Scandinavian Swimmers: Better Than Swedish Fish?

Scandinavian Swimmers vs Swedish Fish

Trader Joe’s candy is the best.

For whatever reason, they’ve been bringing the heat when it comes to their chocolates for years now. However, in gummy candy, they’ve always been lacking a bit.

I’ve liked the licorice – sure. However, nothing came along that blew my socks off.

Enter Scandinavian Swimmers.

Scandinavian Swimmers

Now, like other Trader Joe’s candy, it was almost a knock-off version. You know how their cereal is like the major brands but not? So is their candy.

This one is nautical-themed, they are gummy and they are about the same size. Oh did I mention they were also SCANDINAVIAN instead of Swedish? Do you get where I’m going here?

Yes, the Swimmers are almost a dead ringer for Swedish Fish.

Scandinavian Swimmers flavors:

That’s not to say they didn’t have their own unique spin on it. Instead of coming in one color, Scandanavian Swimmers came in four:

  • Blue Dolphins – Huckleberry flavor
  • Red Lobsters – Berry flavor
  • Orange Fishes – Orange flavor
  • Yellow Seahorses – Mango-Peach flavor

Scandinavian Swimmers

How Do They Compare?

I can’t be sure what the flavors are, but the blue dolphins are awesome. I would buy a pack of just them alone.

All of them have a really good chewiness. I would say they are a little gummier than their Swedish counterpart.

However, the diversity of colors and flavors makes them a worthy substitute. You can’t exactly beat the classic Swedish Fish – especially since they are finally innovating – but they certainly hold their own.

Just like Swedish Fish, they are gelatin-free (making them vegan). On top of that, Scandinavian Swimmers are organic. Might that give them the edge for some people? Sure.

For me, Swedish Fish are still better, but only by a hair.

What are your thoughts on Trader Joe’s version of Swedish Fish?