Maynards Fuzzy Peach

Maynards Fuzzy Peach: Steph Curry’s Favorite Candy!

Maynards Fuzzy Peachs – Review

Maynards Fuzzy Peach is an all-time candy, but one you may not have heard of here in the States. The reason? Maynards is only available in the UK and Canada.

You know them though – they are the geniuses behind Sour Patch Kids and their proceeding iterations.

I had seen the ‘Fuzzy Peach’ plenty of times before; I just didn’t know that was what they were called or who they were made by. In college, there was a candy/frozen yogurt place that had those big bins where you would pay for sweets by the pound. When you offered someone a piece of candy from your bag, you PRAYED they didn’t take a peach!

Maynards Fuzzy Peach - flavor

For years I guarded them so I didn’t have to share, but I ignorantly didn’t know they sold them individually packaged. That probably saved me a few pounds though.

Now thanks to my dad, Steph Curry, and David Feherty, I’m in trouble. They mentioned the candy on their latest Golf Channel interview and my dad immediately bought me a pack. I’m so glad that he did! By the way, here’s an old tweet from Steph to confirm he’s loved them for years:

Where can I find a Maynards Fuzzy Peach bag?

For our US readers, I’m not exactly sure. These gummies can be hard to find unless you are in Canada or in one of those bulk candy stores that I mentioned. My dad had the peaches imported for me, and they can get pricey with the international shipping if you don’t watch it! They are certainly worth a premium but don’t go spending $20 for a bag.

The candy itself really is amazing and completely unique. If you aren’t a fan of peach-flavored things, I would obviously stay away (my girlfriend hates them for this exact reason). Fans of Sour Patch or any other fruity, sour candy will enjoy the Fuzzy Peach. They are covered in sugar (but not too much so) and the consistency is somehow better than say a gummy bear. They are big, delicious and absolutely addicting.

Maynards Fuzzy Peach

The conclusion?

If you can find them, grab them. Maynards Fuzzy Peach might be one of the best candies I’ve ever had. The scarcity makes the allure that much greater (just ask Steph Curry). Sweet tooths all agree that these are an all-time great candy!

But if you aren’t a fan of peach-flavored candy, maybe give their cherry ones a try?

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