New Haribo Gold Bears – Which is the Best: Apple, Watermelon or Cherry?

Haribo Gummy Bears may have just got a whole lot more interesting…

Haribo Gummy Bears are already some of the best out there. The only thing that could make them better is adding a new flavor, which is seemingly what they are hinting at with a new contest.

Starting at the beginning of the New Year, Haribo – quite creatively I might add – released 3 new flavors in their own packs for sale at supermarkets across the country. The three new flavors being:

  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Apple


Fans can buy all of them, try them, pick their favorite, and cast their vote online. The winner will (seemingly) become the newest staple of the Haribo Gold Bears, though I see no mention of it on their website.

Taking the voting to the fans isn’t exactly something new for the candy industry. There have been campaigns for us to “choose” the new flavors for a while. Most recently, Oreo & Walmart were both hilariously trolled by voters to bring back the Oreo-flavored Oreo of Cookies and Creme.

What makes this contest unique is that we get to try each one before actually casting our vote. You have to buy each individually, so if you know you won’t like apple, for example, you can easily avoid it – you don’t have to a buy a mixed pack and pick through the bad flavors.

However, the 3 flavors they have chosen seem to be too good to pass up. Each of these could easily be someones favorite flavor. Here are my initial thoughts, ranked from best to worst:



Watermelon upon first glance seems to be the runaway favorite. It’s definitely the best of the 3. The smell is the least overpowering and the most authentic to the actual fruit.



However, cherry usually ends up being a pretty good flavor when done right. Unfortunately, this is not an example of that. The Cherry flavor gummy bear is reminiscent of cough syrup, right down to its aftertaste.



Apple has a lot riding on its sourness and it doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s not sour, smells like an apple Jolly Rancher, and doesn’t even have a good apple taste to it! Probably the most disappointing of the bunch.

On the bright side, this kind of branding opens a whole new avenue for Haribo. None of the flavors are that good, but with some improvement, I think there is some great potential. Imagine a bag full of white gummy bears. Now that would be something worth writing about!

Try them for yourself and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to cast your vote at! Until 6/30/17 that is.

Peeps Oreo

Peeps Oreo – A New Easter Classic?

*Careful Peeps Oreo has been known to turn your tongue hot pink! Eat at your own risk.*

Peeps Oreo

Let’s be honest, no one really likes Peeps. I’m confident that no one on Earth would qualify it as their favorite candy. But if anyone could get people to like Peeps, it would be Oreo.

Oreo is coming off a hot streak in 2016, where essentially every candy creation they made turned to gold. 2017 started off nicely for them too as nothing went more viral than the Swedish Fish Oreo.

So just in time for Easter, Oreo has unveiled their newest collaboration, and it’s a great one. Yes, Peeps Oreo lives up to the reputation of the seasonal candy that is on the inside – in that they are not that colorful, only available one time a year, but not that great overall.

The most noticeable thing about Peeps Oreo is that the marshmallow filling is hot pink (practically neon). It’s quite festive and goes well with the Easter season – in that it’s bright and sugary. There are the signature Peeps sparkle to the filling, though you can’t see it in the photo.

Peeps Oreo - Pink

Other than that, there’s nothing too distinguishable about this Oreo. It’s a white cookie outside with a rather bland Peep marshmallow filling inside. The best thing about it is the fact that it’s now dying people’s tongues and poop bright pink!

Honestly, I had about 6 of these and I did not suffer from this side effect. I think you would have to eat an entire sleeve for this to be an issue – just my two cents.

Overall though, the candy is fun, and a good one to include in an Easter basket. Other than the gimmick it doesn’t offer any real staying power, but I more than expect it to be a part of Easter for years to come. We all know Oreo is better than Peeps anyway.

Sour Patch Kids Tropical

Sour Patch Kids Tropical – Review

Sometimes you just know when something is going to be good. That’s certainly the case with Sour Patch Kids Tropical. However, what I didn’t realize is just how awesome they would be. Seriously, this is one of the best candies I have ever had.

Sour Patch Kids Tropical

Sour Patch hasn’t exactly innovated recently. They’ve introduced new flavors but nothing that has caught the attention of the masses quite like Sour Patch Kids original. They have tried Extreme, they have tried Exploderz, but nothing seems to stick.

With Sour Patch Kids Tropical they have certainly found something that will be a hit. Right now, it’s only available in Target and 7-Elevens, but that should soon change.

What makes these Kids so great is obviously the innovation. Sour Patch Kids Tropical flavors are as follows:

  • White – Pineapple
  • Purple – Passion Fruit
  • Pink – Paradise Punch
  • Orange – Tropical Twist
Sour Patch Kids Tropical flavors
These are so amazing.

Which new Sour Patch Tropical flavor is the best?

