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Are You Mad: 4 Emojis to Effectively Express Your Anger

Expressing your anger emoji in social media, text messages, and messaging apps were challenging to do a few years ago. However, technology’s evolution enabled us to convey how disappointed, upset, mad, and the like through ideograms and smileys called emojis.

Since there are various emojis to choose from in your smartphones, people might misunderstand what you’re trying to convey if you choose the wrong one. Thankfully, mobile platforms are adding more and more emojis once in a while to achieve the perfect way of expressing yourself towards something or someone.

When choosing the perfect emoji to convey your anger, it doesn’t mean that you have to use smileys for them. You can use other symbols to strengthen your point, but it also doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use the smileys. Thus, here are the four emojis you can use to help you express your anger.

Pouting Face Emoji

The pouting face or mad emoji has a red face with scrunched eyebrows and a frowning mouth, similar to the standard angry emoji. The pouting emoji’s red face has a stronger effect compared to the standard angry emoji due to the color red that is equivalent to a flushed face.

The best way to use mad emoji is to use two or three of them before saying something. Using them alone will convey a message of how extremely upset you are about what they said to you.

Angry Face Emoji

The angry face emojis has a standard yellow face with scrunched eyebrows and a frowning mouth. The angry face emoji has a lesser degree of anger than the pouting face since the pouting face emoji has a red face. However, people frequently use this particular emojis compared to the mad emoji since it automatically conveys your anger.

Face with Symbols on Mouth

The face with symbols on the mouth is another red face emoji. The only difference this emoji has with the pouting face is that there is a black bar containing typographical symbols over the mouth. What the ‘Face with Symbols on Mouth’ means is that you have an outburst of frustration or rage that it’s enough to make you spout curse words.

Face with Steam From Nose

The face with steam coming from the nose, also known as the face with a look of triumph, is another way to express anger or frustration. The two puffs of steaming coming out of the nose show how irritated you are towards a topic or a person. However, people tend to misuse the emojis to exert dominance or pride.

However, if you want to show how frustrated you are, the face with two puffs of steam blowing out of the nose is the most appropriate emojis for such emotions. What makes this emojis different from the ‘pouting face’ and ‘face with symbols on the mouth’ is that the anger is less intense.


There are plenty of ways to express how angry you are towards something or another person. Choosing the most appropriate emoji to use for the scenario allows you to strengthen the emotions instead of empty words. With that in mind, you can say that emojis are expression boosters to help truly show your anger and frustration.