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White Pizza Types and How to Make Them at Home

Are you familiar with the term white pizza?

If this is the first time you have heard about it, this article is absolutely for you. Here you will know every detail of white pizza and how to prepare them.

If you are wondering, we tell you that you are not alone in this. Not everyone in this world knows white pizza. Some people might have never seen what a white pizza looks like!

But you should know all about white pizza, which is why this article is so important to you! You won’t know what you have missed if you remain unaware of the good points. So don’t wait anymore and start reading!

First of all, you have to know what a white pizza is. You already know that regular pizzas are prepared with tomato sauce from where they get their redness. But when it comes to white pizzas, things are slightly different.

White pizza or Pizza Bianca is prepared without any tomato sauce whatsoever. This is why they are white and all that. Then again, there are the cheese toppings which also help to enhance that whiteness.

But do not ever judge a white pizza by its simplicity! They may look simple, but there is complexity in them too. To know all about it, you must read the full article!

You should know that we are not here to talk about white pizza. There is so much more than this article has in store for you!

But there’s no way we are revealing all of that to you now! You must find out all about it yourself as you go!

White Pizza vs Red pizza

Don’t all Americans love their pizza, even if they are originally from Italy? But whenever we think of pizza, our minds directly go to the red ones. But pizza is much more than just tomato sauce.

Back when the Roman Empire was at its peak, people mainly loved to consume white pizza and cheese. So it would help if you did not think that white pizza does not have that rich history as a red one.

If you go to Italy, the birthplace of all kinds of pizzas, you will need to make a tough choice. You either have to go with white pizza or a red pizza. The choice entirely depends on you!

Let us tell you this choice is not easy at all. You have been trying savory red pizza all your life. Why should you leave your comfort zone all of a sudden?

We say that you should give a chance to the white pizza to impress you at least once. That’s because Italian white pizzas come with oregano, garlic oil, and Mozzarella cheese. Didn’t we write more than enough reasons for you to try a white pizza?

When it comes to America, things are slightly different. But that doesn’t mean the white pizzas are less attractive here.

In America, we generally add Alfredo sauce. Butter, garlic, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, milk, and flour make that special sauce.

White pizzas are especially for if you are just tired of constantly eating the same red pizzas wherever you go. We all need variations in our lives, and white pizzas are all we want this time.

Moreover, you can go wild with your white pizza. There is no setting up boundaries when we are talking about white pizza. There is no need to stop if you are up for a new experiment, which is a good thing!

This is why if you decide to prepare white pizzas by yourself, you won’t run out of choices. There are so many toppings to choose from. But when it comes to red pizzas, you won’t get that many privileges.

White Pizza Types and How to Make Them at Home

White pizza dishes

Now we are listing some of the amazing white pizza dishes for you. You need to figure out which one you like the most:

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

First of all, you need a dish which will be absolutely likable for all. Chicken Alfredo Pizza is just that kind of pizza that will do the job. Here you will find chicken, but there is spinach along with Alfredo sauce.

White Clam Pizza

White Clam Pizza or White Clam Pie was invented in New Haven, Connecticut. Clam Pizzas are prepared using Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese, oregano, clams, olive oil, and arugula. Don’t even think about returning without trying a white Clam Pizza if you ever go to Connecticut!

Four Cheese grilled pesto

Four cheese grilled pesto pizza is a really popular variant of white pizzas. This kind of pizza has tasty toppings like pistachio pesto and four kinds of cheese. Normally they use Mozzarella cheese, Provolone cheese, Fontina cheese, and Scamorza cheese.

Sausage and Charred Broccolini Pizza

Sausage and Charred Broccolini Pizza’s main specialty is just a dollop of heavy cream. It is prepared with Broccolini, Mozzarella cheese, olive oil, hot chilies, Italian sausage, and ricotta. You will definitely feel mesmerized after tasting it for the first time.

Zucchini and Caramelized Onion Pizza

If you are the one who loves to eat veggies, then this particular type of pizza is definitely for you. Here you will find mint, Zucchini ribbons, olives, Caramelized Onion, and feta. Surely you won’t be disappointed after trying it!

Pizza Bianca with Truffle Oil

This type of Bianca is topped with Fontina cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and white truffle oil.

Roasted Potato and Rosemary Pizza

This is an authentic white pizza dish straight from Italy. It has toppings like rosemary, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and sliced potato.

White Pizza with Tomato and Basil

No matter the time, you can always eat a delicious white pizza with tomato and basil. This pizza is normally topped with basil, tomato, and Mozzarella cheese.