Each one is special, unique, and really delicious. The two fruit-flavors are self-explanatory. Pineapple is quite honestly the best of the bunch, but probably the obvious choice of the whole pack. Passion Fruit certainly is a unique choice that pans out too. For a “purple” colored candy it doesn’t leave that syrupy residue that you get with grape or something like that.

The red flavor for the Tropical bag is ‘Paradise Punch’ which is a sour take on fruit punch. I’m not usually a big fruit punch fan but even this one is above average.

The mystery comes with the orange flavor. It’s called Tropical Twist, but I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what it is. It’s very tart and sour, so I want to say it’s kumquat. If you have any ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments.

All in all, these are too good not to be a huge hit. Go give them a try – Sour Patch is at the top of their game with the Tropical flavors!

Sour Patch Kids Tropical Nutrition Facts

As always, these are vegan. The ingredients are: Sugar, Inverted Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow 6, and Red 4

Sour Patch Tropical Nutrition Facts (entire package):

  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 120mg
  • Total Carbs: 126g
  • Sugars: 108g
  • Protein: 0g

Tic Tac Nutrition Facts – Beware!

Have you ever noticed the Tic Tac nutrition facts? It’s shocking – they have 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 sugar. According to these numbers, Tic Tacs are just as good for you as water. How do they do it!

They don’t – Tic Tac nutrition facts actually operate under a nice little trick! Let me explain:

Nutrition Facts Tic Tacs
Looks healthy but look again!

It comes down to the serving size. US federal regulations state that if a single serving contains less than 0.5 g of sugars it is allowable to express the amount of sugar in a serving as zero.

Because the Tic Tac is so small, they can put the nutrition facts as 0 because it’s nearly zero grams.

They’re still pure sugar, so buyer beware. They may appear harmless when you first look at them, but don’t be fooled – Tic Tacs are still candy disguised as a fun mint. Even the label on the front preaches that each Tic Tac “mint” is less than 2 calories.

Anyone who has even had the orange flavor Tic Tac knows that you don’t just have one. You are lucky if you don’t finish the whole container in one sitting. So it’s hard not to see this as deceiving.

I remember the first time I noticed the “healthy” Tic Tacs. I was on a road trip picking up candy at a pitstop (typical). Much to the disappointment of my girlfriend, I had my eyes on yet another candy that was bad for my health. “Why don’t you eat more healthy candy? Look at all the carbs and sugar in these!”

She wasn’t wrong. I had been consuming a lot of candy on the trip, so it was probably time that I toned it down. “Okay,” I conceded, “let me see what I can find here.”

For the next few minutes I searched the convenience store for something without so many carbs. Then I saw this on the shelf:

Tic Tac candy
Tic Tac : candy or mint?

I had remember having Tic Tacs when I was a kid. It was a mint that you could easily eat the entire box of – who even has the peppermint kind! It’s all about the orange Tic Tac! When I quickly checked the nutrition facts I thought I had discovered the secret to all my problems. No fat! No carbs! This is the magical candy I would eat for the rest of life and finally be healthy.

I bought them, but on further investigation on the roadtrip, the girlfriend and I came to a horrifying conclusion: it was all a lie.

Call it good marketing or call it deceitful, but Tic Tacs still have sugar in them (shocker) and they also contain yellow 6, rice starch, carnauba wax. So why was it that the nutrition facts say there is nothing in them, when there is clearly some harmful stuff?

Unless you are using Tic Tacs as actual mints, my recommendation to you is to stay away from them! There is much better candy out there, and you aren’t being “healthy” by eating Tic Tacs. You are just being dumb like I was!


Chewy Lemonhead: Berry Awesome

Lemondhead Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemondhead Berry Awesome

Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome

I have very fond memories of Lemonheads. They used to sell them on the ballfield where I played on in Little League. They appeal was that they were extremely cheap (something like a quarter) and made for a good post-game treat.

For those who don’t know much about their original candy, it’s a very simple one – Lemonheads are kind of like a lemon rock candy on the inside with a softer coating on the outside that is almost waxy. They are a bright yellow, of course. If I am still not getting the message across, it is like a jawbreaker about the size of an M&M that you can actually chew on.

Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome

When I saw these Chewy Lemonheads in the store therefore, I was immediately interested. The entire appeal was that they were not “chewy”. And also as you may have noticed from the name they were supposed to be lemon.

Obviously the Lemondhead brand has felt the need to branch out and make some other candies – while keeping their same branding. I will admit that having a brand called Lemonhead does limit to a certain extent, so the effort is there. And for continuity sake one of the flavors is Cherry Lemon – there you go!

