Oracle Cloud

What Is Oracle Cloud, And Why Should You Use It?

Oracle is a relatively newer cloud service, but it is essential to know more about it so that you can consider why you should use oracle cloud. Today we will get an overview of cloud computing platforms. 

Oracle Cloud V/s Other Cloud Platforms

Launched in the end of 2016, oracle cloud is a new player in the industry. There are two different groups of cloud as of now, namely- industry leaders and niche players. Though oracle cloud is presently listed as a niche player, it has a customer base as well as a desire to transform into an industry leader. 

Oracle Infrastructure, Services, And Data Regions

  • How many data regions does Oracle cloud have?

In the Oracle Universe, data regions are known as cloud regions. Oracle presently has over 30 regions. It can be said that anywhere you need to be, Oracle is there for you. This can be further validated with oracle’s partnership with Microsoft! There are regions that share interconnection between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. This enables customers to move within applications in the cloud easily. 

  • How reliable is Oracle cloud?

As far as reliability is concerned, oracle has a reliable infrastructure backed by a thorough end-to-end SLA covering the availability, performance, and manageability of the services. 

  • What are Oracle cloud’s strengths and weaknesses?

There are several services in the oracle cloud but let’s have a look at some of the major strengths:

1. Oracle Bare Metal Cloud

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud is a collection of cloud services that enables you to build the environment you need. Bare metal services mean only physical compute nodes, no hypervisor! It proves to be helpful in the following situations:

– When you want higher performance related to the database.

– You are looking for great control.

– You wish for better cost management.

You will enjoy more liberty to do what you want.

2. Oracle Cloud Databases

The Oracle Cloud Database options are the biggest strengths of oracle cloud, which is no surprise seeing the largest customer base that oracle enjoys. 

Oracle Exadata is a computing platform that is optimized for operating an oracle database. It aces in online transactional processing applications which run simultaneously. 

No review of the oracle cloud is complete without talking about autonomous databases. It is a mix of traditional database and machine learning to offer several advantages such as optimization backup, self-repairing, and automated patching. 

3. On-Premises and Hybrid Environment

Oracle cloud has an edge at migrations as well as supports hybrid environments. Oracle designs the cloud environment keeping its primary target in mind i.e., its existing customer base. The user base is exclusively on-premises. With this knowledge, oracle has designed several helpful features for their users for migration to the cloud. Oracle also offers excellent support for hybrid environments. 

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