MBOX to Outlook

Need to Convert MBOX to Outlook?

Few mail clients come close to Outlook in terms of versatility, security, and business features. Of course, it has some flaws, but users are still migrating from other systems. Gmail, Apple Mail, Zimbra and many other programs use variations of an incompatible format ? MBOX. Unfortunately, data export is not a one-click operation.?MS Outlook stores messages, attachments, contacts, and related data as PST. For import to happen smoothly, you need an MBOX to Outlook converter you can count on. The task is even more complex when files are moved between different computers and operating systems. Follow our tips to transfer emails quickly without a hitch.

Need to Convert MBOX to Outlook

Can I Do It Manually??

Depending on your mail client, you may be able to sync up the accounts (e.g., Gmail or Thunderbird), but this is not always convenient. For example, unless you want to synchronize Gmail with Outlook permanently, you can only export MBOX and convert it afterward:

  • Select the messages (if you need to export some of them);
  • Give them the same label (e.g., ?for export?);
  • Visit https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout;
  • In the ?Mail? section, check the box and click on the ?Mail Options? button to select the label;
  • Click ?Next step?;
  • Choose the delivery method (add to cloud storage or send the link by email) and click ?Create archive?.?

How to Pick a Converter

A foolproof way to export and import emails regardless of their size and number is automatic. A converter reduces the process to three simple steps. All you need to do is locate the original files (unless they are detected automatically), specify your preferences and launch conversion. In terms of settings, you may be given a choice between exporting into a separate file with the *.pst extension and direct import into an Outlook profile.

An ideal converter does not have many buttons and menus. It is a simple piece of software that is lightweight and largely intuitive. Even users with minimal or no experience in a file transfer can understand it at a glance. A product like Outlook Transfer:

  • processes all subtypes of the *.MBOX format (e.g., *.MBOX and *.DBX);
  • is fully automated (it detects, extracts, converts, and imports files);
  • ensures quick conversion (hundreds of emails per minute);
  • guarantees integrity and readability of data after transfer;
  • can export into your Outlook profile directly;
  • can create a separate *.PST file, so you can archive your data or move it to another PC;
  • includes 24/7 support.

Top-rated products work with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and all popular editions of Outlook. Take advantage of the trial period to test the software and convert emails for free. Install converters from official websites only to make sure they carry no viruses or adware. Finally, if conversion is not a one-time need, opt for products with a lifetime license. In this case, every new transfer will be cheaper!