits or radiates a cheesy musky tone and the flavor of an intense citrus aroma.

However, the review states that consumption of this strain is to combat or reduce stress. Still, it has some side effects, like loss of appetite and significantly less or minor physical discomfort. But it is still one of the best strains which are of high demand among people.

London Pound Cake Terpene

The London Pound Cake Strain has a strain that has a fruity, nutty, and lemon flavor, which you can enjoy as a high tea in the afternoon. The terpene profile came into existence due to the presence of limonene and pinene. It is an indica dominant hybrid that gives sweet relief to an individual from depression and stress.

The price for the London Pound Cake Terpene differs depending on the quantity you are willing to buy. And different companies charge different prices for it. But generally, the price for 5ml lies between $45.00 to $60.00. The price for 25g lies within $200 to $250. The price for 50g is $350.00, and for 100g, it is $600.00.

London Pound Cake Strain
A type of weed

Medical Benefits of London Pound Cake Strain

  • This strain helps treat various mental and physical effects in an individual’s body.
  • The approx. Cement from any mental pressure is 80-85% which is very effective.
  • The presence of THC in the strain helps an individual battle or fight with a variety of body conditions and manage the symptoms.
  • After consuming the strain, the body becomes light, and you feel high, which reduces body pain.
  • The consumption of London Pound Cake helps in increasing the appetite of people. People suffering from chemotherapy, various chronic conditions, or an increase in medication may lose their appetite because of the side effect. And London Pound Cake Strain acts as a measure to reduce that.
  • The consumption of this strain stimulates a relaxing toxin in the body. It helps the body to relax, and it also increases the creativity and concentration of an individual.
  • The element helps maintain an efficient balance of emotional quotient and manages chronic stress and depressions.
  • It also turns off all the physical activities and reactions to anxiety and paranoia.
  • It also resolves the problem of inability to focus on work which is a problem because of ADD and ADH. The consumption of this London pound cake reduces this hormone to a certain extent.
  • It also helps to cure cancer and cancer treatments.

Side effect of the London Pound Cake Batch

The London Pound Cake Strain consumption is relaxing, but it has some side effects due to the presence of Cannabis.

  • The first side effect of consuming Cannabis is that it might give you red eyes due to smoking the strain or weed.
  • While smoking the strain, you may feel thirsty. Dehydration is a primary reason because of smoking, and you need a lot of water so that you don’t pass out.
  • Consuming a significant amount of strain may give you an intense headache.
  • The strain is not for all age groups. So, it’s not better for children, and it may cause severe health problems to the children.

Final thoughts

The London Pound Cake Strains are not helpful for medical purposes or health purposes which help cook various food items. These light strains help make cakes and cookies in substitute for wine. However, it is essential to go through some test to see that it does not negatively affect people’s lives. Although it can be concluded that there are no negative impacts of cannabis, some precautions are still helpful.

Strains act as a relief and happiness to the soul. Nothing is unhealthy if the consumption is within the limit. Hence, you can consume some cannabis strain for a relaxing evening and enjoy it for the soul!