Helium Balloons Last

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

Helium balloons are an incredible way to decorate the dwelling without spending too much money on miscellaneous items. Some decorators might think that balloons are a practical but short-lived solution when it comes to last-minute parties. Thankfully, with modern technology, inflatable toys can hold up to several months with proper care. However, there are different types of balloons, and all of them have a different life span. So how long do Mylar balloons last?

Helium balloons are known to be a more durable solution than air-filled inflatables, making them a safe choice for party time.  Everything depends on the measure of a balloon itself, as well as the helium quality. Yes, the better the gas tank, the longer your balloons would last. The minimum time for helium inflatables is 3-4 days depending on the outer conditions. 

For instance, helium balloons do not like weather fluctuations. Suppose they stay inside with a stable temperature and controlled humidity, then there are high chances to extend the balloons’ expiration date. Moreover, the size of the inflatable is an important factor. Larger balloons usually serve for several weeks without a decrease in size. Extra big inflatables can last even longer (more than a month with proper care,) being one of the most reasonable decoration choices for party hosts. Once the balloon is secured and tied accordingly, there is a low probability of deflation. 

Why do Mylar and foil balloons inflated with helium stay for so long? The reason why so many decorators choose this type of inflatables over latex ones is because of the foil’s density. Since Mylar is less porous than latex, helium doesn’t come up as fast through the microscopic openings. 

How does weather affect helium balloons? 

Humidity and outside temperature can negatively affect the balloon’s shelflife. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the user guideline, including inflation and deflation recommendations. 

If the air outside is hot, your helium balloons will inevitably deflate faster. It all comes down to the composition of a certain gas that contrary to pure air shrinks and expands with temperature fluctuations. 

Humidity is also not great for a helium balloon because the outer coating of such inflatable is usually foil. Metal parts in a foil or Mylar balloon do not do well when in contact with water. 

How long does a helium balloon last in cold temperatures? 

Cold rooms and snowy backyards are not exactly the best condition to keep a helium inflatable in. Your balloons will endure more than 10 hours if you keep them in a cool area. However, as you may expect substantial shrinking, putting your balloons in an air-conditioned room is pointless. The temperature must be between 45 and 50 degrees for your balloons to start deflating. Note that your inflatables will return to normal once you put them in a hotter area.

How long does a helium balloon last in hot temperatures? 

Balloons filled with helium will not last more than 5 hours in a hot room or outside. As the gas expands, so is the exterior of your inflatable, making it fragile. 

How do you make a helium balloon last longer? 

It is essential to remember certain variables that may interfere with a balloon’s longevity to extend the enjoyment for as long as possible even subjecting your balloons to certain treatments. These are: 

1) exposure of inflatable items to direct sunshine;

2) inflating latex products to sizes larger than those advised; 

3) placing inflatables somewhere with high humidity;

4) exposure of inflatable products to unexpected temperature fluctuations.

To prevent the sad ending of a helium balloon, a decorator should always know how a certain temperature point interferes with the longevity of a product and avoid common mistakes.