Most Popular Types of Bread for Staple Eaters and Dough Lovers

Most Popular Types of Bread for Staple Eaters and Dough Lovers

Bread is a common choice for breakfast since ages. From the times we were kids, mornings always meant bread. But do you know that what the different types of bread are? We have so many different types of bread that we can easily include them in our diet even when you are trying to lose weight. Bread also has a lot of health benefits and high in its nutritional value. So, let’s check out the different types of breads, it’s nutritional value and health benefits too. Scroll down to know more!

Nutritional Value of Breads

Before we get to know what the different types of bread are, you must know what you’re eating. You must be well aware of your dietary inclusions and choose the right one for yourself.

Breads are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and calories too. However, the percentages of this content depend a lot on what type of bread you choose.

If you choose whole wheat grain bread, the calorie is lower than that of white bread. So, nutritionists always recommend having whole wheat grain bread than having white bread. However, the nutrition quotient may vary from one brand to another. But the overall calorie count is much lower in whole wheat bread.

The choice of bread depends a lot on your nutritional goals and if you wish to reduce your sugar intake or not. Other factors like more protein intake, daily fiber intake are also things you need to consider while choosing the right bread.

So, first you need to consult your nutritionist and then choose which one is best to fit into your regime. But before your doctor tells you which bread you can eat, know all the types of bread.

15 Different Types of Bread

Let’s check out the list of the most popular types of bread and how they are different from one another.

The popular 15 different types of bread are:

Banana Bread

Banana breads are sweet, moist, and dense breads. You can use baking powder or baking soda to bake these breads. During the 18th century, the United States had invented this bread as ‘quick bread’. Even today it is very popular in the States. You’ll find a special day called the National Banana Bread Day on the 23rd of February to celebrate the invention of this bread. Even more, you can try using zucchini to make bread. That is also quite popular but not as much as the banana bread.


Baguette is a long stick of bread and is also known as the French bread. It originates in France and is made using yeast, flour, salt, and water. With these simple ingredients, you can make such a tasty bread that has a crispy and chewy crust. The interiors of the Baguette are feather-like and the yeast allows gas expansion while baking it.


Haven’t you seen Italian meals with a long pencil-thin bread? It basically makes meals in Italy incomplete without serving a breadstick. You will find it to be much smaller in size than the baguette. There is a belief that this bread must have originated in the 17th century from Italy. But you can easily find it in the States now. Many times, you will find American restaurants to serve breadstick with butter, cheese, and garlic toppings. Or at times as a dessert with cinnamon and sugar icing.

Brioche Bread

You definitely need to thank the French for this lovely, soft, and butter-smooth bread called Brioche. It has lots of eggs and butter which makes it as soft as cotton. You will find people from all over the world enjoying this pillow-soft bread as dinner rolls, burger bread and in French toast dishes too.  This cotton-soft was invented way back in 1404.

Challah Bread

Challah is mostly braided among the types of bread. It is closely linked to the Jewish faith as it was served on Sabbath and many other auspicious holidays. You can also call it berches as it was the first name given to this type of bread. But later in the Middle Ages people started calling this bread Challah. You will find it to have sprinkles of sesame seeds and poppy on the top of it. It is a belief that these sprinkles represent the blessings from God that is a symbol of love.

Ciabatta Bread

You really need to thank Italy for all the lovely breads they have provided the world. The term Ciabatta means slipper in Italian. You’ll find the Ciabatta to be flat from the middle and quite broad too. It’s a perfect bread for making sandwiches. All the other inventions of bread are very primitive but Ciabatta is quite a new invention. It was first made in 1982.


You will find cornbread to be developed by the Native Americans in a region just beneath the Mason-Dixon Line. It is made with wheat flour, milk or buttermilk, eggs and finely ground corn. You will find the Southern-style cornbread to be initially baked with baking powder or unleavened in an oven. The taste of this marvelous bread is crispy, rich and crumbly. But you must consume it as soon as possible. That is because the cornbread doesn’t have a good shelf-life.

Focaccia Bread

Among the other types of bread, Focaccia also has an Italian origin. It is usually a flatbread that looks a lot like a pizza dough. You need to bake it in a sheet pan at a very high temperature. Mostly, you will get Focaccia bread with rosemary, coarse salt, and olive oil toppings. Even though the exact origin of the Focaccia bread is not known, but is assumed to have probably originated in Ancient Rome. You must know that the name Focaccia is a derivation of the Latin name ‘panis focacius’, that means fireplace bread. Nowadays, you will get this bread with a wide range of toppings like- mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and so much more.

