Types of Ice Cream

Types of Ice Cream Flavors You Must Taste Before You Settle for the Best

We all scream for ice cream! From children to oldies, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy ice cream. It’s salvation you give yourself on a hot summer afternoon. But actually, you don’t really need a special day or occasion to have ice cream. However, did you even know that the most relishing thing you enjoy comes in so many different kinds? Yes, you’ve got it right! We are talking about the different types of ice cream. This space is going to tell you everything about ice cream- different types, health benefits of ice cream, and more. You’ll get it all here!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you say ice cream? Don’t you think of something cold and sweet? So how will you define ice cream? Well, you can say ice cream is a smooth creamy frozen delight that has a smooth blend of milk, sugar, cream, and many more ingredients. It’s a perfect mix of all the ingredients that results in such a soft and frozen relishing delight.

Now that you know so much about how it’s made, don’t you wish to know the different types of ice cream? Hang in there and scroll down to know more!

Types of Ice Cream

Now, we are going to talk about the different types of ice creams found around the world. Which are:

Rolled Ice Cream

What an exquisite and marvelous way to serve ice-cream! It keeps anyone who has seen rolled strips of ice creams in absolute awe. You will find this quite widely on the streets of, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Rolled up ice cream strips are made in such a fascinating way! Just by chopping and mixing ice-cream mixture and add-ins of your choice- Oreos or, blueberries. They take about a few minutes and do this in the pan right in front of you. Then you’ll be served with beautiful spiraling ice cream with your choice of add-ins.

Soft Serve

Classic summertime salvation since the 1930s in the States is the soft-serve ice cream. The softness and smooth texture you find in soft serve are because air let into the ingredients while freezing them.

Soft serve is velvet smooth and comes in so many different flavors. Mostly you find them to be served in different types of ice cream cones. With a topping of rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sauce- you’ll simply love this lip-smacking treat!

Frozen Yogurt

Incredibly popular in the United States is this tangy frozen yogurt. You’ll find it’s serving to be quite similar to the soft serve. But the yogurt in it gives it much more tangy flavor, which makes it so much more scrumptious.

Snow Cream

On your next trip to Taiwan, make sure you order for ice cream! You’ll be given a bowl of fluffy frozen sweets. They make it by simply freezing a big cube of water and milk. Then, the snow cream makers scrape out extremely thin strips from the frozen block. Further, they serve it with toppings of freshly cut fruits, chocolate chips, condensed milk, boba and so much more.


Gelato is basically Italian ice cream and is very different from the American ones. You’ll notice the scoops of gelato ice creams to be quite different in terms of texture. It’s because gelato has lots of milk in them than cream. Even more, the churning is done at a very slow speed. Which eventually results in a lesser amount of air induced in it. Italians don’t really like using eggs in their ice cream. But the smooth and rich flavor of gelato will leave a mark on your taste-buds if you’ve had just once!


Kulfi tops the list among the types of ice cream in India. If you’ve tasted it once, you’ll definitely love it for aromatic flavor of cardamom, rose and saffron. You can also call it a frozen custard. Once, you’ve taken a bite of this flavorful delight, it takes quite some time to melt in your mouth. But it’s got a taste you’ll relish all your life.


Sorbet is actually one of the most frozen treats that have got a fruit base. It contains no dairy products in it. But you’ll love it for the rich and dense flavor, which is very different from the traditional types of ice cream. You’ll find a few ice-cream sellers to add alcohol in it too.

The soft icy texture of sorbet is extremely popular in the U.S now. But Australia, France, and the UK are countries that had sorbet ice cream as favorite even before it introduced in the States.


Once you look at faloodeh, you’ll literally not think of ice cream, rather think of a yellowish noodle dish. But it’s actually a frozen sweet that comes from Iran. You’ll find the frozen rice noodles to have a flavor of lime juice, sugar, and rose water which gives it an extraordinary taste.


You cannot compare the taste of Turkish ice cream with any other type of ice cream. It’s got mastic and salep flour that gives it a rubbery and chewy texture. But it’s still very soft. Another fascinating thing about the Turkish ice cream is the way the street vendors serve it you. If you’ve missed out on that fun, you must pay a visit to a dondurma counter!


Granita is from Sicily and you can call it icy treat. It’s a perfect mixture of water, sugar, and several flavoring agents like nuts, herbs, and fruits. You’ll notice Granita to have a crystal-like texture, that is soft yet so tasty.


You’ll find mochi to look like small cute balls of ice cream. It actually comes from Japan, and they have a unique way of serving it. You’ll notice a sweet rice dough coating on the ice cream dollops.

If you taste these small cute ice cream balls just once, and it’ll be your favorite forever. It comes in a wide range of flavors but the most addictive ones are – vanilla, strawberry, red bean, and green tea.

