Effective Physical Barriers

Top 3 Most Effective Physical Barriers for Crowd Management

Do you know when was the first time ‘Crowd Control’ became a term in the US? Well, it was around the 1930s. That’s a long way back. What’s more surprising is that crowd management barriers were of wood at that time. So, you can guess that these wooden Effective Physical Barriers were not quite a challenge for the crowd. That is why you see today’s advancements in crowd control primarily focussing around the Steel Barricade.

Steel barricades can easily be considered the best of the lot. Especially for high-traffic events or areas, nothing works like those. Also, alongside Steel Barricades, there are other barricades and barriers. This article will take you to the top five most effective physical barriers that you can buy.

  1. Steel Barricades

These barricades are undoubtedly the most robust and durable ones out there. If you want to buy barricades for an event with a high traffic count, Steel Barricades are the best. The added advantage of using these is that they have interlocking features. So, even if a live concert or big fair is happening, these barricades can withstand large crowds.

Features of Steel Barricades- Effective Physical Barriers

  • They have a rigid and tough design. That makes it extremely difficult for the crowd to move past it or change its placement.
  • Steel barricades come in different sizes and materials, viz. Stainless Steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.
  • They have different interlocking systems like the classic style, wide-hooked one, bent-hand style, etc.
  • They come with both removable/replaceable and non-removable welded bases.

Choosing a replaceable base is the more preferred option. Steel Barricades are simply the best option to manage massive crowds.

  1. Stanchion Barriers

These are the rope and stand barriers, where there are weighted posts with ropes that connect each other. Stanchion barriers are the perfect fit for medium to large events. You can use these for red carpet events, trade fairs, shows, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, banks, etc. Primarily for indoor use, these barriers work flawlessly. 

Features of Stanchion Barriers

  • These barriers are primarily suitable for indoor usage. However, these can also be used at wedding receptions. 
  • The barriers come in different styles, colors, sizes, qualities, etc.
  • The plastic and the rope also vary from one material to another.
  • Mostly, these barriers have a height of around 3 feet or more. 
  • The post or stand tops vary between flat, crowned, or a ball.
  • The bases of the posts also have some variations like fixed, flat, or dome.

You need to understand that stanchion barrier do not help handle crowded places. They can easily be moved or pushed away from one place to another.

  1. Sign Stands

Nothing is messier like a large crowd puzzled and confused inside a trade show or fair. Well, such a thing can unnecessarily make way for an overcrowded situation. Sign stands here works absolutely perfectly as means of crowd control. From indoor signs to outdoor ones, these are not like traditional barriers. They won’t make the crowd walk in lines or across a definite path. 

Instead, they organize traffic by ensuring that the crowd faces no problems in finding their favorite store or food stall inside a fair or event. 

Features of Sign Stands

  • These sign stands are valuable for companies to drive traffic towards their setup.
  • Sign stands are usually tall and attractive, looking to easily catch the eyes of people visiting the event/fair.
  • Therefore, sign stands work perfectly to capture the attention of buyers/visitors. 
  • Besides that, they are great tools to engage more with customers.
  • These stands are not only about crowd management, but they also guide customers in an orderly manner.

Fairs, trade shows, or carnivals that do not have sign stands make crowds quickly. That’s because the people in such places need to find out everything independently.

Crowd Management in Music Fests/Concerts

Music fests and concerts are some of the most daunting places for crowd controllers. They have hundreds of thousands of fans and visitors who will stay there for hours. Event organizers work side-by-side with the venue authority for such mega shows. Barricades play a pivotal role in these shows as –

  • They can be used to create designated areas for every little category needed at a venue.
  • Barricades make way for directing foot traffic appropriately.
  • Separating the high-security VIP zones from the rest.
  • Preventing vehicles from parking here and there.
  • Safeguarding the visitors from unwanted accidents.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking for a Steel Barricade or any other type of crowd management barrier, you should check out popular online stores. They ensure that the product you buy suits your need for it perfectly.