Live Stream Church Services

The Ultimate Guide To Live Stream Church Services

Attending churches in person has been a sacred ritual. Live streaming is the best way to engage with the modern audience in this modern era. It expands your reach by allowing you to interact with those who could not attend church due to any reason like physical disability, chronic illness, traveling or due to some household stuff.  You may find it difficult to get started with live stream technology but you can visit to learn more about church live streaming. Live stream service is a bit different from personal service, so you have to make adjustments accordingly. Here are guidelines for live stream church services:

What Should Be Your Investment?

For live streaming, budget is the main question. Investment varies depending on what are your goals and what are you trying to achieve with it. However, there is no need to worry much; you can go with a pretty minimal and regular budget to buy a basic setup. Below are some of the most important considerations:

Broadcasting Equipment

When it comes to buying cameras, you have multiple options you can opt for. Some of these are.

  • Webcam 
  • DSLR for high quality
  • Camcorder
  • Smartphones and laptops
  • Action cameras 

The right lighting is also very important. Take special care of lighting because its imbalance can distract viewers’ attention and focus. Light may seem to be good from the naked eye, but views appear differently from the camera lens; make adjustments accordingly. 

Internet Speed

For a good quality live stream, you need to make sure you have a good internet speed. The host for a live stream should not be Wi-Fi, rather prefer hardwired in or on a separate network. Conduct free online tests before beginning live streaming to check upload and download speed.

Microphones & Other Equipment

Choosing the right microphone is important for live streaming. Laptop/smartphone microphones also work but quality generally is not good. We suggest an external microphone. An encoder, tripod and video switcher are also required.

Free Options for Live Streaming

There are many premium options available, but you can also go for free options especially if you are having a good following on social media platforms. Going live on Facebook is a good option; you can interact with the audience there and worship with them in a better way. Another option is YouTube live.

Promotion of Live Stream Church Services

Inform people about your upcoming online services. Promote it on your church newsletter, social media platforms, and website if your church has any and also ask your regular members to invite people in person for online streaming.

These live streaming services did best during the pandemic outbreak recently, bonding the community in faith. There are a lot of platforms available on the internet that provides live streaming. You can avail their services too, as some of them also provide equipment that eases live broadcast.  You can go from cheap options to spending a lot on expensive devices; all depends on your budget, desired quality and church size. These services are going to be a continuous trend in the near future so church workers should start using them smartly. Spread hope and peace with live streaming services by enabling more people to pray and worship with you.