Sour Wine Gums - Review

Sour Wine Gums: Better Than Originals? [Review]

I had been searching everywhere in Ireland for Maynards Sour Wine Gums. I had reviewed the regular Wine Gumsalready knowing that they were popular in the UK/ Ireland.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the normal wine gums, but as I heard that sour ones existed, I knew I had to have them. It sounded right up my alley. After only a few convenience stores, I tracked them down at a Tesco.

Maynards Sour Wine Gums

The Sour Wine Gums flavors?

Contained within the pack was about 15 Sour Wine Gums of various flavors; there was an orange, purple, red and green. Just as in the regular pack, this made the Sour Wine Gums flavors orange, black currant, raspberry, and lime– no lemon this time around.

Instead of the fun shapesthat I got in my last pack of Wine Gums, these were the normal disks much like from Rosa’s review of the originals. I’m not sure if that contributed to why I found them a little less satisfying.

The difference overall between these and the originals was that instead of being an uncoated gummy, these were covered in sugar. Ultimatley, it was virtually a sugar-coated version of the originals, which I suppose I should have expected.

The consistency was that tough gumminess that you would come to expect from Wine Gums. Those with weak jaws and teeth should probably stay away from Wine Gums in general. Those with sensitiveteeth should DEFINITELY stay away from the Sour Wine Gums.

The conclusion?

They were not super sour so I couldn’t shake a feeling of disappointment. I liked them a bit more I guess, but only because I’m a sour-lover. I think for everyone else this won’t be able to beat the classic. Not a dramatic one uptick in sour so it is an OM for me. Blame it on the high expectations.

Sour Wine Gums - Flavors


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