Yo-Kai Watch Gummies

Yo-Kai Watch Gummies: For Fans Only?

Bazooka Candy Brands (makers of the gum most notably) have created a new candy for Yo-Kai Watch fans. I was intrigued when I saw them on the shelf at my local convenience store mainly because I had never heard of Yo-Kai Watch. How do they stack up against other popular gummies? More importantly, will non-Yo-Kai Watch fans enjoy these at all? ZOMG Candy investigates!

Yo-Kai Watch Gummies

What is Yo-Kai Watch?

As stated, I was not familiar with Yo-Kai Watch when I bought these, but the characters on the front were enough for me to do some research. Is that ghost? Whatever he’s doing, he seems to be having fun.

For those not in the know either, apparently, it’s a game from Japan that has gotten quite popular here in the States. From what I gather, it seems pretty popular amongst kids.

Whether the comparison is fair or not, it’s gone the Pokemon-route too in that now there’s a TV show (available on Netflix for those interested) and action figures to go along with the video game. That explains the cross-collaboration with candy – it’s a brand capitalizing on its popularity.

How are the gummies?

Not very good honestly. They are generic tasting and the ingredients are mostly bad for you – even as far as candy is concerned (it has gelatin and palm oil as ingredients). The gummies are big but there’s nothing special beyond that; basically, this is a bad gummy bear.

Yo-Kai Watch Gummies - FlavorsThere are 4 flavors within the pack which sounds promising:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Blue Raspberry


A fan of the show can tell me which flavor corresponds with which character; the candy doesn’t make the extra research necessary. Honestly, the shape of the gummies is the best thing about it. I would avoid these unless you are a die-hard fan of the show – an O.