10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

The special people in your life deserve special gifts. Consider their lifestyles and their needs to come up with a list of options. Just be careful not to fall prey to the latest trends or you might end up giving the same gift as everyone else. Make sure that you set yourself apart with unique birthday gift ideas that will impress the recipient. Below is list of 10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas.

  1. Gift Hamper

Think about the special person’s current challenges and see if there is a gift hamper that can address these. Think about the special person?s current challenges and see if there is a birthday basket that can address these. For example, someone who is feeling a lot of stress due to work might be in dire need of relief. Vacations may not be a viable option, but you can provide them with a spa in a basket. Look for a hamper that is filled with soothing products like bath salts, scented candles, massage oils, calming tea, and the like. Others might appreciate artisanal and organic treats so look for a gift hamper with these items inside. This article has some great suggestions on gift hamper ideas.?

  1. Homemade Goods

If you know how to bake, then use your skills to create food hamper gifts that are fit for a celebration. You could make cookies, brownies, cupcakes, dinner rolls, chocolate balls, pretzels, and so on. Consider what the birthday celebrant might like the most. Make a few batches early to fine-tune your recipe. Get a nice box with a transparent top to make the items visible from the outside. Wrap this up with a ribbon and hand it personally during the event.?

  1. Personalized Mugs

Does this special person like a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Most people need to perk themselves up with their preferred beverage before they can think clearly. They reach for their favorite mug and start the process almost automatically. If you have been to their house and noticed cracks or blemishes in this mug, then perhaps you can offer a replacement. Create a personalized mug with an image of their beloved pet, their favorite Kpop idol, their number one superhero, or their best personal quote.?

  1. Video Dedicatio

We can’t always travel to birthday parties, especially if our friends live far away. We can still make our presence and our love felt by giving them our time and effort. If physical gifts are not your thing, then consider making a video dedication instead. You can start with a slideshow of pictures that you have together or memorable video clips from the past. Set these to music that both of you enjoy. End it with a heartfelt dedication. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you miss them.?

  1. Custom Photo Puzzles

On the other hand, those who can be there with the recipient might like to consider giving a custom photo puzzle. It would be best to choose a memorable image from a vacation or other significant event. The jigsaw pieces will arrive scattered randomly in a box, so it provides an added challenge to kill time. The two of you can solve the puzzle together placing the pieces in the correct position one at a time. At the end of it, you can frame the puzzle and display your work.?

  1. DIY Travel Kit

If you know someone who likes to travel for business or leisure, then one of the best gifts who be a travel kit. This will be extremely useful when on the road and away from home. You could buy a complete kit or online or make your own. Get inspiration from the options that you find various stores. See if you can make these better by purchasing the best product in each category and putting them all together in a compact case.?

  1. Personalized Calendar

Remind your special someone of all the adventures you’ve had together. Create an easel calendar with one page per month. The calendar month can be placed side by side with a full color photo of a different place that you two have visited. You can also add quotes that affirm your love and support. This is a great option that will make them feel special all year round. So, go and start checking your photo archives to find the twelve best pictures available. Go to a reputable print shop for excellent results.?

  1. Weighted Blanket

Does your special person feel restless at night? A lot of people have trouble falling asleep. This makes them grumpy, lethargic, and unproductive during the day. Each case is different but there are a few tried and tested strategies to make things better. For example, they can minimize stimuli from lights and sounds. They can put away their phone and turn off the TV. They can also make the room colder for better comfort. The use of a weighted blanket can also help so get one if they don’t already have it.?

  1. Pen and Journal

Capturing our thoughts and putting them into words can provide enormous clarity. It can also reduce anxiety and overthinking since we unburden ourselves with each entry. If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety, then you can encourage them to start their own journal. Give them a nice journal with pages that are filled with supportive statements and positive affirmations. You can even include a metal pen engraved with their name.?

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Shifting to remote work is a big move. People who have made the change may find their current setup inadequate. Although there are perks to working at home, it can also present challenges that they need to overcome. This includes the lack of dedicated office space or equipment. Some might even develop aches and pains due to the use of makeshift office tables and chairs. Consider giving this special person an ergonomic office chair or even an advanced monitor mount. Anything that would help them stay comfortable all day will be highly appreciated.