Packing Your Kitchen

Packing Your Kitchen & Fragile Items

When it comes to moving, packing is one of the stressful processes you will encounter. Even though packing some rooms is easier, you might get a challenge when packing your kitchen. According to commercial movers, the kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack.?

It is a room filled with many fragile items that are not easy to pack. Hence, you need to pack like a pro to ensure every item is well protected. You do not want to experience damages or losses when moving.?

Kitchen and fragile items are things that can be broken or easily damaged. Therefore, when moving them, special care in packing is required. Labeling your boxes fragile will not protect your kitchen items. It would help if you went the extra mile to make sure everything arrives in the new home in one piece.?

Here are a few tips on how to pack kitchen and fragile items. By following the tips, you will avoid the simple mistakes that most people make when moving their belongings.?

5 Tips on how to pack your kitchen and fragile items

  1. Sort the kitchen items

Even though your kitchen is full of fragile items, some items are not delicate. Hence, start by sorting the kitchen items. In addition, there are some things you want to keep and those to do away with.?

Hence, audit the utensils and appliances to determine whether you need them in the new home. You might have a fridge, microwave, or plates you do not use anymore.?

Apart from the kitchen, you need to apply the rule to other rooms. Go through all your items to make sure you do not pack or move that is not required in the new home.?

After sorting out the kitchen items, you can choose to donate, sell, or throw them away. If the things are in good condition, sell them online or have a garage sale. By doing this, you will be able to get more money.?

You can also choose to donate them to friends, relatives, or organizations. This will save you moving stress and costs. But if the items are not in good condition, dispose of them.?

  1. Have quality moving materials

Remember, your kitchen items are very delicate. Hence, it would help if you got quality moving supplies. From boxes to other supplies, everything should be of high quality.?

Therefore, take some time to research packing materials for fragile items. Luckily, there are several quality wrapping papers, moving boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, packing papers, and markers.?

  1. Packing kitchen appliances

You may have kitchen appliances in different sizes. Hence, it is important to pack them correctly. If you have the original boxes (the ones you purchased them with), they are the best to use.?

The producers well design the boxes to ensure the items are well-protected. But if you do not have them, you can purchase special boxes for packing fragile items.?

Also, make sure you do not overload the boxes. When the boxes are heavy, it becomes difficult to move them. Hence, use small boxes instead of large ones.?

When putting the fragile items in the boxes, cushion them with packing paper or bubble wraps. This will provide extra protection if the items are very delicate.

After placing the items in the box, make sure they are well labeled. This will ensure anyone helping you move can clearly see they are delicate items.?

  1. Packing glasses and plates

When packing glasses and plates, you need to get boxes made for them. The boxes are well made with cells to make sure they are well protected when moving. Happily, these boxes are easy to find.?

However, if you cannot find the special boxes, you can use regular boxes but use packing papers or bubble wraps. Use the same rule to pack your glasses.?

It is also important to use tapes to fasten the packing papers or bubble wrap for maximum protection. It will also ensure the items are intact throughout the move. After packing, make sure the box is well labeled.?

  1. Television, picture frames, and mirrors- Packing Your Kitchen

Packing items such as television may be complicated because they are available in different sizes and shapes. But if you have the original box you bought the TV with, it is easier to pack your television. Nevertheless, you can purchase special boxes to pack your television.?

It would help if you got special boxes designed for those items for picture frames and mirrors. The items should be well secured with bubble wrap before placing them in the boxes.?

Also, if you are packing more than one in the box, make sure there is bubble wrap between the items. You can also use clothes and old newspapers to ensure no collision when moving. It will also ensure that things do not move around inside the box.?


Packing kitchen items and fragile items is not a simple task. You need to get special packing materials and be careful when packing. Whether it is a DIY move or hiring professional movers, extra care is required.?

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