Your Friends Birthday

5 Easy Gifts For Your Friend’s Birthday

Birthdays are usually a big moment for whoever’s a special day it is and it is the day they look forward to all year long. And with everything that has happened this year, it is especially important to have a day set aside for them to celebrate and be celebrated. So, it is time to start planning and getting everything in order for them. You may have a drive by birthday party planned for them, or maybe you live with them so you get to see them every waking moment. No matter the case, it is important to make sure that you are well-prepared and ready to celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday! If you haven’t picked what gift to get them yet, we have a few ideas, such as you can give them something customized like custom wall clock, phone cases, t-shirt with picture of you and your friend.

1. Flowers

If your pal loves flowers or plants, look no further! ProFlowers has the most beautiful happy birthday flowers to choose from! ProFlowers is known for their stunning arrangements, and Your Friend’s Birthday spread is no exception. You can choose from a plethora of unique and fragrant options, each of which are sure to delight and dazzle any recipient. And one of the best parts about ProFlowers is that you can order them and have them delivered right to their door. That way, if you are far away, you can still get them a fresh floral gift!

2. Gift Cards

Alright, we know, we know, this sounds unoriginal, but hear us out! A gift card to their favorite place to eat, drink, or shop is one of the easiest presents to get, because you already know they love it and that they spend their money there. So why not take care of one of the trips for them? It will save them money (which they can spend on something they might not have had the funds for previously) and it makes it so they will think of you when they go there next.

3. Educational Subscription

There are so many subscriptions to choose from nowadays, it is hard to keep track of them all. And though it is fun to receive non-bill items in the mail every month, unnecessary clutter and unwanted items may start to build up in a home. So, what subscription is actually worth the money, and isn’t going to contribute to clutter and mess? The answer is MasterClass. They have 90+ lessons from 9 different categories, where pros teach you their individual craft. There are also PDF workbooks that your friend can follow along with to make sure they are getting the thoroughness of the lesson. This is a gift that will truly seem endless because there is so much content for them to explore as they develop themselves.

Educational Subscription

4. Heartfelt Card

You are going to get them a card anyway, so make sure it is one that they won’t soon forget. Lovepop has beautifully made intricate cards that are sure to be a hit! Giving a quality card is the first step, but then you have to add the message inside. Take this time to tell them how much you care about them, what makes them a great friend, and why you value their friendship so much. It is nice to hear those things, and it should be relatively easy for you to communicate to them how much you care about them. They might be going through a tough time (aging and a global pandemic? Yikes), and this could be the ticket to help them get out of their funk.

5. Homemade Cake

Making a cake on Your Friend’s Birthday might not seem like it should be on a list of easy gifts, but it really is simple when it comes down to it. Your friend will love the thought you put into it, and it will feel great to make them something. Though it might not be a gourmet item, it will be filled with love and hard work, and that is one of the best gifts you can give!


Overall, try and pick something with purpose! Though we think all 5 of these ideas are a slam dunk, if they don’t work for you and you end up just sending them money on Venmo, your secret is safe with us!