Bag of the Fruit Punch flavors.

Mike and Ike Shredders

A rare miss by the Mike and Ike brand.

Conclusion: Would not recommend
Flavors: Fruit Punch, Sour Wildberry

I purchased these at Target, with the intention of eating them as I drove back.  I cracked into the bag, and the feelings of disappointment and regret came washing over me immediately.

It’s not that the candy is bad, it’s more that it’s just ‘okay’. You know those sour strips/belts? Imagine if those were tore into a bunch of small pieces and then thrown into a bag. That’s what this is.

Specifically with the bag I purchased, the sugar fell off so easily. By the time I got the candy to my mouth, most of sugar had fallen into my lap (making this a terrible snack to eat while driving). The shredders themselves were very lazily covered (see below) and the sugar was not finely grained. This may have been a contributing factor as to why the bottom of the bag was coated with sugar by the time I finished.

Mike and Ike Shredders
Close-up of the Sour Wildberry flavors.

Not only that, but the flavors were indistinguishable from one another. Sure, the blue and yellow shreds were pretty good, but the pieces were not nearly large enough to satisfy. I would have preferred if the “shreds” had been left in a larger form, and one that was easier to grab. In order to get any sort of flavor from these Shredders, I found the best thing to do was to grab a handful, and hope for the best. In bulk they seemed to all blend together for a somewhat enjoyable mess.

The bags come in two flavors (I purchased one of each)– Sour Wildberry and Fruit Punch. I would give the edge to the Sour Wildberry over the Fruit Punch, but that’s again because I prefer sour to sweet. I will say that the flavor of the Fruit Punch is something that is typical of the Mike and Ike brand; it was solid. The candy itself is unfortunately not.  Honestly, there’s a lot of other candies I would buy over these (even if they are on sale).

The consistency was even a little stale, but it could have just been my bag, and that’s why they were on sale in the first place. A little too chewy, and not in the fun, “gummy” sort of way. It had a licorice kind of feel, but the kind of licorice that has been sitting in grandma’s house for a few years.

Overall, the whole experience was a let down. I finished the whole bag of Shredders as I pulled up to my house. I really wasn’t looking forward to eating that second bag now.