Maynards Wine Gums

Maynards Wine Gums: A UK Candy Staple [Review]

Today you get 2 reviews for the price of 1. Some changes have been made to Maynards Wine Gums over the last decade, as the differences in this review will show.

Rosa’s Wine Gums Review from 2008:

Wine gums are a very British sweet. They’re firm (really really firm) gummies that aren’t actually wine flavored, despite their name. Check out the Wikipedia article about them for more. I’ve seen rolls of these in every convenience store I’ve popped into in search of UK candy finds. They also come in bags (and in knockoff brands) that I’m considering trying, as I think my roll wasn’t very representative of wine gums, overall.

Maynards Wine Gums

My roll had yellow, red, and orange wine gums. Green is on the wrapper, so I wonder if I managed to miss them. As I mentioned earlier, they’re really firm gummies with a springy chew. They remind me of Dots, but without Dots’ tendency to get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your teeth.

The yellow was lemon?with a tangy citrus aftertaste. Red wasn’t very flavorful. It had a bit of cherry-ness to the finish. Orange was also lacking in flavor. I think there was a bit of orange taste that lingered after the sweet was gone, but maybe the color just made me think there was.

Maynards Wine Gums flavors
Lemon, Orange, and Cherry?

I found these to be a disappointing O. You can see Cybele’s take here (she got more colors than I did).

Nic’s Wine Gums Review from 2017:

I tend to agree with Rosa. Maynards Wine Gums are a little more firm than your average gummy. They can be tough on the teeth and hard to eat a lot at once, for that reason.?Maynards Wine Gums

That being said, I found them to live up to the “Wine Gums” name. Each flavor gives a hint of wine, without actually using it as an ingredient. My pack seemed to come with all 5 flavors:?port, sherry, champagne, burgundy, and claret. The real flavors are?black currant, lime, raspberry, orange, and lemon though they are muted and as I said, have hints of actual wine/alcohol in them.

My?Wine Gums were also not just cylinders. They came in fun shapes and sizes that made eating a bit more fun of an experience. There are a crown and a diamond shape in addition to your standard circles.

Maynards Wine Gums flavors

Overall, I would give these an OM, as they are weirdly addicting once you get started. Maybe that or they were just right in front of me! If only they were a little bit sourer…