Multigrain Bread

Multigrain bread goes just by its name and it didn’t take up too much time to name this bread. It is obvious that more one grains were used to make this bread. Grains like barley, flax, and oats were used in making this bread. But you need to keep in mind that there is also bread made out of flour from second grains and wheat that is called multigrain. So, choose the one you like. If you like your sandwiches out of different grains that are extremely good for health, be sure to check what the label reads.

Pita Bread

Just like naan and tortillas, the pita is also a flat bread. It is round and soft, and also leavened by a little. The Pita bread originated in the Middle East around 4000 years back. It is cooked in extremely high temperatures which causes the dough to really puff up. When it cools you get a nice pocket that can be filled with goodies. Sometimes falafel is put into these pockets. In some cases, you can use this bread to scoop up any dip you like tzatziki or hummus.

Pumpernickel Bread

The pumpernickel bread usually emerges from Germany. It is a kind of rye bread that is made with coarsely ground rye. Traditionally it took a lot of time and patience to bake the pumpernickel bread. It took people more than 24 hours to bake this bread. But Americans tried ways to shun off the long baking sessions. So, they came up with new ways of baking the pumpernickel, with coffee and sometimes molasses. This started giving it a darker hue that the traditional pumpernickel bread.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is among the types of breads for sandwiches that are world-famous. You will find this bread to vary from being dark, medium, or even light. That is because the hue depends on which part of the rye berry you are using to make the flour. UK usually makes it with 100% rye flour. However, the United States has a different way of making rye bread. They use wheat flour mostly to make rye bread. At times, you may find a few breads to have toppings of dill seeds or caraway.

Soda Bread

Have you ever celebrated St. Patrick’s Day? If yes, then you must have seen the famous and ancient soda bread. You have to thank the Emerald Isle for this lovely bread. Oftentimes, you may find differences in the recipes in the States and Ireland. However, the traditional way of making soda bread is by using baking soda, salt, buttermilk, and soft wheat flour. Even though the soda bread is dense and has a thick outer-crust, it does give your taste-buds a mild flavor. But in the US, you will them to use raisins to enhance the flavor of this soda bread.

Sourdough Bread

It is believed that the sourdough bread originated in Egypt during 1500 B.C. You will find the sourness in this bread is because of the fermentation process. It is fermented with the use of lactobacilli and yeasts. Moreover, this together lets lactic acid form, which gives it the unique sour taste you love about this bread. San Francisco bay area is the hub for the Sourdough bread and people there simply love it. It is also easily digestible, unlike other breads. To add to qualities of sourdough, it is highly nutritious and can control blood sugar too.

Whole Wheat Bread

If you think which one is the healthiest among all the types of bread?  Then whole wheat bread will definitely top the list. It is extremely beneficial for your health. Whole wheat bread is made using flour that has the whole grains. That means it has the germ and bran both. As a result, whole wheat gives you more fiber, vitamins and proteins than what white bread offers. More so, you get a flavorful and rich aroma from whole wheat bread.

Health Benefits of Bread

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear bread? Don’t you think about breakfast? So, first and the most important benefit of bread is it gives energy from carbohydrate-content in it. If you eat a slice of bread you can be sure you are giving your body carbs for your entire day and more.

When you have whole wheat breads, you’re giving your body a lot of fiber as well. It provides you with weight loss and health benefits. More so, you can keep your stomach really full for a long time.

Numerous studies recommend weight loss diets to include lots of fiber in them. It will keep you full and satisfied for really long and reduce your frequent cravings. But your choice should be whole wheat bread in this case.

Are you thinking that is all? Well, there is more! Some of the types of bread are a very good source of folate, selenium, and thiamin. You will find all these micronutrients to be extremely beneficial for your health.

Last thoughts

There are so many different ways you can have your slice of bread. If you’re someone who is a bread lover, add it to your diet! Are you thinking you would end up gaining more weight? Well, there are breads that can help you with that too. But remember to keep a close check on the portions you eat.

Here are a few instances where you have your favorite bread yet not indulge in having too much. Instead of taking two slices of bread for a sandwich, take up one slice. Top it up with some apple slices and nut butter. In this way you will be able to have your favorite bread and yet keep a check on your calorie intake. Moreover, you aren’t giving your body too much of saturated fat or sugar either.

So, now you know the best 15 different types of bread. If you haven’t had them, then definitely go ahead and try them out. But remember to keep a close watch too. Once you’ve had all the types of bread mentioned above, do leave us a feedback!