Mushroom Pizza

This pizza is made of mushrooms and generally topped with herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, goat cheese, and Mozzarella cheese. The rest is up to you to figure out what the taste would be like!

Those were the names of some of the mouthwatering white pizza recipes we have collected for you. We are not sure which one became your new favorite. That’s because every recipe is unique and equally delicious!

White Pizza Types and How to Make Them at Home

White pie pizza

White pizza also goes by the name of white pie pizza. Some people say that this is their comfort food when it comes to making a choice.

This particular pie generally doesn’t fall into the same category as the other pies. You don’t really expect to find any traditional vegetables or other regular pizza toppings here. Some fresh and organic garlic, mozzarella, and ricotta are enough to win you over.

Recipe no 1

We want to share a classic white pie pizza recipe that you can try at home. We take it that you already know how to prepare the pizza dough. So that will remain as it is. If you do not know how to make that, you can always check it up on YouTube for tutorials.

Let’s go straight into the main recipe:


Take your pizza dough and give it pizza-like shapes or how you like your pizza to look. Grab ricotta and garlic scape pesto to sprinkle on the dough. Then add Mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, onion, and mushrooms and put them into the oven.

Prepare this whole thing until the cheese melts completely. Now your classic white pizza is absolutely ready to eat. Add some chili flakes if you like.

Recipe no 2

Now here is another white pie pizza recipe for you. This one comes directly from New York with love! Let’s look at it before time runs out.

Things you will need for the recipe

First, you need to collect a pizza dough which is all-important right now. Then you must gather some white sauce, ricotta cheese, thyme, cornmeal, black pepper, parsley, instant yeast, honey, olive oil, water, heavy cream, onion, garlic, kosher salt, and ordinary salt.


For the main recipe, you need to preheat the oven one hour before making the preparation. For that, put a stone for baking in the center of the oven.

Then take the dough and give it your desired form. But make sure that the forms don’t become too thin.

Now put the whole thing into a pan that you have already brushed using flour.

Then take a vessel and mix thyme, pepper, salt, and ricotta. Cover the dough with some white sauce, and then add this particular blending all over it.

Now it’s finally time to put the pizza into the oven. You normally have to give it twelve minutes to prepare completely.

After twelve minutes, check if the crust is crispy enough or not. If it is, then your New York-style white pizza is absolutely ready!

Now that the cooking is done, you have to do a little bit of garnishing or finishing touch. You will need some parsley and drizzle it all over the pizza.

Recipe no 3

Now it’s time for you to know how to prepare black and white pizza. Does it sound weird to you?

Well, don’t be afraid. It’s just made with Californian olives, which you will absolutely love! Now let’s see the full recipe.

Things you will need for the recipe

First, you will need pizza dough, onion, olive oil, mushrooms, roasted garlic, shredded and smoked mozzarella cheese, Alfredo sauce, normal mozzarella, Californian olives, grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and diced rosemary.


First, let the oven preheat to 450 degrees and place a baking sheet. Then take a pan and pour some olive oil. Now include mushrooms, garlic, and onion, and continue to stir until the onions get tender.

Grab the pizza dough and give it an oval shape. Please put it on the baking paper and grease it with olive oil.

Now pour some Alfredo sauce and include the mushroom mix, rosemary, chicken, and cheese. Then drizzle some olives.

Now put the whole thing into the oven and set the temperature to 450 degrees. Give it ten to fifteen minutes, and the pizza should be ready to eat.

Lastly, include some Parmigiano Reggiano and enjoy the delicious taste!

Pizza white plains

Now that we have told you about the white pizzas and how to prepare them to, let’s talk about something else. It would help if you read about pizza white plains in case you are in NYC.

White Plains, NY, is an absolutely must-go place for you if you love pizzas. So here we suggest some famous restaurants where you can go in White Plains.

Read this section with attention if you are currently in New York or planning to go there soon enough!


If you are not from Italy but still have a passion for Italian food, this will be your new favorite place!

Gianfranco Ristorante and Pizzeria

They make amazing pizzas here, and this is true. But they also make other equally delicious dishes.

Michael’s Pizza and Pasta

Here, you will find New York-style pizzas and pies for all occasions and other mouthwatering recipes. It should be on your top priority list if you can’t wait to eat some fast food!

Mario’s Pizza Restaurant

You will have to choose from so many famous items if you come here! Could you not say that we didn’t warn you?

We hope that you have finished reading the full article by now. So you have no problem with trying a white pizza anymore. You need to take a leap of faith and indulge yourself in the world of white pizza.

But don’t forget to let us know about your new adventure. We love to hear from you, no matter what your reaction is!