Keep Your Sweet Tooth In Check With This Time Locking Container!

Can’t Control Your Sweet Tooth? This May Help!

Control Your Sweet Tooth With This Time Locking Container!

For me, if it’s not around, I won’t have the urge to eat candy. But if it’s in the house? I’ll eat the whole bag – no problem. This binge mentality when it comes to eating candy had me seeking help.

My fiance was banning me from getting candy at the store. My teeth were falling apart (literally). It was time to get my sweet tooth in check – but how?Candy Container with Timer

It’s like a regular candy jar, but better…

Enter this handy innovation. It’s a clear container that has a time-activated seal on it.

The Kitchen-safe: Time Locking Container is just like any other kitchen container but is designed in a way that will help fight temptation.

Once you set the timer and press the button, it will remain LOCKED and you can’t open it until the time reaches to zero.

It can be used as a powerful tool to eradicate your bad habits.

If you eat a lot of candy (like me) and you aren’t able to control the temptations of all that scrumptious and yummy candies right in your view…then you should consider buying this particular Kitchen-Safe Time Locking Container (Buy From Amazon).

It sounds like you really need to! For me, it was a fantastic habit-former. I could lock myself out at night – when I was craving candy the most – or just when I didn’t need anymore sugar.

Load all your candy into this and set a timer – it’s that easy. You can lock yourself out for hours or even days and then activate the lock. The maximum is 10-12 days!

All your candies will be safe from your own grasp and who knows – soon you might be able to control your urges. Too many cravings for sweets isn’t good for health and this handy tool can help break bad habits.

The Conclusion?

Just make sure that your candy doesn’t go stale easy. It’s not the best seal when it comes to that. It’s not refrigerator-safe either as that will cause to the batteries and other electronic mechanisms used to keep you out.

Other than though, (quality-wise) it is hard, well-guarded and has plenty of space to keep candies of your choice inside.

It starts at around $50 – which is a reasonable price to pay to help you to keep your temptation for candy in constant control!

An OMG for me!