Emojis for birthday

A Year Older and Wiser: Convey Your Emotions with These Birthday Emojis

The anniversary of your day of birth only comes once a year. It’s celebrated by anyone regardless of culture, religion, and tradition with Emojis. It’s the only day of the year when your family, friends, relatives, and loved ones acknowledge your existence.

Some cultures celebrate birthdays with gifts and festivities. However, with technology getting the best on all of us, birthdays are now mostly celebrated online through a social media post or video greeting. If you want the celebrant to be inspired by your digital greeting, here are some emojis you can use to convey an engaging message.

The Birthday Emoji ?

When it comes to birthdays, what better way to celebrate your or someone else’s birthday by posting your greetings on social media, words wouldn’t be enough to express how happy you are or how grateful a friend you are to the celebrant. Fortunately, with emojis’ help, especially those related to the birthday emoji, you can fully express a thousand words with an icon.

The birthday emoji is portrayed as a small desert icon that shows a delicious cake with one candle in the middle. The birthday emoji is commonly accompanied by several other emojis; however, it’s regularly used to convey a special message to the birthday celebrant as a celebration on the anniversary of the day they were born.

The Wrapped Gift Emoji ?

The wrapped gift emoji is a cute icon portrayed as an attractive little box with a red bow tie around it. The wrapped gift emoji is commonly used on general celebratory occasions like birthdays and Christmas. The color of the box and bow tie may vary from various platforms, but the emoji’s general application will always be the same.

The Balloon Emojis ?

The balloon emoji is commonly presented on most of the platforms as a red round balloon with a string dangling off it. The balloon emoji is portrayed in the color red; however, other platforms may differently see emojis. For instance, Google’s balloon emoji is in the color orange, and WhatsApp’s balloon emoji is usually the color pink.

The emoji can be used in social media posts conveying messages for various celebratory occasions. However, the balloon emoji is used primarily on special events, similar to when a person would wish the celebrant’s happiest birthday, whether it’s a friend, family, or a loved one.

Shortcake Emojis ?

One of the best emojis that you can put in a digital message is the shortcake emoji. This emoji is commonly portrayed as a small icon exhibiting a deliciously sliced cake. On most platforms, the cake is a slice from a strawberry shortcake that is layered with whipped cream and a single strawberry on top of it.

The shortcake emoji is generally used on many celebratory occasions, similar to the birthday cake emoji. The shortcake emoji can either be used on a birthday, a house-welcoming party, a farewell party.


In this technologically advanced era, people are now using smartphones and its features more than ever. However, when it comes to posting a digital greeting or giving someone an inspirational message online on their birthdays, no message is better conveyed than emojis, especially birthday emojis.