Swedish Fish Tropical - Review

Tropical Swedish Fish – Island Treat? Or Mirage? [Review]

A Review of the Newest Swedish Fish Innovation

Well, I’ll be…

Swedish Fish is innovating!

While it’s not like they’ve never done, the extent of it was making the fish different colors.

So when I saw the Tropical Swedish Fish in the store, I immediately grabbed them.

Then, my fiancee told me to put them back (only because I was eating too much candy at the time).

However, next time I went to the store (alone), I was sure to pick them up.

Tropical Swedish Fish

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How Are They?

Pretty good. A little disappointing.

It’s not that the flavors aren’t good. Somehow though, the signature squishiness of the Swedish Fish went away.

Also, I realize how good the taste of the regular red fish really is. It’s an almost perfect candy…

I recently debated if Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers were better. Now it’s clear to me that they are not.

Tropical Swedish Fish certainly don’t live up to the standards of the original Swedish Fish, but it’s a notable effort. It’s certainly something I would eat again. I’d give it an OM overall…

Tropical Swedish Fish Flavors:

  • Pina Colada (Yellow)
  • Tropical Island (Orange)
  • Beachy Punch (Red)
  • Passion Fruit (Purple)

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