Italian Ice

You may call the Italian Ice, water ice too. It’s also made in the same process of any traditional ice cream but it’s got a fruit base. Moreover, it has no dairy in it. Even more, very rarely egg white is used. With a very smooth velvety texture, the Italian Ice is quite popular across the globe. You’ll get it in several flavors like – blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, and lemon.

Types of Ice Cream by Recipe

As ice creams are of different kinds the recipes also come in types. You’ll find alternative products used in each type of ice cream.

Here are some of the types of ice cream by recipes:

Hard Ice Creams

Hard ice creams are basically the types of ice creams that were traditionally made. You will find the key ingredients to be mainly sugar, eggs, cream, milk, stabilizers, and sweeteners. If you have no health issues with these components in the ice cream, you can very well have it.

French Ice Creams

Are you thinking French ice creams are only famous in France? Well, it would surprise you a little when you know why it’s called so! Actually, ice creams that have a custard base with egg yolks, cream, milk, and other ingredients are known by this name. You can call them custard ice creams too.

Light Ice Creams

Light ice creams actually contain all the same ingredients as other ice creams. But the only difference is they have 25% low fat in them. So, that’s why it’s known as light ice creams. If you are on a diet and crave for low-fat ice cream, you’ve got the one you need to buy.

Organic Ice Creams

As the name suggests, the ingredients used in these ice creams are absolutely natural and organic. So, having these will cause no harm to your health.

No Sugar Ice Creams

Are you wondering your ice cream will contain no sugar at all? Well, it’s not that! Sweeteners and sugar substitutes bring out the sweetness in these ice creams. If you are diabetic then these sugar-free ice creams can be a salve to your cravings.

Soft Ice Creams

You’ll notice the soft ice creams to be done in extremely high temperatures. It’s done for the cream to be very smooth, creamy, and soft for a long period of time.

People having digestive or eating troubles can have these ice creams. You will be able to swallow soft ice creams quite easily unlike hard ice creams.

Lactose-Free Ice Creams

Are you lactose-intolerant? Do you crave to have ice cream, but can’t? Lactose-free ice creams are just the ones you need to have. You won’t even have a bad day after your favorite treat.

These ice creams happen to be very tasty and you can easily buy them different flavors. It’s a perfect choice for people who are allergic to milk too. So, there isn’t any worries if you have problems with milk.

Gluten-Free Ice Creams

It’s the perfect choice if you are susceptible or have celiac disease. Gluten sensitivity is something you just cannot take a chance with. So, if you’ve got any chances of that without hesitation choose gluten-free ice creams. You’ll enjoy relishing treat and yet cause no harm to your health.

Types of Ice Cream

Top 20 Ice Cream Flavors

You just cannot consider making a list of ice flavors. But makers have shortlisted the top 20 ice cream flavors popular across the globe. Apart from the traditional flavors there are some new ones you must try.

Scroll down to know the top 20 ice cream flavors:

  • Bubble gum Ice cream
  • Raspberry Ice Cream.
  • Sea Salt Ice Cream
  • Coffee Ice Cream.
  • Cookies and Cream Ice cream
  • Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip.
  • Peppermint Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • Lemon Sorbet Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Banana Ice cream
  • Lavender Ice cream
  • Moose Tracks Ice cream
  • Birthday Cake Ice cream
  • Carrot cake Ice cream
  • Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Turtle Ice Cream
  • Toasted Almond Ice cream
  • Twix Ice Cream
  • Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream
  • Caramel Apple Ice Cream

All these are some of the top new ice cream flavors that are very popular. You can have them in tubs, bowls or in different types of ice creams cones. Another flavor that is gaining immense popularity is Kulfi ice creams. So, aren’t you ready to try out all the top 20 ice cream flavors?

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Ice creams have several health benefits. Are you surprised? Yes! Your favorite frozen dessert does have numerous benefits on health. Apart from giving your taste buds pleasure, ice cream does improve your health. Which are:

Sources of Vitamins

You can give your body also a treat of vitamins when you have each spoon of ice cream. It’s got a high level of vitamin C, A, D, E, B, K and B12 too. Further, it protects your body from blood clotting.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Do you know calcium can curb the chances of cancer-cell production? If you have ice creams, you’re providing your body with calcium. So, you can even lower the chances of cancer by having ice creams.

Gives Energy

You can give your body an adequate supply of proteins, fats, carbohydrates when you have ice creams. So, aren’t you giving your body energy by having ice cream?

Stress Reliever

Doesn’t a scoop of ice cream reduce your anxiety by a level? It’s because of the thrombotonin – content in it. This content stimulates happy hormones that give you happiness and releases the stress out of your body.

Last Thoughts

No matter how old you are, you cannot deny ice creams give you joy like nothing else. It can be a happy, sad, boring, or hectic day, a scoop of ice cream will just give you immense happiness.

Aren’t you just craving to have some ice cream? But do you know what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Go through the top 20 ice cream flavors and get yourself the best one you like! Now, stop looking at the pictures and get yourself some ice cream. Give yourself that joy but don’t forget to leave us feedback!