the Dutch people

Typical foods where the Dutch people are known for

If you come from the Netherlands, you know better than anyone that the Dutch people are known for their typical Dutch food. If you have been abroad for a while, you probably miss your favorite croquette or your delicious Dutch sweets or cookies. Think for example of the stroopwafel or drop. If you are not yet familiar with typical Dutch food, we recommend you read this blog. Here you will find some examples of typical Dutch food and we share the best way to get some Dutch food abroad! 

The Kroket (croquette) is a typical Dutch snack. This deep-fried snack is often filled with meat (beef) after which it is breaded with breadcrumbs. The croquette is then deep-fried in sunflower oil and served with sauce of your choice. The Dutch often eat their favorite snack with mustard or mayonnaise. You can choose to eat your snack on a white roll or as a snack next to your fries. Nowadays, there are also many vegetarian and vegan variants of the croquette available, such as the mushroom croquette or goat’s cheese croquette. The croquette is also available in a small variant and is often eaten by the Dutch with a beer or wine. The small version of the croquette is called the ‘bitterbal’ and is probably the most ordered snack in the whole country. 

Another typical Dutch dish is poffertjes. These small rounds of dough are very similar to the better-known pancakes. The difference with the pancakes is that more leavening agents (such as yeast) are used for the batter of the poffertjes. This makes the poffertjes a lot fluffier than the pancakes. Poffertjes are baked in a specially designed poffertjes pan. This allows a lot of poffertjes to be made at the same time. In the past, these little pancakes were only available from special stands. Nowadays, they are also available in supermarkets, so that we can always enjoy these delicious little pancakes. Poffertjes are mainly eaten with butter and icing sugar, and sometimes there is added some melted chocolate as well. 

The Dutch are also known as ‘kaaskoppen’, which literally translates as ‘cheeseheads’. Most Dutch people are crazy about cheese and a lot of cheese is exported from the Netherlands to other countries. On a Dutch birthday, cheese in cubes is often served and the daily meal for many people is a brown sandwich with Gouda cheese. Most Dutch people strongly dislike the cheese abroad because it does not taste like the well-known Dutch cheeses. Plenty of travelers come to the Netherlands to visit the cheese market in Gouda and a visit to a cheese farm is often on the agenda in Texel as well. Are you curious about all these Dutch Foods and do you want to try these delicious products for yourself? It is possible to order almost any Dutch product you would like with the Dutch Expat Shop. This shop is an online Dutch Supermarket for expats all over the world.