Chewy Lemonheads Berry Awesome
Chewy Lemonhead Berry Awesome flavors

All the flavors of Chewy Lemonhead: Berry Awesome are as follows:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry-Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Wild Berry
  • Red Raspberry

Note: the red ones are really hard to tell apart! None of them are super great, but I really did like the cherry-lemon – glad to see that they are least sticking with that.

Everything else feels like a deviation gone wrong. Honestly, these are just jelly beans at the end of the day, and there’s better ones out there. They have the same consistency and the same candy coating as Starburst Jelly Beans for example. That makes the whole experiment a bit of a disappointment for Lemonhead.

I still hold a special place in my heart for Lemonhead, but I can’t imagine these Chewy ones in particular will once the box is gone.


Hi-Chew Bites: Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

For my latest review, I’m operating under the assumption that you’ve tried them already and realize they are awesome. The post will decide which flavor is better: Mango & Orange or Grape & Strawberry.

Mango & Orange vs Grape & Strawberry

Hi-Chew Bites

The battle for Hi-Chew supremacy

Now on paper, the battle may seem a little one-sided. Mango and Orange are the clear underdogs in this scenario. While mango is popular nowadays, I would still call it a polarizing flavor; you either love or you hate it. Orange on the other hand is one of the most boring flavors in existence. You can read more on my detest of orange in pretty much any of my reviews. Grape and Strawberry however are both unique, strongly flavored, fan-favorites.

But truth be told, Hi-Chew really excels with the flavors like mango and orange. Something about it. Now the candy itself isn’t as fun (you can have trouble telling which is an orange bite which is mango bite based off their colors), but the blend of the two is better than grape and strawberry. The latter doesn’t seem to work as a combination, and even the flavors by themselves are a little underwhelming. Anyone who has had the strawberry Hi-Chews plain can probably attest to this. The bag of strawberry and grape is definitely pretty though.

In conclusion, I’m going to have to award the 2016 Hi-Chew Bites trophy to: Orange & Mango. Congrats Orange & Mango; you made a great team.

Mixed both bags together

Now for the review of the candy, in general:

For those who haven’t had these yet, think of a smaller version of a Hi-Chew with just an outside that’s a little crispier – kind of like a Hi-Chew Skittle. If that sounds like something up your alley, I’m sure you are not alone. Starburst recently has done the same thing with their Starburst Bites.

However, what makes these more unique and, in my opinion, better is the fact that it’s a light candy-coating on the outside. It’s basically a soft Skittle with a delicious Hi-Chew inside. They are definitely a Hi-Chew candy, so don’t worry about them tasting different from anything that you are used to. It’s simply just another addition to the already strong brand. I highly recommend!


Blueberry Pie Oreo

Oreo Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie Oreo

Blueberry Pie Oreo

Future classic? I’m not so sure, but the Blueberry Pie Oreo proves that Oreo still has some creative juice left in the tank.

The Oreo flavors started as crazy as possible to get attention. However, the new iterations have toned down the wildness for more conventional and granted, more delicious flavors. I previously reviewed Red Velvet Oreos, which I found to be a wonderful treat because they weren’t trying to do too much. The same applies to the S’mores Oreo and of course, the now famous Cookies N Creme Oreo. There’s very little risk involved with any of those flavors; they appeal to the masses as they are popular flavors even without the Oreo brand attached. There’s talk that Oreo has run out of ideas. Thankfully the Blueberry Pie Oreo proves me wrong.

Blueberry Pie Oreo
A good looking cookie!

The thing about the this flavor is that it’s unlike anything out there. It doesn’t take an already established flavor (that would be in a standard ice cream for example) and put it into the Oreo filling. Instead, the Blueberry Pie Oreo becomes its own thing. Rarely is blueberry utilized as a flavor–let alone something as specific as blueberry PIE! And it backs it up, too. It’s amazingly delicious and delivers on its promises as being blueberry pie flavored. You really get hints of both. A bit of a warning, the blueberry is quite strong. If you don’t like that taste, you will probably not like these. However, for those who do, I can guarantee these will be one of your new favorite snacks!

Blueberry Pie Oreo
Blueberry Pie frosting

What makes them so unique, other than their taste, is the actual look of the Oreo. The Blueberry Pie flavor uses the white cookie with a cool blueish-purple frosting. I would go as far as to say that the color of frosting is beautiful. It doesn’t mimic the look of an actual blueberry pie, but it’s super unique.

That’s really what this cookie has going for –its originality. It proves that there is indeed room for the Oreo brand to grow, and many directions it can take for its upcoming flavors.


Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours
A bag of Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours

An interesting twist for the Hi-Chew brand that pays off brilliantly

What an amazing find. I usually find the individually wrapped Hi-Chew Tropical Mix at my local Daiso store. That version is always there, but the bag has a banana flavor that I really do not like (a rant for another review). However after a recent visit, I saw they had a new addition to the aisle on top of the tropical bag–Sour Hi-Chews.

