Lily O’Briens Chocolate Bars

Lily O’Briens was extremely generous in the array of chocolate samples they sent me. I got a ton of their delicious truffles, and I got two sets of their luxury bar assortments. Ten bars of chocolates was more than I could ever eat, so I shared one set plus my second honeycomb crisp and sticky toffee bar (because I had a box each of the honeycomb crisp and sticky toffee truffles). I kept the remaining milk, organic milk, and organic dark bars to taste.

The organic milk bar (photo below) had a surprisingly great snap for milk chocolate. It had a thick and creamy melt as good milk chocolate should. I got strong vanilla notes in a bar that was sweet, but not too sweet.

Compared to the organic bar, the non-organic milk bar was lighter in color and less sweet. Its flavor was duskier; I got strong caramel notes. It was also much thicker than the organic version, throat-coatingingly creamy that lingers in the back of the throat.

Finally, the organic dark (photo below): the smell was sharp and a bit acidic, which was reflected in a sour tinge to the flavor. It was quite dry, giving the bar a crisp snap.

I enjoyed the milk bars and would give them an OM. As for the dark bar, it was nice, but I’ve had better, so an O. for that. Either way, I haven’t heard any complaints from the 7 beneficiaries of the bars I gave away.

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