I instinctively bought as many bags as I could, as I knew they were made just for me. I opened them in the car. Needless to say, the whole bag was gone by the time I arrived home. I won’t disclose how long (or short) the car-ride was.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hi-Chew, it’s a Japanese candy brand. It’s American comparison is most obviously Starburst. Instead of squares though, Hi-Chews are more rectangular but are about the same size in volume (if I had to guess Hi-Chews are a little bigger). Think “Starburst log” and you have a Hi-Chew.

Naturally, as you may have gathered from the name, they are also chewier than Starburst too. A candy like this probably isn’t recommended for anyone with fillings. The average piece probably takes on average 30 seconds to chew and swallow. However, the chewiness is not at all stale; in fact, there’s a softness to all Hi-Chew that make them superior to Starburst in my opinion.

It certainly helps that their flavors are also both distinct and authentic. I can’t think of a single flavor that they don’t do well. Each one is juicy and delicious.

A normal pack of Hi-Chews comes in a sleeve of one flavor. However these individually-wrapped Hi-Chew bags always come in a pack of about 15 or so with three flavors. The flavors are usually evenly distributed but sometimes you will get unlucky with a pack that is unfairly loaded–it’s just the luck of the draw really.

Hi-Chew Sours Flavors
Hi-Chew Sours Flavors

As for the Sour bag of Hi-Chew, the 3 flavors are ranked as follows:

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Lemon
  3. Lime

Grapefruit is a super unique flavor that you don’t see executed well that often. Of course, Hi-Chew pulls it off by making it more sour than bitter. That being said, you still get that bitter quality of a grapefruit in candy form–I really don’t know how they do it.

The lemon flavor is zesty, while the lime definitely disappoints. It’s almost as if they toned down the sourness of an actual lime to make the flavor more tame and manageable. Unfortunately, that scaling back really takes away from the flavor overall to point where it’s almost bland.

Ultimately, the 3 flavors together come together to become one of new favorite candies. I can’t recommend these enough for sour-lovers and Hi-Chew lovers. The Grapefruit flavored one is really something special!


P.S. Here’s a little note for you all who haven’t eaten these individually wrapped Hi-Chews before: You can squeeze one of end of the wrap and essentially “pop” the candy into your mouth. The wrappers are pretty filmsy, so you won’t struggle if you want to open them one by one normally, but this a quick and efficient way to eat these kind of packs (even though it may be a little annoying to others)!

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears
A bag of the goods

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears

On paper this should be my favorite candy off all-time. It comes close I suppose, but it never reaches the heights that I was hoping it would.

To repeat, it’s a sour version of Haribo Gummy Bears. It should be a match made in heaven, as regular readers know I’m a sour-fiend. But what you may not know is that I also hold Haribo Gummy Bears in high regard. What they do that differentiates their gummy bears from normal ones (in my opinion) is their consistency. They are a little tougher and therefore a little chewier than your run-of-the-mill gummies, which makes for a better experience overall. You can savor the flavor, and the bag seems to last a lot longer. That kind of gummy bear doesn’t seem to be for everyone, but it certainly is for me.

However, with the bag of sour gummy bears in particular, I finally get the criticisms. I’ve heard some call them almost “stale” tasting; I tend to disagree, but it can be a little much when they already coated in sugar. I’m not sure if it is just the bag that I bought, but the chewiness is little too much– it borders on being tough.

Haribo Sour Gummy Bears flavors
Haribo Sour Gummy Bears

At the end of the day, Haribo is still the best. Without getting too technical, the bears are still uniquely shaped to the point where I could probably pick a Haribo bear out of a lineup. And of course their flavors are awesome. With the sour pack they keep the same flavors as the originals, which is a huge plus– if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I’m convinced that the Haribo pineapple flavor is what inspired the “white gummy” smoothie at Jamba Juice (if you’ve never heard of that I highly suggest you read up on it).

The Haribo Sour Gummy Bear flavors are:

  • pineapple (white)
  • strawberry (green)
  • raspberry (red)
  • lemon (yellow)
  • orange (orange)

Now that’s how you make a candy!

Overall, it’s not that it’s a bad candy; it’s just largely disappointing. The gummy bears are indeed covered in sugar, which means I’ll be eating them again. Think Sour Patch Kids, but more stale. That’s what you what you have here.

I don’t mean to be too hard on the candy either. They are still good. While I guess I can’t ask them to deviate away from what they do best, there is something missing here. Perhaps I’m asking for too much, but maybe they should ditch the signature chewiness in this case.

But more likely, I think what we have here is a case of expectations being too high.